Chapter 254: Talia’s Vacation-Quest

Talia spent her four stat-points on Intelligence, and a surprisingly warm smile appeared on her light-pink lips. She gazed up at the enormous ape, “Antonio… It has truly been too long since we have last met. However, this is perhaps, not the best time to reminisce.” Continue reading

Chapter 253: Where’s Jonathan?

“Quest Complete: The brutal war between The New Goblin Empire and The Dwarven Republic has finally ended with a peace-treaty between the current Supreme Commander, Jason Jade, and Empress Lorelei Fleischer. Millions died during the few weeks that the conflict raged, but the end result was that thirteen cities are currently under the Empire’s control, eighty-two have remained within the Republic, three were completely annihilated, and one was ‘bought’ by a mysterious third party. The neutral city ‘Nekoshire’ coincidentally contains one of the Seven Great Gateways of Light, which is connected to the Gateway of Light that has been awarded to you and your Companions for participating in ten Battlegrounds during the war.” Continue reading