Chapter 151: Bonus Loot

“Gunsmithing for Idiots: A graphic novel about a Dwarven Gun-Master, who travels the world and teaches underdeveloped Human villagers how to create and utilize a wide variety of firearms.  Warning: Contains scenes of gratuitous violence, gore, nudity, and offensive language.  Rare Quality, no level requirement.”

Within the first chest was a magical-tablet, which contained over five-hundred volumes of an ancient comic book.  As everyone stared at that strange device, only Michael and Jasmine knew what it was and how to use it.

Thus, the tiny cat-girl yelled “Nyah~?!  I’ve always wanted one of these!  Meow~, I only found the first six volumes of Gunsmithing for Idiots online… Nyahahaha~, I call dibs!  This precious baby belongs to JJ now~, hehehe~!” as she immediately picked it up and channeled her aura into it, so that she could turn the ‘computer’ on.  It could do a lot more than just read that particular graphic novel, but that was the only thing that had been downloaded into the device.

Michael sighed, as he took one of the keys and opened another chest.  He asked “Oi, did you guys really just put a bunch of tablets in these giant chests?”

Johnny replied “Nah, there’s other stuff too, but aren’t you a little too unimpressed?  I mean, those things are worth at least a couple hundred gold, even in the most advanced countries… I remember quite a few times, when adventurers were freaking out over how amazing and ‘futuristic’ that crazy technology was.  Hell, half the time, they couldn’t even figure out what they were and treated it as some sort of… I don’t know, religious artifact?  Ugh, whatever, they have MWLAN by the way, so when you’re inside of Dungeons or other similar places, you should be able to connect to the Mana-Net.  Anyway, get your shit sorted out within the next twenty minutes, cause I’m going to open the doors again then.”

As the man was speaking, Elina ‘Scanned’ the second tablet: “Nekonomicon: An Anime about a group of adolescent cat-girls, who struggle to survive a worldwide zombie apocalypse, by relying on friendship, love, and giant magical robots.  Warning: Contains scenes of gratuitous violence, gore, yuri, nudity, and offensive language.  Rare Quality, no level requirement.”  There were literally over one-hundred seasons in total.

The Nephilim complained “I guess in a world like this, where people tend to live for thousands of years, there probably isn’t any shortage of ridiculously long series.  It’s kinda annoying that it requires nearly the entire hard-drive, just to hold a single book or show.  Well, they probably did it so that they could make more money, hehe~.  Hmm, here, you take that one.” as he handed it over to the curious Priestess.  

Each of those devices had a screen that was thirty-centimeters by twenty-centimeters, and they were also less than a centimeter thick.  In the third treasure-chest, Sarah pulled out something that was much smaller.  She grumbled “Dafuck is this thing?” while trying to get the rectangular object to ‘turn-on.’

Michael muttered “Probably some kinda cellphone?  Oi, Elina, stop watching that cat-girl hentai and ‘Scan’ this shit for us.”

“Whisper-Booster: A compact magical device, which allows the user to telepathically communicate with people that they know, who are within three-thousand miles of their current position.  Reception is weakened underground and enhanced depending on the altitude.  Requires one mana point per second to operate.  Includes a camera and can connect to the Mana-Net, as long as there’s a MWLAN service nearby.  Able to take video and still pictures.  Rare Quality, no level requirement.”

Alice opened the fourth chest, and asked “Umm, what even is this thing?” while pulling out a huge, fluffy, brown, stuffed animal.  She ‘Scanned’ it, but still had no idea what it was used for.

“Teddy-Bear: A toy for children.  Uncommon Quality, no level requirement.”  Apparently, not all of the items were actually valuable or had any real purpose.  In fact, the fifth chest was filled with a wide variety of confectioneries, packaged in individual plastic wrappers.

Of course, when Elina and Jasmine saw the stuffed animal and candy, they were both extremely satisfied.  Sarah grumbled “Damn it, are all of these things useless toys?” as she opened the last container and started shaking the strange silver can.

“Nyah~!?  Don’t do that!” The little cat-girl swiftly snatched the mysterious object out of the Dark-Goblin’s hands.

Michael snickered, as he ‘Scanned’ it himself: “Ancient Silver Grenade: An explosive device, designed to produce large amounts of ‘Light’ Element and send fragments of silver in every direction.  Deals twice as much damage to enemies of the Darkness Affinity.  Deals 250 damage to all targets within five meters.  Rare Quality, requires level-20.”

Then he asked her “Oi, Jasmine, can you make these kinds of things?  Like, is that included in the Gunsmithing profession?  Hmm, actually, I wonder if the battleground vendors sell reusable versions?  I mean, it’d be a pretty overpowered throwing weapon, though it’d probably have a pretty long cool-down or recharge-time…”

She smirked, then crossed her arms in front of her chest, “Nyahaha~, so you finally realize my greatness?  Un, I could… if I had the matts… and knew how… Meow~, but-but-but, I tried before nyah~, it just always goes ‘kaboom!’ before it’s suppose to.”  If it wasn’t for the fact that a certain Goddess was protecting her, she certainly wouldn’t have survived for so long.

The Nephilim sighed, “Well, in the future, when we find a decent place to set the house down, both you and the dragon-girl need to start getting better at your jobs.  Even if that comic isn’t exactly a skill-book, I’m sure it probably has some kinda educational value.  On the other hand, Alice, I actually have like four Elementalist scrolls and an Alchemy book for ya… Oh yeah, and I also bought you a big-ass workshop as well.  Elina, you might wanna think about getting a new Profession, cause you seriously suck at Enchanting.  Inari, you don’t even have a fucking Specialization yet, so I have no idea what you’re supposed to do in a fight?  Maybe you’re deeps, or you could end up being an off-tank, but for now, just try to keep getting stronger… Actually, here, eat these.”

The green fox barked excitedly as she shrunk down to her tiniest size and hopped up into his silver gauntlet, as she ate the three pitch-black beads out of his right palm.  A message appeared: “Inari’s stats have increased after digesting a level-10, rank­-E Dark-Goblin’s mana­-core: +5 Aura, +7 Agility, +3 Dexterity.”

After that was another one: “Inari’s stats have increased after digesting two level-10, rank­-E Demonic Raptor of Darkness mana­-cores: +10 Aura, +10 Strength, +5 Vitality, +5 Endurance.”

Right when he was about to keep shoveling rank-E mana-cores down the adorable vixen’s throat, he received a notification: “Warning: Companion Inari has reached the borderline for becoming an Elite.  Once a being develops their second mana-core, it will be much more difficult for them to advance beyond that rank; leveling will also require far more effort.  As a Player, you have the authority to prevent yourself and your Companions from being able to become Elites.  However, they will also be unable to gain stat-boosting benefits from consuming mana-cores.  Would you like to enable Elite-Blocker?  Stat-gains by utilizing mana-cores through Alchemy, Cooking, and other similar Professions will not be affected by this decision.  Also, Elite-Blocker may be disabled at any time.”

Michael muttered “So that’s why… Hehehe~, yeah, enable Elite-Blocker.  Welp, I’m glad I never tested that theory… Ugh, I bet that I wouldn’t have even gotten a warning message if I really guzzled a bunch of mana-cores.”

[Companion Information

Name: Inari
Titles: The Feeder, Chaos Hunter, Pack Leader
Level: 17
Experience: 181/340
Age: Child
Race: Quad-Tailed Nature-Fox
Rank: E
Class: Druid
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed]


Health: 110/110
Mana: 40/40
Stamina: 55/55
Mana Regen per minute: 30
Health Regen per hour: 110

Strength: 17
Vitality: 11
Endurance: 11
Dexterity: 10
Agility: 28
Intelligence: 8
Wisdom: 9
Perception: 7
Charisma: 6
Willpower: 3
Luck: 3
Aura: 30

Attack Rating: 85
Defense Rating: 5.5]

13 thoughts on “Chapter 151: Bonus Loot

    • In the short term becoming an Elite is a good thing but in the long term not becoming an Elite is a good thing.
      That does not sound right. Becoming an Elite is suppose to be a goal with bonuses. For instance become an Elite and gain the ability to get EXP from kills and not only eating mana cores. Inari’s method of leveling is probably the most restrictive of them all and in the long run she will reach a bottleneck. As Mana cores become more useful it will be detrimental if Inari scarfs them down as candy.

      Liked by 1 person

      • True, but at the same time, she’s the only one who would need to eat them. If everyone kills a rank-SSS World Boss, they have to split the exp 6 ways. If Inari just eats 1 out of 7 of those World Boss mana-cores, she’ll get 6 times more experience than everyone else… Of course, under those circumstances, she’d have to be Rank-X rofl. But you get what I mean, right?

        Also, Elite/Boss are ‘Ages’ so if Inari, who’s still a Child, goes straight to Elite, wouldn’t she be missing out on growing 2 times? If Elite is an Age, and she’s a Child at the moment, what do you think happens when she grows into an Adolescent or an Adult? Anyway, enough spoilers lol That’s all I’m giving for now 😛


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