Chapter 149: Finally Fighting the First Boss!

A massive golden battleaxe, slammed down upon a blindingly bright, shield of Light aura.  There was a fiery explosion of bright-green mana, as Michael’s left arm struggled to deflect the blow towards the ground.

The very first attack, and even after blocking, his HP still dropped down to 496/560.  He had made sure to apply his level-five ‘Stat-Boost’ to all of his Companions, and himself.  Though he was irritated that he was the only person who actually learned a buff.

In the moment after he was attacked, he swung that massive Arcane Siegeblade with his right hand, and slashed at the Minotaur’s left forearm.  The Boss was six meters tall, and the giant sword could only reach to the enemy’s legs and waist at most.

Fortunately, with magical-damage, it didn’t usually matter too much ‘where’ he targeted.  At that same moment, he launched his Arcane Orb telekinetically, and smacked the beast on the nose.

Karian wasn’t wearing any clothing, but his genitals were completely covered by fur, so it didn’t matter.  The axe that he was using, didn’t even give him any stats and it was mainly just for show.

Michael roared “So fucking weak!  Fight harder, you giant cow-pussy!” and utilized his ‘Taunt’ to the maximum effect.

However, the monster shouted back “Grah~!  Stop cursing so much, you asshole!  Do you have any idea how tedious it’s going to be to edit this shit?!”

Jasmine called out “Nyahahaha~!  Mikey~, guess what?!  I got rid of all evil trash-mobs~!” as she was jumping up and down on the corpse of a hideously disfigured Goblin woman.

Elina chanted loudly “Goddess of Light, please grant me the power to keep my boyfriend from dying: Holy Shield!  Flash-Heal!” Beams of light were fired out of her staff and coalesced around the Guardian’s body: protecting and healing him at nearly the same time.

An Ironwood Arrow was fired from Talia’s bow, as she was hiding most of her body behind the farthest pillar, and smacked against the Minotaur’s left eyeball.  A huge ‘-201’ in bright-yellow appeared, though the projectile just bounced off.  After that, a ‘poisoned’ debuff appeared above the Boss’ head.

Without using any incantation, a basic orange Fireball was created in Alice’s right and left hand at the same time, and then she pressed them both together.  Those orbs were blazing brightly, and pulsated in her huge, draconic palms.  

After two seconds, she snuck around behind one of the closest pillars to the gateway, and then threw it violently into Karian’s back.  It exploded rather well, but only dealt thirty points of damage.

Sarah teleported onto the Minotaur’s left shoulder, but as soon as she appeared, an overpowering aura blasted her body away.  She actually ‘landed’ on the ceiling, and still had all of her HP.  However, she received a ‘stunned’ debuff, and wasn’t able to move for a few moments.

Inari attacked immediately afterwards, by jumping up in the air and clawing at the man’s surprisingly hairless back.  There were no wounds and she didn’t even deal one point of damage.  Yet, when she used ‘Devouring Vines’ from a few meters away, those tendrils stabbed into the skin and started dealing fifteen damage per second.

The second swing of the Boss’ battleaxe, was from low to high, and when Michael blocked it, he was lifted off the ground and his wings quickly slammed into the ceiling.  Then he soared back down, using both hands to rapidly slash at Karian’s head, three times.

‘-245,’ ‘-249,’ and ‘253’ appeared in succession, and as he kicked off of the Boss’ nose, he cast Arcane Bolt.  Five orbs were fired out of the tip of his sword, and each of them did roughly seventy-seven damage.

However, he still grumbled “Fuck my life, that used almost forty-percent of my goddamn mana-pool!”  Fortunately, with the effects of his Chaos and Arcane Affinities combined, his health and mana regeneration were both nearly doubled.  It was still relatively inefficient, since his Arcane Orb barely cost anything to use, and dealt about two-hundred damage with each attack.

With a single ‘Flash-Heal,’ a huge ‘+298’ appeared, and he instantly recovered.  He complained “Oi, stop overhealing so much!  Also, stop standing there like an idiot!  Fly around!”

Elina yelled “I only have a few spells, and it’s not my fault that you aren’t taking enough damage!  Also, I don’t really know how to fly!” Then she slowly ran across the room and ducked behind a black pillar.

Talia announced “The Boss is about to use Fiery Whirlwind Axe!  Everyone get behind the pillars!” as Karian haphazardly sprinted towards the center of the chamber.  Bright-green flames began gathering around his body, and it was impossible for anyone with less than five-hundred Aura points to approach him.

Michael’s mana recovered sufficiently, and he Astral-Stepped next to the terrified Priestess.  Sarah finally came out of her stun and teleported behind a random pillar, while still hanging from the ceiling.  

Inari swiftly retreated, but then noticed a confused cat-girl, who was running back and forth, unable to decide which pillar she wanted to hide behind.  By the time she reached Jasmine, the Boss had started spinning around rapidly and randomly firing off huge arcs of bright-green flames.

The horse-sized fox jumped out in front her comrade, and was completely immolated.  However, even though she was ‘burning,’ she didn’t die instantly.

Elina was too far away to help, but Talia quickly used her aura to put out the fire and immediately afterward, cast ‘Rapid Regeneration.’  Jasmine screamed “Nyah~!  No~!  Foxy~!  You’re too young to die~!” as she started crying loudly, and sprinting towards the High-Elf without looking back.

After that, Karian continued to swirl around for another ten seconds, but the wounded vixen was lucky enough to avoid being struck again.  The moment he finished that spell, he began channeling another, “Minions!  Come out and assist me!”

That silver gateway suddenly turned pitch-black and when it opened up, there was nothing but pure darkness beyond it.  Ten, three-meter tall, white-furred Minotaurs walked out, into the room.  Each of them were incredibly muscular and bulky, but they had to wear bikini-tops because their breasts were absurdly large and feminine.

Those women had the heads and lower bodies of cows, but instead of udders, they had Human-like bosoms.  Each of them were either Boxers, Wrestlers, or Brawlers, so they didn’t use any weapons.  Their levels were all exactly twenty, and all of them were Elites, at rank-F.

Michael shouted “Shit!  Focus down the adds, now!  Oi, all you sexy bitches!” as he teleported in front of those Minotaurs.  Then a blinding light enveloped everything within three meters of his body, as he ‘Taunted’ “Okay, maybe I might have a cow-fetish… but that’s beside the point!  Come at me, hoes!”

All ten of them crowded around him, while the Boss cast ‘Fiery Slash’ towards Talia.  Sarah teleported near the gateway and jumped into the air, stabbing both her obsidian tanto and serpentine dagger, in the back of one of their heads.

Strangely enough, her Health only dropped to 1001/2000, but she was ‘stunned’ and ‘paralyzed,’ so it was similar to an instant death.  Jasmine ran closer and began rapidly firing Sundering Beam, along with Caustic Bullets, which were also Blood Bullets.  Thus, she managed to apply plenty of debuffs, but only dealt around twenty-five damage per attack.

After dodging behind the pillar, Talia came back out of the other side and fired a slew of amazingly accurate Ironwood Arrows.  From less than five-hundred meters away, she was able to attack their eyes, spines, and nostrils with ease.

Those minions screamed in pain, though it was all an act, but the damage was certainly extensive.  Unlike with Karian, the ‘small’ Minotaurs were much more easily wounded.

There was crimson blood gushing all over the place, and several of them actually started grabbing at the Boss, who was also crowding around Michael.  The Nephilim’s attacks were quite vicious as well; he decapitated one of the women, while impaling another, before Karian was even able to reach him.

Then he used the three-meter tall ‘beefy’ cow-girls as a ‘meat-shield’ against that giant golden axe.  Karian roared “You sneaky bastard!  Minions, get the hell out of my way!” but by that time, they were all nearly dead.

Sarah and Talia swiftly finished the last three off, and returned to attacking the giant Ancient Minotaur.  Michael quickly turned the Boss around and brought him towards the middle of the room, so that the Huntress would be able to fire arrows into his face, and the others would easily be able to attack his back.

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