Postponing Break Day

I’ve already said this in a comment, but since people usually don’t read those, I needed to make a post about it.  Basically, because of the whole “The Boss battle still hasn’t started yet?!” thing, I decided to push my break back a day.

In roughly eleven hours, both chapters are going to be posted pretty close together.  I might stop posting an hour apart, if the view-count increases because of this, if it decreases, then I might keep doing the hour apart thing.

The guy who was posting links to Hardcore OP-ness on Reddit stopped… so, if anyone wants to start doing that, I’d be grateful.  Anyway, as always, I’m gonna shamelessly advertise Donations.  I’m currently working on chapter 182, so the gap is starting to widen(For now.)

Of course, that gap is actually to reduce the pressure on me, so I can write more and faster.  Break Day is similar; I keep writing, but because I don’t have to post 2 chapters, it’s more like, instead of 14 chapters a week, I only ‘have to’ write 12.  Somewhere along the line, there are days where I can’t write 2 chapters, so it’s helpful to me.

Anyway, I’m about to go to sleep soon, so if you donate or pledge and don’t receive an immediate email or reply, then that’s the reason.  I should be awake again within 8 to 12 hours of unconsciousness(Whenever that may be) lol.

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