Chapter 153: Gauntlets Are Exhausting

The beautiful silver gates opened, and a six-foot tall angelic Guardian, flapped his wings violently.  His body was extremely heavy, yet it was still lifted off of the ground by such a massive amount of air-pressure.

He tapped his left foot onto the ground and flew a few dozen meters at a time, before landing back onto the dusty stone floor.  That hallway was truly colossal, and was capable of easily fitting the dozens of huge Ancient Minotaurs, which attempted to bar the path of those courageous adventurers.

Each of them were at least six meters tall, with brown fur and skin, and holding golden halberds in their hands.  They took up a formation, and roared at the incoming enemies, while hundreds of level-twenty, rank-G, hideous Goblins began charging forward.

Michael yelled “They’re just trash-mobs, and the big ones are only Elites!  Burst down the fugly little bastards first, then only attack the big bitches that I focus on!  Watch your goddamn aggro and don’t pull threat!”  Even when he was giving orders to his team, the Guardian managed to incorporate plenty of ‘Taunts’ as well: Whether he was ‘trying’ or not, remains a mystery.

Several Arrows of Wind were fired in quick succession, exploding upon impact with the Goblins heads.  Each attack was enough to cause their two-hundred HP to instantly be brought to zero.  Of course, there was also a suitable amount of splattered skull-fragments, brainmatter and green blood.

There was no need to worry about aggro, as long as they were able to instantly kill their targets.  Thus, Sarah was turning into an unreasonably fast, whirlwind of brutal carnage; she ‘sheathed’ her serpentine dagger in the form of an obsidian snake, and used her wakizashi with both hands.

Dual-wielding wasn’t always better after all, and she wanted to practice her swordsmanship a bit.  With a casual stroke of her short-sword, a disfigured, balding, head was easily severed.  Even if she bisected them, the blade was able to slide through their rusted iron bucklers, passing across their bones, muscles and skin as if she were cutting up sashimi.

That two-meter long Arcane Siegeblade was filled with seventy-seven points of Aura, and gained the corresponding weight, sharpness, and firmness.  Michael had to spend a few mana per second, but he was able to pulverize, obliterate and decapitate five or ten enemies at a time.

They were only three to four feet tall, but their Health and Defense Rating were much higher than their levels and ranks would indicate.  When Inari pounced onto one of their heads, she attempted to claw and tear at their unprotected flesh, but it required several seconds for her to kill a single Goblin.

On the vixens back, Jasmine yelled “Nyah~!  Super Mounted JJ Beam!  Meow~!  Pew-pew~, bang-bang-bang~!” There was no reason for her to make the childish gun noises though, since her pistols were actually firing off lasers and bullets.  Unfortunately, she was only able to apply debuffs and lower their Health slightly.

Alice roared “Why~, won’t~, you~ fuckers die!?” and as she charged out into the mob, a flaming aura enveloped her bright-red scales.  Her tail whipped around, while she kicked and stomped on the tiny little monsters.  

The dragon-girl hissed loudly, before breathing out a stream of hellfire and immolating a decent amount of Goblins.  However, while it certainly appeared intimidating, the nine meter long ‘Flamethrower’ spell, only dealt fifteen damage per second.  The cost was only a single mana per second, so it wasn’t exactly a loss either way.  She did need to stop every now and then to breathe though.

Michael didn’t even use his shield to block and instead, he swung that huge sword with his left hand, while firing bolts of chain-lightning out of his right hand.  After two casts, he had to stop, but it still struck eight enemies altogether and dealt nearly eighty damage per target.

Those rusty swords, spears and axes didn’t even hurt him, as he plowed through the crowd.  Thus, Elina decided that she could be more useful if she was able to finally test out an offensive spell she had read about.

Holding the staff in front of her, she unconsciously began floating up into the air, while chanting ominously “Goddess of Light, please bestow upon me… your endless wrath and fury!  The power to annihilate my enemies and erase them from this world!  Solar Flare!”

Her golden irises began glowing with a terrifying radiance, and then, her pupils turned from black to pure-white and from the center of her forehead, a huge beam of light was fired out.  All around it, in a radius of one meter from that laser, the air began ionizing and burning brightly.

Unfortunately, she accidentally smacked into the ceiling and she not only missed the Goblins, that ‘death-ray’ hit one of the Ancient Minotaurs that Michael hadn’t ‘pulled’ yet.  The attack did deal forty-five points of damage, but the enemy’s health had only dropped down to 1955/2000.

A message appeared: “You have learned Solar Flare Level 1: Creates a huge beam of solar radiation, which ignites the atmosphere and burns all enemies within its path.  Twice as effective against enemies of the Darkness Affinity.  Deals 2 damage per Aura point.  The radius of the attack is 1 meter, and the maximum range is 100 meters.  Costs 10 mana points to cast.”

Then her boyfriend shouted “Oh for fuck’s sake!  Jasmine, watch where you shoot those goddamn laser beams!  Hey cow-cunts!  What the hell are you lookin over there for?!  I’m the one that’s gonna slice your giant cocks off!”  Rather than freaking out, he charged out towards the new enemies and ignored the remaining Goblins, while firing off two chain-lightning attacks.

Noticing that Michael was actually taking damage from those gigantic golden halberds, she stopped thinking about trying to ‘DPS’ and started casting ‘Flash-Heal’ repeatedly.  Since ‘Lightening’ reduced his leverage dramatically, the Nephilim was easily pushed back by a three-pronged attack.

The tips of their golden halberds smacked into his shield of light at the same time and send his relatively tiny body tumbling backwards.  However, he quickly flapped his wings and with the help of those angry Goblins, who he crashed into, the Guardian was quickly able to orient himself and fly back over to the formation of Ancient Minotaurs.

Talia suddenly called out “Incoming enemies from the rear!” which was followed by Elina screaming in terror, because a seemingly endless swarm of giant cockroaches began slowly flooding out of the open gateway.  Behind them, was a colossal monstrosity: “Andrew the Abomination, Level-20 Ancient Scorpion Centaur Grappler, Rank-D, Boss.”

He roared “Hyahahahahaha~!  Such delicious looking creatures~!  Run~, run from me~, oh~, what’s wrong~?  Having a little trouble getting past those tiny cows?  Don’t worry~, I’ll eat them too~!  Hyahahahahaha~!” Then he struggled to fit through the massive silver gateway.

The upper-half of that man’s body was mostly similar to a Human, while the waist was connected to the head of a scorpion, and his two arms were essentially giant pincers.  His eyes were completely pitch-black, his skin was heavily tanned, and his carapace was biege.

Michael looked back and shouted “Fuck my life!  Alice, immolate those fucking cockroaches!  Everyone else, focus on burning down these Elites!  Damn it!  Grah?!  Ah~!  Ow-ow-ow-ow~, shit!” as he turned off his ‘Lightening’ spell, and activated his other two ‘buffs.’

While he continued fighting frantically, his body began rapidly transforming, and two arms even burst out from under his normal ones.  Those new limbs were actually covered in armor, one was silver, while the other crystalline and clear.

The mysterious thing was that, while he didn’t receive extra stats, he still had two shields to use.  His sword didn’t duplicate, and if that Aegis hadn’t been attached to the back of his left gauntlet, then it wouldn’t have doubled either.

However, that meant he was able to block two different attacks at the same time, while using both of his right-hands to swing that giant weapon.  As his frame started to grow taller, his Arcane Siegeblade became ten-percent larger as well.

Those Ancient Minotaurs didn’t have any armor, and their Defense Rating was fairly low, but with such high HP, even Sarah and Talia’s brutal attacks couldn’t deal too much actual damage.  Even if they had a carotid artery slashed open, or were completely blinded, with arrows sticking out of their eyeballs, they still didn’t die.

Fortunately, unlike Bosses, they could feel pain, discomfort, and even fear.  Thus, as the two-meter tall, four armed, angelic demon in front of them, began releasing such a terrifying aura, they actually fell back bit by bit.

They weren’t afraid of death, but it was an instinctual terror, which couldn’t be suppressed.  After all, it was their very first ‘performance.’  Before that, they were just miscellaneous farmers and guards from Carrabelle City, who had died and had their souls placed in gigantic monstrous bodies.  Johnny literally created them less than a week before then, under Arcana’s orders.

Most Dungeon-Masters would just use golems, since they wouldn’t have to be paid, trained, or taken care of… but he felt that it was better to have actors.  It made the whole process seem a lot more authentic and ‘realistic,’ when the monsters were able to have emotions and could make their own decisions.

For example, when Michael roared “I’m going to fucking tear your assholes apart, grah?!  Die, die you fucking piece of shit!  Hahahahaha~!” several of the Minotaurs started ‘mooing’ and screaming in fear, as they dropped their weapons and tried to flee.

Suddenly, the sound of deep regurgitation reverberated throughout the corridor, and Jasmine screamed “Ewwy~, that ugly old man is so nasty, nyah~!”  The monstrous Boss spewed a stream of caustic bile towards the rapidly dodging fox and cat-girl combination.

Inari howled furiously, as her paw accidentally touched some of that green goop, and was completely corroded.  The acid burned all the way up to her elbow, before stopping, and the three legged vixen was forced to keep dodging.

Michael shouted “Don’t let that shit hit you!  Goddamn it, I hate fucking gauntlets!”  Fortunately, most of the vomit had actually splattered all over the Goblins.  Seeing that, those Minotaurs who had still maintained their formation, completely caved from the fear of being dissolved and started sprinting away.

However, as they were running, various traps began activating: firing waves of poisoned arrows, creating spike-pits, and giant bladed pendulums began swinging from the ceiling.  Even with two-thousand HP, getting hit by any of those attacks resulted with instant-death.

The irritated Nephilim roared “Cuntballs!  Talia, grab Elina!  Inari, don’t die!  Alice, stay close to me! Sarah can do whatever the fuck she wants!”

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  1. Reminds me a bit of the Black Wing Lair suppression room(been a very long time since I played wow so don’t expect a flawless memory) where you can’t just stop for long because stuff will keep respawning which was then built into later dungeons as a useful game mechanic and a good way of pissing people off.

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