TDD V2, Chapter 2: Part 5

The first sentence isn’t a mistake, they aren’t on Earth, so don’t expect their sun to rise in the east too…



As the sun finally started to rise in the west, all of the most important members of the Rusty Saber Bandits were gathered together in the largest building in the entire village. It was shaped like a huge mead hall, similar to the ones that the Vikings of Earth used as the living quarters for their lord and his retainers.


There was a big, messy party happening within the main room, where nearly a hundred men were celebrating. Of course, there were also a few dozen slaves. Even some of the less fortunate women and girls who were related to members of the bandit group, were forced to participate in the festivities. There were plenty of cries and screams that constantly rang out, along with boisterous laughter.


All around the village, screams and shouts could constantly be heard. There was even a bit of cheering… Because the sun had finally returned! However, everything was instantly destroyed when a gigantic three-hundred meter tall tree abruptly appeared at the center of the town.


The mead hall withstood the weight for only a moment, before it was crushed by the weight of that enormous black sakura. Those bright-pink petals blew away in the cold wind and there was considerable damage to the staircase leading up to the habitable area, but the majority of Yuri’s keep’s infrastructure was fine. In fact, those massive roots shot into the ground and not only were the various buildings knocked over, even the walls started to fall apart.


That’s when a massive seashell appeared outside of the walls. Although it was huge, compared to the tree, it wasn’t quite as eye-catching. Finally, Azrael’s Keep materialized with a deafening roar. The silver tower was on the complete opposite side of Yuri’s watchtower, The White Spiral.


Obviously everyone within the mead hall was dead, while the casualties from the collapsing buildings were also very high. Yet, nearly a thousand people were still alive. Several hundred of them were slaves, a hundred were bandits and the rest were the families of those vicious men.


“All those years of training… Just what the hell have I been doing with my life? This kind of power… Is not something that humanity can ever contend with.” Henry was still in shock, as he stood only a few meters outside of what used to be the fortified gates. He was able to witness the entire scene from a good vantage point, at the top of a nearby pinetree. However, even though he was amazed by the wanton destruction, the rescue mission still fell upon his shoulders.


Meanwhile, a pitch-black Ratkin was lurking in the shadows of the wreckage and using two rusty shortswords to execute the remaining bandits, one at a time. It was obvious that Azra and Yuri had different specialties. From the beginning, Azrael was always suited towards defensive warfare, while Uriel preferred offense. Thus, even their starting structures had similar functions.


The roots of that sakura tree ran throughout the entire town, making it so that Reaper could literally go wherever he wanted to within the village. On the other hand, DC had warned them that the tree would be severely injured afterwards. It would either take an extremely long time to heal, or be very expensive to repair using Souls as compensation.

*Author’s Note*

I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise, but most bandits and brigands were rapists. Along with most soldiers in ancient armies. Of course, some of them were just branded as ‘bandits’ or ‘outlaws’ because they didn’t follow the government’s absurd rules, some of which defied a lot of the moral principals that most ‘civilized’ people tend to have.

Anyway, Yuri and Azrael are named after the angels of death for a reason rofl.


Chapter 2: The Rusty Saber Bandits

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