TDD V2, Chapter 2: Part 4


“Unfortunately, we don’t have any ‘real’ weapons or armaments to use… Shit, if I had the materials and enough time… Ugh, well, we definitely wouldn’t need to worry about some backwards savages in the middle of the woods!” Azra was grumbling to himself, as he quickly zoomed in on the encampment. He muttered “The walls are just made out of logs… They’re not much better off than your village was to be completely honest. It shouldn’t be hard to burn the place to the ground, but then we wouldn’t be able to complete the secondary objective.”


Henry scowled as he saw a close-up view of what was happening inside of the various buildings. Then he growled “These fucking animals! We need to save those people!” There were nearly twenty young girls and even a few small boys being used as sex slaves within the camp, not to mention the hundreds of emaciated women. They all had brands, scars and were generally treated worse than livestock.


Ironically, most of them were Northlanders who had lived in villages throughout the mountainous region of Northland. The Rusty Saber Bandits were essentially just doing the same exact thing as the Northland Army… The only difference was that the scale of their activities was much smaller.


“There are also civilians apparently.” Yuri pointed out that although there were roughly two hundred grown men, there were close to a thousand women and children who were related to the fighters.


“This is troublesome…” It wasn’t quite as simple as Henry expected it to be. He frowned, “Although I would love to watch those bandits burn for what they’ve done and are doing, the majority of them are relatively innocent. At least, they aren’t directly responsible for what their family members have done.”


Azrael smirked, asking “So how do you wanna play this game Sis? The Silver Turtle strategy? I’ll attract all the enemies to my shiny tower, while you’ll sneak in and fuck up their base?”


Yuri murmured “It will be difficult… If I had access to more dangerous plants and animals, I would create some poisons… If we poison their food or water, even if they don’t all die, it should deal a considerable blow to their moral.”


Henry chuckled, then suggested “Why don’t we just sneak up as close as possible… Then drop that silver tower down onto their command center? Is that possible? At that point, they would try to break into the keep… So they wouldn’t notice that the majority of their prisoners are escaping through their main gate. Obviously it would be dangerous. I would need to either open the gates or try to free the prisoners. Your little friend would have to go on a killing spree in the meantime.”


“DC, is that possible? Can I actually place my keep on top of that wooden structure?” Azra was a little skeptical, but he had to ask anyway.


[That… Would technically be possible, yes. I would not suggest doing that however. The damage to the Silver Keep would be substantial. There is an alternative… Although I would not suggest doing that either, as there may be unforeseen consequences.]


Chapter 2: The Rusty Saber Bandits

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