TDD V2, Chapter 2: Part 3

Okay, I’ve decided to stop naming the chapter parts lol. Seriously, I can edit these page-long parts in a few seconds, but naming takes over a minute. Also, I noticed that the Google Doc says it was last edited in December 2016… So it’s been over a year since I wrote this volume of TDD :(.



“How is this possible?! Why is it summertime over here?!” Henry was obviously a little surprised when he first entered Yuri’s bedroom and looked out the window. The difference in temperature was so dramatic that he felt like he couldn’t breathe. Not only was it extremely hot, but the air was more humid than anything he had ever experienced before. In fact, even during the summer, Northland was usually just ‘warm’.


Azra snickered, then grumbled “When it comes to magical bullshit, there’s all kinds of nonsense that makes even less sense. You should try to get used to it as fast as possible.”


“Enough. We must discuss our battle strategy now. Come over here and sit down. I’ll bring up the map.” Yuri was wearing a thin cotton gown and sitting next to a naked black-furred Ratkin man. Reaper was glaring up at the two men, but they didn’t pay too much attention to him.


Henry sat down cross-legged across from the tiny woman, while Azrael pulled a wooden rocking chair out of the storage space and sat down. After everyone stared at him, he complained “What? I’ve lived in a fucking cave for sixteen years and I deserve some damn furniture for once in my goddamn life!”


“This is a rendering of the mountain that the Divine Chessboard is currently located upon.” Yuri waved her left hand and a three-dimensional image appeared, which was so detailed that it was impossible for the human eye to spot a difference between the CGI and a real video-feed.


Of course, from Henry’s perspective, it was as if he was floating high in the sky and gazing down at the actual mountaintop. When the ‘map’ popped up in front of his face, he jumped backwards and yelped. However, once he noticed the irritated glares, he cleared his throat tried to shrug off the embarrassment.


The scene was slowly zoomed in on a highlighted region, with the words ‘Rusty Saber Bandits’ written above it. Henry wondered “Umm, what are those symbols there?”


Azra sighed, muttering “He can’t read… Actually, it wouldn’t be strange if only rich nobles or aristocrats know how to read in a setting like this, right?”


Yuri nodded her head, whispering “Indeed… Cousin, from now on, I’ll spend a few hours hours every day teaching you how to read and write. Once your literacy level is high enough, you can teach others.”


“Thanks, but didn’t you say that we were discussing how to deal with the Rusty Saber Bastards? We should deal with that first. If I survive, then I wouldn’t mind settling down and becoming a teacher…” Henry smiled wryly, as he had a brief fantasy about being able to raise some children and life a long, happy life with a large family.


Chapter 2: The Rusty Saber Bandits

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