TDD V2, Chapter 2, Part 2: Consent

“You’re saying that if I let you put some kind of magical mark on me, I can leave this strange world whenever I want?”


Henry was topless, cradling a tiny brown-skinned baby Goblin in his enormous arms. The adorable infant reached up and grabbed his beard while giggling happily.


Azra muttered “No, not exactly… If you’re nearby, you can… But if you want to get back from far away, you’ll probably need to spend some Souls. You can also use that portal over there to go to my sister’s territory… The most important thing though, is that when you kill people, you’ll be able to collect the Souls. Then you can trade them for money that you can use to buy stuff out there… Or something like that.”


“Time is a commodity that we do not possess. Accept the mark and come over here immediately. We must discuss our strategy and devise the most efficient method to eradicate the Rusty Saber Bandits.“ A screen suddenly appeared between the two of them and Yuri’s expressionless face was revealed.


Once he heard that his vengeance was within reach, Henry didn’t hesitate to extend his left hand and say “I give you my permission to brand me, as long as you’ll allow me to participate in whatever it is you kids are planning.”


[Consent has been registered.]


After Azrael received the confirmation from DC, he pressed the mark down onto Henry’s left hand. Then the silver stamp melted down and entered into his skin. The huge man grimaced for a few moments, but the pain wasn’t unbearable. The mark was essentially just a circle, with a silver ankh symbol in the center. However, it quickly transformed into a black zero and faded away.


“Daddy’s gotta go now… Be a good girl for your mommies, okay?” Henry laid the Goblin baby down into her crib and gave her a kiss on the forehead.


“Da-Da~… Oau~! Wah~!” Of course, the child was immediately distressed the moment that he tried to leave.


“Oh wow, they’re starting to talk already? Is that normal?” Azra was a little surprised, but ‘Dada’ wasn’t exactly enough to be considered a language.


A middle-aged Asian woman, wearing a brown cotton gown suddenly entered the room and closed the door behind her. Joanna heard a few of the babies crying out, so she obviously hurried over, but she was surprised to see her nephew.


“Mama~…” There was a tiny little boy clinging to her waist and hiding behind her back, from the two ‘giant monsters’.


Before Joanna had a chance to say anything, Azrael muttered “Ah, umm, we’re leaving… Take care of the Goblins and stuff… We’ll be back soon.” Then he vanished into thin air.


Henry sighed dramatically, grumbling “He didn’t even tell me how to use that magical portal on the wall…”


Chapter 2: The Rusty Saber Bandits

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