TDD Volume 2, Chapter 2, Part 1: Raid the Rusty Saber Bandits

So yeah, I haven’t posted any content on here in forever, since I started ‘working’ for Ficfun. However, since someone specifically asked for new TDD content, and Ficfun wasn’t interested in TDD, I’ll start posting some chapters. One thing I have to warn you about though, is for whatever reason, I can’t post from Google Drive to HTML without it all scrunching together and getting rid of the spaces between paragraphs. Meanwhile, when I post it in Visual, it makes the spaces huge for no reason. So I picked huge spaces over no spaces.


While Beatrix was sleeping, something very important was happening within the Chessboard World.


[New Quest: Raid the Rusty Saber Bandits.]


[Quest Details: A battalion of soldiers from the Kingdom of Northland is planning to annihilate the Rusty Saber Bandits. Even if you do nothing, the bandits will certainly perish. However, their leader has been bestowed with one of Azrael’s pawns. If you fail to kill him yourselves, then you will receive a quest to eliminate the captain of the battalion from Northland.]


[Quest Objectives and Rewards.]


[Kill every single member of the Rusty Saber Bandits: 1000 Karma, 200 Souls.]


[Kill Anthony Rust: 100 Karma, 10 Souls, a Silver Pawn.]


[Rescue the women and children who are being held captive within the compound: 100 Karma, 5 Souls per person you save.]


[Totally destroy the Rusty Saber Bandit base: 100 Karma, 10 Souls.]


[Capture the Rusty Saber Bandits: 0 Karma, 0 Souls, a free Slave Brand for each bandit.]


[Torture and/or Rape the Rusty Saber Bandits to death: -10 Karma and +10 souls for each bandit that you torture and/or rape to death.]


“What the fuck is up with that last one though? Like, is that even a real option somehow?!” Azra was sitting at his workbench and staring at the new quest on one screen, while he could see Yuri’s face on another.


“Brother, I assume that we aren’t personally required to torture or rape them. It is interesting though… This means that if we employ vicious and cruel soldiers, then our Karma will be influenced as well. However, we would also gain more souls than usual in return.”


He sighed, “Yeah, sure, but we’ll lose karma and they’ll definitely be much harder to control if they’re all fucking psychopaths, right?”


“They would indeed be a potential threat to us… Regardless, it is best to avoid negative Karma. DC, is it possible to spend more Souls than we possess?”


[Normally, no… However, if you wish to make a small purchase, I can give you a discounted price.]


Azra realized what his sister was getting at, so he asked “Can I buy the Adventurer’s Ankh of Samsara Rune for nine Souls instead of ten?”


[Indeed, but only because you haven’t been given enough time to prepare for this particular Quest… In the future, you should always keep a surplus of Souls and Karma for emergencies.]


“Thanks!” A silver stamp suddenly appeared on the table in front of Azrael. He reached out and picked it up, while muttering “Now how the hell do I use this thing? Just press it against the person’s skin?”


[Precisely. However, you must have their consent first. Once you have permission, you may place the mark wherever the person desires. Assuming that it fits on that particular spot. The most common place is on the back of the left or right hand.]

Chapter 2: The Rusty Saber Bandits

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