TDD V2, Chapter 2: Part 7

This is the last part of “Chapter 2: The Rusty Saber Bandits”. Here’s some music if you’re interested?


“Oh my god, these bastards are so annoying! Stop it! Fuck! Stop breaking shit! No, no! I don’t want to have sex with you! Gah~! Get off of my Ailyn, I’ll fucking kill you!” While everyone else was fighting with the enemies, Azra was forced to babysit all of the Ratkins and Goblins. In order to keep them out of trouble, they were all kept inside of Yuri’s main hall.


The Divine Chessboard and his twin sister were both in the bedroom upstairs, but Azra had to try and keep nineteen horny, violent, morons distracted in the meantime. It was fortunate that Greenie, the gigantic green Goblin, wasn’t as rowdy as the smaller ones. Obsidian, the one that looked like a bat-monster, was especially difficult to deal with. He continually was attracted by Ailyn’s pheromones and attempted to mate with her, regardless of how many times he was beaten unconscious by her tiny fists.


“Ow, ow, ah~! Stop it!” Helion really lived up to her name. She had red skin, orange hair, pitch-black eyes and fang-like teeth. Aside from her appearance, it was her attitude which really left an impression. She kept crawling all over Azrael’s body, biting, scratching and pinching him in very sensitive areas.


On the other hand, Molly was the one that terrified him the most. Although she was much shorter than he was, she weighed more than he did. Her and Busty were strong enough to hold him down, while the smaller Goblins and Ratkins would be able to do whatever they wanted…


Fortunately, he didn’t let his guard down for a moment. Also, once he started ‘disciplining’ them properly, most of them started to become obedient. At the very least, they stopped trying to rape him. It was much easier to have sex with each other after all.


“Come on Yuri, how much longer is this shit going to take?!” At that moment, a message suddenly popped up in front of his face.


[Quest Completed: You have totally removed the Rusty Saber Bandit encampment from the face of Elysium. All of the members of the bandit group have been executed. Many noncombatants and family members of the bandit group have been captured. All of the slaves have been captured or freed. The Black Sakura has received significant damage and needs to be healed immediately. There are currently hundreds of hostiles lurking within Yuri’s King Territory. Anthony Rust has been eliminated.]


[Battle Recap: 264 bandits slain. 129 armed militia executed. 195 non-combatants killed. 32 friendly fire casualties. Base destroyed. No enemies were tortured or raped to death. 151 slaves were rescued. 763 noncombatants have been captured. 199 militia members have been captured.]


[Quest Rewards: 1200 Karma, 1585 Souls, a Silver Pawn.]


“Holy shit! We’re rich! Hahahaha~! Ow, you crazy bitch, stop trying to rape me!” Even though the ‘battle’ was over, Azrael still needed to babysit until Yuri’s territory was safe again.


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