TDD V2, Chapter 3: Part 1

“What should we do now? Execute the prisoners?” Yuri was casually walking through the ruins of the Rusty Saber Bandit village. There were large hills of dirt everywhere. Ruined buildings and fortifications were scattered about. Some of them were burning, but the drizzling rain prevented the fires from growing out of control.


People were crying and screaming all over the place. Only women and children remained. All of the men had already been killed before the battle even ended. There were still quite a few slaves that needed to be saved, but the moral of that ‘militia’ was far too low to even pose a threat.


Henry sighed dramatically, it was way too hot to wear his heavy winter clothing, so he was only wearing boxer shorts and boots. He still had a huge greatsword strapped to his back though, in case someone decided to attack him. The number on the back of his left hand was only thirty-five, since he didn’t actually kill that many people during the fight.


“Little Cousin, I think that we should just leave them to their own devices… Even if we do nothing, I think that most of them will probably starve to death in this kind of environment. You said that their souls will be captured anyway, so it doesn’t really matter how they die, right?” As he said that, a screen suddenly appeared before the two of them.


[Correct. Anyone who dies within the Chessboard World will have their soul imprisoned for reincarnation.]


Yuri murmured “Perhaps… These humans might not be useful as soldiers, but there are many other tasks that need to be handled. Aside from that, they could be useful in training my soldiers. Cousin, I will leave their fates in your hands for now. I have much work to do. Ask for volunteers… Those who wish to adopt and raise Ratkins or Goblins should stay here. The rest should leave and not interfere.” Then she teleported away.


The huge almost-naked man shook his head in irritation, then glanced around. After taking a deep breath, he roared “Everybody gather up! You have five minutes to assemble!” Then he climbed up onto the tallest mound of dirt and rocks that he could find and waited.


Only a few hundred women and children actually gathered up in the clearing in front of him. The rest were either fleeing into the jungle or too injured to move. Some were trapped and others were helping those who needed it.


Once he was satisfied with the crowd, Henry stood up and crossed his arms in front of his chest, coldly glaring down at the terrified mob. Then he yelled “Listen up! As you can see, this is no longer the world you once knew! In this world, there are monsters and gods! You all have a choice to make!”


He took a brief pause while organizing his thoughts and trying to look as imposing as possible. Then he shouted “You can either stay here and work, in order to improve your situation! Or you can go off on your own, into the forest! If I were you, I would choose option one! Because it’s better to work for the monsters, than to become their food!”

15 thoughts on “TDD V2, Chapter 3: Part 1

  1. Have i ever said i love all the carnage you write??
    I mean, people are used to movies and Tv shows, so they think prisoners are treated as humans and almost no life is lost, and when lives are lost, its anticlimatic or done in a way that people are simply unable to relate in anyway, but your books dont do that, they make you read, and even see if you have a good enough imagination, all the blood, pain, death and shit …. Beatiful

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think that they put too much blood in a lot of movies, TV shows and stories now days. Not that I don’t like blood and gore, but I try to keep it a little bit realistic in my stories. People don’t blood more blood than they have, unless it’s a hardcore-fantasy setting where they regenerate ‘health’ lol. The shit and piss though, are usually left out. People tend to forget how disgusting dead bodies are lol.


      • Exactly, i mean, most people dont know rhar if you stick a sword on someones gut what comes out is mostly shit, they bleed of course, but not so much, its more internal bleeding, i was trained since childhood in using swords, sabers actualy, never used on a living being, but i do know how that works, and theres no spray of blood or things like that

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      • Lmao, well, if you slice an artery, blood sprays out for about a second… Then it slows down, or they go into shock. In the olden days, shit probably wouldn’t have come out, because they were starving already rofl.


      • actualy, even if you slice an artery, blood doesn’t spray out like that, its more about the way you slice, its the movement of the blade that sprays the blood, not the blood presure or flow, the only organ on the human body that can spray blood is the heart, and you have to open the person chest and then cut open the heart to see blood flying, anyway, enough about blood and guts …. hows the thing with tapas coming along?? and if you don’t mind me asking, i hope you don’t, how’s the dao of eros going?? any schedules?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Lmao, yeah, I’ve had pimples that were like that. But my blood clots fast, so even when I sliced open my finder like the guy in the video… It never bled that much rofl. Actually, I think it stopped bleeding so fast because I put liquid bandage on it? That stuff is like magic lol.


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