TDD V2, Chapter 2: Part 6

Although the blitzkrieg type of attack was incredibly devastating, there were plenty of drawbacks as well. The biggest problem was that there was an extremely short time limit. Yuri would need to pull out of the battle within thirty minutes. However, if she removed her king from the board, it would end the battle completely. Thus, they needed to finish things very quickly.


Not only did Reaper need to massacre all the enemy combatants, Henry had to save as many slaves as possible…


“Come with me if you want to be free.”


The giant Asian man, with a fluffy black beard, held out his blood soaked left hand to the crippled, scarred and terrified young women. There was a greatsword in his right hand, with a small leather-clad bandit impaled upon it. Those girls were being kept in a huge longhouse, which was falling apart.


Henry was dressed in his normal winter garments, which had been dyed red once again. Even though he was only supposed to be rescuing people, he still needed to slaughter plenty of bandits. It wasn’t just the men either. There were hundreds of women with spears, axes and rusty sabers. They had never actually been in a real fight, so it wasn’t hard for him to win, but there were too many.


The weak and emaciated women struggled to follow after that handsome stranger. He seemed reliable and anyone who was fighting against the bandits, was instantly seen in a favorable light. However, there were still many who were too injured or afraid to follow him.


Many of the slaves grouped up and escaped on their own, but the ones that decided to follow Henry, were led into the basement of The White Spiral. It was rather spacious down there, and a decent amount of warm air was trapped inside. Thus, he didn’t need to worry about the naked girls, boys and women freezing to death or suffocating.


“Wait here… Make sure you don’t leave until I tell you to, or you’ll get left behind. I’m trying to save as many of you as possible… Don’t worry, it’s all going to be over soon. You’ll be free…” Of course, he didn’t tell them that they would be trapped on a small island inside of a magical chessboard for the rest of their lives. However, the people who followed him were so desperate and helpless, that they would have believed him even if he told them that they would be taken away to Heaven.


‘Cousin, I’m ending the battle now.’ Yuri’s voice echoed within Henry’s mind, which startled him at first. Fortunately, he swiftly recovered his senses and sprinted back inside of the village. He was assaulted by several furious and terrified women, but he quickly decapitated them with his greatsword.


Then the ground began to quake and rumble. Suddenly everything vanished into thin air. The spiral white seashell, the silver tower, even the entire bandit encampment was swept away. There was only a huge crater remaining, with a glowing crystalline chessboard resting at the very center of the pit.


Chapter 2: The Rusty Saber Bandits

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