PS V1, Chapter 25: Summoning a Maid

“I can’t believe I own a motorcycle… No, I guess I also own a giant silver tower that I can Summon anywhere I want as well… But I actually own a motorcycle. And it looks fancy as hell!”

[You now possess 35 cards. I would suggest that you begin separating them into decks. You should also prepare for the eventuality of Rank-G… Where you will no longer be able to have multiple Creature cards of the same Mana cost.]

Matthew muttered “Ugh, I didn’t really think about it too much until now… But I won’t be able to keep all my Heroes in the same deck. So if I want to get them to meet each other, then I need to do it before reaching Rank-G.”

[Indeed, that is the case. However, it will be possible to change the Mana cost of cards later on… By upgrading them in various ways. For example, if you purchase weapons and armor for Michael Cinagra in the Chaotica’s Coliseum 3 Shop, then his card will be upgraded. Thus, the cost to play him will increase.]

“That makes sense, but it’s still easier if I just make a deck with only ten cards… If I put Mike, Iris, Talia, Mike’s harem of orcs and Alicia in there, then the chances of picking them at the same time will be way higher than now.” Matt was about to create his first deck, when he realized a crucial problem… “But Mike and Iris are still in the graveyard.”

[It is impossible to switch decks while there are still cards in the graveyard.]

The graveyard was a separate pile of cards. Each of the cards would have a number on the back, determining the exact amount of time before it would return to the bottom of the deck. Essentially, Matthew could think about the graveyard and see it whenever he wanted.

Instead of opening the next pack immediately, he decided to try his luck first. The cards in his deck had already been shuffled, so now he just needed to draw four of the cards into his hand.

“I’m definitely gonna get rid of these stupid-ass Angry Pigeons!” After that was Azrael’s Silver Keep, then Azrael’s Black-Skull Knight Armor… Before he could start cursing again, his last card made him smile wryly.

As he stared at the picture for a few moments, he actually started to become aroused. Which caused him to blush a bit in embarrassment, since he knew that the System was probably judging him secretly.

After clearing his throat and shaking his head a bit, Matt returned to Old Earth Online. Since everything was synced, he was still slightly turned on, so he decided to take a shower to clear his head. Of course, when he was washing himself off, the System made sure to give him some helpful advice.

[You should not be ashamed of your sexual desires. It is extremely unhealthy to force down your urges like this. Perhaps you should Summon Alicia Healy and ask her for some assistance? I would not recommend sexual intercourse however, since you would most certainly perish.]

“I’m not gonna Summon that poor girl just to get off!” Matt shouted as he was showering, but quickly remembered that it was late at night and that his mother was in the house right next door. He sighed, then whispered “Besides that, doesn’t it say that she’s in love with that ‘Azrael’ guy? No, even more important than that is the fact that she’s Iris’ little sister.”


“What do you mean interesting?” Matt complained “I barely know Iris! I don’t even know why I give a damn.”

[They are your Summoned Heroes. It is natural for you to have a deep attachment to them. They are also Rare cards that can be potentially upgrade until they are Divine. Thus, I would recommend that you do not get rid of them.]

“I wasn’t going to get rid of them. I might get rid of the ghost dick thing though. It’s just way too dangerous and expensive. Even if I could use it, I don’t really want to…” As the warm water was shooting out of the showerhead in powerful jets, he murmured “Iris is pretty short, so her sister is most likely about the same height. I’ll walk down the street and buy some clothes first. Those douchebags ruined all our shit, so I need to get some for Mom and myself anyway.”

After he finished his shower, he noticed that the towels were perfectly fine. Which have him an idea. Heading downstairs, Matt went over to the washing machine and looked inside. It was totally filled to the brim with white clothes and some towels. Then he went over to the drier and there were tons of clean dark clothes, though they still needed to be fluffed a bit.

“Hmmm, that reminds me. Mom Mom was about the same size as Iris…”

Down in the back of the basement, where the robbers didn’t even bother to check, there were dozens of plastic boxes. Some of them had decorative plates, others were just filled with silverware. However, the ones he was looking for were named ‘Old Clothes’. They belonged to Matt’s father’s parents.

Matthew looked through the boxes for a few minutes, still naked with a towel wrapped around his waist. He had to turn the furnace on in order to heat up the house, so it was especially warm where he was at but… “Ugh, I hate the smell of oil burning.”

“This should be fine.” He found a few blouses of different colors, some with flowery patterns. There were two long skirts, a sundress, sweat pants, even socks, slippers and a few thin hooded jackets. Although there were some clothes that looked like they were from the 70’s and 60’s, the newer stuff was all placed together in the same boxes. They were relatively clean, but he still wanted to wash them first.

“Wait a second…” Then he finally realized, “She’d just have to take a shower afterwards anyway. And no matter what she wears, it’s gonna need to be washed after we’re done cleaning this dump.”

He carried the clothing upstairs, to his room, which had already been cleaned to a certain extent. Then he placed the clothes down on his empty wooden bed-frame and held the card in his hand nervously. When he finished putting on some boxers, sweatpants and a black t-shirt that he got from the dryer downstairs, he threw the card over to the middle of his bedroom and Summoned Alicia.

In an instant, she was suddenly standing there. Totally nude, with some freckles on her face and chest, along with a slight tan. It was as if she had just come from a warm beach somewhere. If Matthew’s skin wasn’t as dark, his blushed cheeks would have been far more visible. Of course, after staring at her naked body for a moment, he immediately turned his head, cleared his throat and said “Umm, uh, Miss Healy… There are some clothes for you over on the bed frame…”

There was a worried expression on her face, as her bright-blue eyes darted around the room. She glared at the man who was much taller than herself, and asked “Where am I? Where’s Azra?!”

Matt shrugged, before answering “This is Baltimore… Umm, I know this might seem kinda strange… But I Summoned you here to help me clean my house.”

“What?! Send me back!” She screamed, but she didn’t attack him. Instead, she knelt down on the ground and started crying, as she begged “Please, send me back to Elysium! I’ll do anything you want… Azra, I need to go back! What do you want from me?! Sex?! Fine, I’ll do whatever you want, but just send me back home afterwards…”

“Okay, stop… Get up and stop freaking out! Put on some clothes first, before anything else.” Matt grabbed some underwear, a blouse and sweatpants, then handed them to the weeping woman. Then he turned around and explained “Listen, I can’t send you back to wherever you think you’re from, but I might be able to Summon that ‘Azra’ guy eventually. That’s the best I can do. I’m sorry, but umm, oh yeah! I might not be able to Summon Azra, but I can Summon your sister.”

“Iris?!” Alicia screamed, as she quickly put on those clothes. Then she walked over and cautiously asked “Did you say you Summoned me here to help you clean your house?”

Matt turned around and his eyes instantly focused on the white button-up silk blouse, which had pink flowers on it. The amount of cleavage that was being exposed was astounding, while it was also fairly easy to see her hardened nipples through the thin material. After averting his gaze, he nodded his head and told her “Yeah, it’s kind of a long story. Well actually, I guess it’s pretty simple. My house got robbed. I Summoned a guy to save me, he ended up slaughtering the two thugs… Then the cops came and that crazy bastard killed half of them. After that me and my mother were taken to the hospital, because we had been shot. While we were at the hospital, some assholes robbed our house again. Me and my mother just walked back from the hospital a few hours ago… But she couldn’t take it anymore and went to stay at our neighbor’s house next door. I told her I’d try to clean the place up but well… It’s really fucking bad.”

“Wow…” Alicia frowned, then started crying again. She reached up to pat him on the shoulder and said “You’ve been through so much… Don’t worry Sweetie, we’ll clean this place up for your mommy.”

“Uh, okay, thanks. I have to warn you though. It’s pretty damn gross. There are blood stains, some douchebag pissed on the basement floor and I need to fill in the holes from where the bullets went into the walls.”

Hearing that, Alicia giggled and opened the door. She wiped the tears from her eyes and whispered “You think that’s bad… You’ve never had to clean up after Yuri and Azra…”


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