PS V1, Chapter 38

“Phew~, I was cutting it a little close there.”

Four hours after he Summoned the generator, Matt finally had enough Mana to activate his Lesser Arcane Resurrection card. He still had quite a few hours before Michael would leave the graveyard, but he didn’t want to take any chances.

There was no fancy effect when he activated the card. He was simply able to see his graveyard and pick any Creature card that was there. Once he did, then the Lesser Arcane Resurrection card was replaced by Michael Cinagra for a moment. After that he directly Summoned Michael so he wouldn’t have to wait for another hour to get a Mana point.

“What the fuck?! Damn it Matt, what the hell is wrong with you? Don’t do that shit again!” The pale-skinned nudist immediately started complaining, “So what if I fucked your mother?! It was consensual goddamnit! We’re all adults here! Don’t be so childish!”

Matt yelled “I don’t give a fuck about that, damn it! You’re infected with like zombie AIDS! I just didn’t want you to kill my mother!

Then Michael turned towards the surprised and embarrassed woman who was sitting on the couch, saying “I’m really sorry Anaishe… For potentially giving you Zomb-AIDS. Although I’m pretty sure it’s just nanites or tiny little robots. By the way, I’m perfectly fine, so maybe the kind I’m infected with are actually good for you?”

“Alright, enough.” Anaishe complained “I feel fine, so both of you should stop trying to jinx me!”

After a few seconds, Matt pulled out a card and asked “Hey Mike, do you feel like playing chess?” Then he pulled the ten Qi Crystals from his left pocket, sacrificed them for a point of Mana and activated the card in his hand. There was a bright radiance of light and Michael disappeared into thin air.

His mother looked at the spot where the naked man disappeared and grumbled “All this magical nonsense is giving me a headache.”

After the Lesser Arcane Resurrection card had been played, Matt received ‘Steel Katana Collection’, but fortunately, he had already gotten Arcana’s Favorite Game during the second hour after he Summoned the generator. He had started to realize that time was the most crucial factor and not luck. With enough time, he could use any card he wanted. The problem was that without enough Support Spells, he wouldn’t be able to effectively use his ‘Mod’ in an actual battle. For war however, his abilities were extremely overpowered.

Exactly 18 seconds after Michael disappeared, he reappeared. At the same instant, Matt gained 1 experience point and 11 Mana. While the naked man asked “Are you fucking happy now, asshole? Shit… At least give me some warning next time, before you send me to Boardgame Hell…”

[Summoner: Matthew Leblanc
ID Code: Trashmob-707
Rank: Unranked
Level: 7
Experience: 1/10
Mana: 11/7
Cards: 38
Description: A Player with zero skill, but a decent amount of luck. The kind of Summoner who makes other Players want to go out of their way to kill him.]

“Good job Mike. I really mean that.” Matt smiled at the naked man, then pulled out a card from thin air, which swiftly transformed into a crystalline cube. The strange object actually floated above his right hand, startling both Michael and Anaishe. After a moment, he let out a soft sigh and told his mother “I love you… Don’t worry, Mom… We’ll see each other again very soon. I promise.”

With a single thought, the mysterious cube flew towards his mother and everything within 3 cubic meters of her instantly vanished. This meant that not only did the couch disappear, but even the floor had a square hole cut through it. Of course, the most noticeable problem was the vacuum that was created… The pressure differential was so extreme between the inside and outside of the house, that the windows were blasted inwards. Both Michael and Matt were pushed forwards by the air in the room, which rapidly attempted to fill the emptiness.

“Goddamn it Matt, what the fuck are you doing?!”

“Mike, I can’t hear you! Agh, I think I went deaf!”

The two of them were knocked into the hole and fell down onto the bed in the basement. Fortunately, neither of them were seriously injured and the deafness was temporary. However, the damage to the house was quite severe… The power was knocked out and the structural integrity was failing rapidly.

“Shit… We gotta get outta here Kid.”

Michael was naked, while Matt was only wearing the Enchanted Plain White T-Shirt and Black Boxers. Although the house was creaking and groaning, they still couldn’t leave right away. There were some things that they needed to take with them after all. First was the black armor, which included a leather inner later. It was impossible for Michael to put it on in a few seconds, but he was still able to take it out of the basement and bring it over to the garage. Then he found a random black t-shirt and boxers, along with a grey hoodie and sweatpants, in order to not freeze to death.

Obviously they took all the guns, ammo and any other supplies they could find out of the house, packing it away in the humvee. The Portable Gasoline Generator was small enough to fit in the back of the vehicle, which had a covered bed. They did have to move some other stuff out of the way to make room for it, but it was just the two of them after all, so they could pile all their supplies on the back seats and floor.

Even after they did all of that, the house was still intact. Though it was still unlivable. Matt sat in the driver’s seat and started pulling out of the garage, while Michael sat next to him, complaining “Have I mentioned how much I fucking hate the cold?”

“Yes Mike, only about a thousand times.” Matt sighed, shivering from the wind that was blowing directly into his face through the window. He muttered “We’re gonna have to either get a new vehicle or cover this shit up.”

He zipped up his leather jacket, as Michael asked “So what’s the plan ‘Boss’?”

“Well now that my mother is safe, I need to go and find my dad. The rest of my family, I don’t really care about. But I need to find out if my father is a Player or an NPC. If he’s a Player, I need to find out his ID so we can keep in touch. If he’s an NPC, then I need to turn him into a card… Along with my little sister and I guess, anyone else that’s still alive when we get to Japan.”

“Holy fuck! We’re going to Japan?! I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, but you know, before the nuclear power plant melted down… And the zombie apocalypse.” Michael snickered and looked at the shaggy facial hair that was growing out of Matt’s face, complimenting “You look like less of a pussy with a beard.”

“I look like a fucking hobo, but shaving hasn’t really been on my to-do list. I’m much more interested in taking a shower, or at least a bath. I feel disgusting.” He complained, as he continued driving out of Edgemere and past Sparrows Point. They made it over the bridge to Dundalk pretty easily, but the next bridge was blocked by a bunch of wrecked cars and trucks, which were covered with snow.

“Yeah, you smell disgusting too, hehehe~… Actually, that might be what’s left of that bitch I killed in your chair. She totally shat herself as she was dying… I can see some frozen brown ice sticking to your jeans… Ugh, even after a month in zombie-hell, I’m still capable of freaking out about this kinda shit! Fuck!”


The two of them were on the verge of having a panic-attack duet, when a gunshot rang out. It wasn’t until the second round pierced his neck, that Matt even noticed the first bullet had gone straight through his left temple. Then his vision went completely dark.

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