IS, V3, Chapter 9: Resolution

I was standing on a beautiful sandy beach; the sun was bearing down on me and my skin didn’t feel like it was on fire. It was obviously just a pleasant dream, but it was still enjoyable; then ‘she’ appeared, and immediately ruined it.

The red-haired, green-eyed and large-breasted reflection of myself was standing in front of me; she was completely naked… because imagining a few simple garments, would’ve been so difficult. Iris smirked at me; then said “Even if you don’t do anything, Belial will still lose his childish game. Sure, he might ruin a couple million lives, but does it really matter? Why don’t you just enjoy yourself? It’s not like you can actually stop him as you are now… even if you killed him, he would just be back in a few years anyway.”

After closing my eyes; I took a deep breath, sighed as obnoxiously as possible; then opened them again, to glare at the extremely irritated woman. I told her “This world is a wonderful and terrible place, with cruelty and kindness abound. It is true that even if I do manage to stop that monster; he will eventually return, and others who are even worse than him are everywhere. Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that he needs to be removed as quickly as possible.” She somehow seemed a little stranger than usual.

She grinned as two, massive, blue, flaming wings; spread from behind her back, and the sun vanished from the sky. The ocean was replaced by crashing waves of molten lava; with a huge volcano in distant, smoke-covered, horizon.

Her eyes burned with a bright azure flash; as she flapped once and soared into the sky, then dove down into the fuming tides. Suddenly, a huge pillar erupted from her crash site, and a titanic woman appeared in its place.

The entire scenery had instantly changed to a strange grey wasteland; with darkness everywhere, and the stars clearly visible in the sky: even on the horizon. A massive, ten meter tall, blue-skinned humanoid female; with furry, goat-like legs and hooves, with the upper body of an elf; with long and straight, bright-pink hair that fell past her shoulders; was looking down at me with golden eyes. Protruding from each side of her head, were large crimson spiral horns; both of them constantly firing bolts of lightning into the air, but there was no thunder.

Her nose was relatively small, but wide and flat; with a sliver septum piercing, which wasn’t very large compared to her face. She had plump, attractive lips, that made me slightly jealous; she had black pupils, and a light blue sclera… but it was difficult to see them, over her glowing yellow irises.

Then the giantess sat down, creating a powerful sandstorm in the process. However, she quickly flapped the colossal, black feathered, wings; which seemed to protrude from her shoulder-blades, and cleared the incredibly dry air of dust.

I was staring in awe of the majestic sight in front of me; even though I had seen bigger humanoids before then, none of them were very pleasant to look at. The woman formed a warm smile, which literally changed the temperature from freezing to just right; then began giggling loudly.

She asked me “I’ve been watching the two of you build your little toys for a year now… but do you honestly believe that it will be enough?” while smirking. It was the first time that I had ever seen Iris take a form other than something resembling mine, and her mannerisms seemed significantly different.

After scanning the massive body for a few seconds; I cautiously asked her “Who are you?” nervously. If it had been the red-haired woman that I had seen so many times before, she would have started laughing obnoxiously and given a sarcastic retort.

The blue titan had a serious expression; when she bluntly stated “Luna, I’m who you elves typically call, the Spirit of the Moon. Sorry for deceiving you with that terrible impression of Anael before… I guess I’m just not sardonic enough.” in a nonchalant tone, while smiling wryly.

In an instant the scenery changed to that familiar desert; where Ethir and I had been doing nothing but charging orbs for several months. The giant woman had shrunk down to a reasonable size and lost her wings; but had a long, slender, lizard-like tail: That I hadn’t been able to see before.

We were both standing inside of the small room; where I could see myself sleeping on a fluffy mat against the northern wall. The mask wearing red-goblin was sitting on the middle of the hardened sand floor; with a silver ball in his hands, and channeling mana into it.

It didn’t seem like a typical dream or illusion, almost like I was actually watching what was really happening. Luna chuckled, and Ethir immediately looked up towards us; then he averted his eyes to the left.

I looked down at my body and instantly realized the problem; I sighed and muttered “Why am I always naked in dreams?” We had seen each other nude quite a few times before then, but we still weren’t passed that childish embarrassment phase.

He sternly whispered “Anael… the only woman I love is Raelin. Even if you pretend to be her… I still won’t have sex with you.” while trying not to look at me. Even if I was using an illusory body; it still felt like my face was flushed, and my heart was beating incredibly fast.

Luna started giggling; as Iris suddenly appeared behind Ethir and started, cackling obnoxiously loudly. Then she yelled “Best confession ever!” triumphantly; while leaning over, and resting her ridiculous bust on top of his hood.

How she could physically interact with him was beyond my comprehension at the time, but I definitely didn’t want to see her doing that. Without even thinking about it; I furiously shouted “Get away from him!” while firing an arc of lightning from my fight hand.

It struck her incorporeal chest, but didn’t actually do anything; it did look and sound pretty dangerous though. She was still laughing; as she used her ethereal hands to remove Ethir’s mask, and force his face to turn towards me.

He had apparently realized what just happened; because his red skin was, practically glowing from embarrassment. Whenever he became nervous, his runic tattoos tended to become visible; revealing an intricate design, which emphasized the large number seven on his forehead.

Eventually Luna seemed to lose interest, and whistled sharply; which somehow caused the annoying woman to instantly disappear. She sighed quietly into my ear; I quickly opened my eyes and jumped off the comfortable, fluffy, sleeping mat; then I immediately turned my entire body toward the colossal presence that felt terrifying.

The blue-skinned, two horned, furry legged, woman was topless; revealing two incredibly small dark-purple nipples, which had silver rings attached to them. There was a chain linking the two that hung down slightly below her relatively large breasts.

She was at least two meters tall, and her head nearly touched the ceiling in our tiny desert dwelling. I stood up and walked towards Ethir, who was still concentrating on filling the metallic sphere with mana.

Luna gave a gentle smile; then lowered the excruciatingly hot temperature in the room, to the point where I wasn’t even sweating. After a few seconds of awkward silence; I sat down next to the red goblin, and asked her “So… is this real? Are you actually here? It doesn’t really feel like a dream.” while fidgeting.

The naked goat-woman sat down; not cross-legged, but in an awkward way; that would have been incredibly vulgar, if there wasn’t a large quantity of blue fur covering her lower-body. She wrapped her arms around her knees; and nonchalantly told me “This physical form is only an avatar; one which I created so that I could interact with the sentient lifeforms on this planet. I’m sure that the two of you have seen my true form many times, in the night sky.” while staring at me with her glowing golden, snake-like, eyes.

Ethir anxiously asked her “Luna… what is it… that you want from us?” as he set down the silver orb to his left. He was making a serious expression, while she was frowning slightly.

She smirked; then said “Belial is an old enemy of mine. If I was allowed to… I would exterminate him myself. Unfortunately, the most I can do is offer the two of you a little advice, and a bit of direction.” in a solemn tone.

I scowled at her, and asked “Why do the spirits; with all their immense power, allow so many terrible things to happen?” If she had killed that monster before he took control of Eredhon, then my children would have probably still been alive; or at least, that was what I had thought back then. Thankfully Ethir was there grab my hand and calm me down, before I did something incredibly stupid.

Luna gave me a pitying look, and calmly stated “We are not gods, most of us aren’t even that powerful. People like to deify beings which are beyond their comprehension, but it is true that I could have killed your husband before he had awakened; and prevented your daughters from being murdered.” in a completely serious tone.

I tightly squeezed the glove-less hand that was gripping mine, struggling not to scream at that overly blunt, azure woman. Then she continued “Unfortunately, my sister refuses to let me directly intervene in her little game. It does make sense rationally; without the negative, it’s impossible to recognize the positive; but I could never be so detached. Terra won’t act unless something threatens her… there’s a lot more to it than that though.” Sparks began jumping off of her horns.

Ethir whispered “Raelin… it’s not her fault… the only one to blame… is Belial. Around the world… every second… people are dying… suffering. We can’t save everyone… even if we could… the consequences might be much more severe.” while gazing into my eyes; our faces were so close together, that I could feel his aura rubbing against mine. It suddenly became incredibly difficult for me to remember what we had been talking about, or why I was so angry before then.

Luna cleared her throat, making a truly disgusting sound; then she casually stated “This environment is incredibly uncomfortable; my mana is almost completely drained, and I’ve only been here for a few hours. Caution is important, but if you take too long developing that weapon; your enemy will either escape, or become powerful enough to survive what you have planned. I actually live close-by; if you truly have the determination to kill Belial, then follow me there.” while standing up and looking down at us with a pained expression.

Ethir and I stood up and started gathering the six partially-charged orbs; along with the staff, and the ones that were already at maximum capacity. Most of our extra clothes, and a weeks worth of dried mana-fruit; were packed in a few fairly large satchels.

When we were finally ready to depart for some mysterious home in the middle of the desert, I asked her “Why don’t you just wear some clothing?”

She looked down at her chest, and lifted up her ample bosom with both hands; then she told me “Then how would I display these mithril nipple rings? I once lived in a world where this would be considered heavy-armor for a female warrior, at least plus seventy defense rating.” in a serious voice, while playing with the silver chain. Her response left me dumbfounded, but I shrugged off my confusion; and followed the naked blue goat-woman out of our underground home, and into the horrible scorching sun.

My body was completely covered with thick, black, leather; so I didn’t have to worry about being burned. It was also pretty simple to keep myself cool with a bit of heat manipulation; the problem was that flying with all of our luggage was extremely difficult… and Luna was almost completely out of mana.

We couldn’t carry her with us, along with all the other stuff; so we were forced to walk. Trekking six miles through the desert, was not something that had I ever wanted to experience; but once the Moon came out, her aura completely changed.

She had become at least a hundred times more powerful, and was able to fly; with one of us in each arm, while carrying all of the luggage on her back. Although, I was too flustered by her strange, but incredibly alluring scent; to ask her why we didn’t just wait a few hours before leaving.

It took an hour of soaring at an incredibly dangerous speed; until we reached the magical oasis, that Luna called home. Although, it was literally an oval; that was only fifty meters long and ten wide, with a few small trees that had clusters of tiny bananas on them: I had seen some of the ones imported from Angren, and the difference was pretty extreme.

There was a decent amount of large foliage, and even some adorable tan foxes. The little creatures were scampering around in the short grass and chasing after what sounded like mice. Although, the moment we landed with a whirlwind; most of the animals in the area made yelping noises, as they were blown away into the sandy dunes behind us.

It was still pretty dark, but the full moon was brightly illuminating the whole area around the lake. We walked for a few minutes to the southernmost and widest shore; then Luna muttered “Authorization code: Rapture seven-hundred and seventy-seven. Connect to portal three-nine-five; engage teleportation program.” in a hushed voice, as the air around her crackled.

There was a thunderous roar coming from the skies above us; and a massive column of bright white light fell upon the center of the crystal clear water, as complete darkness engulfed everything beyond the oasis. I turned to Ethir and nervously asked him “Do you have any idea what’s happening right now?” while tightly gripping his left hand with my right.

The long eared woman in front of us quickly turned around; then said “What are you two waiting for? The portal will only stay open for a few seconds.” in an irritated tone, as she wrapped her extremely dexterous tail around our waists; then leapt forward, while nearly blasting us with the flames that were bursting out from her hooves.

In the middle of the lake was a familiar looking beam of blinding light; that reminded me of the ones which connected the underground cities to the surface. Just like the others; it didn’t feel as if we traveled anywhere, we were simply there.

The instant I arrived in that place, I could feel an incredible contradiction. My body felt significantly lighter as we slowly fell towards the shiny metal floor; but the mana pressure was so immense, that I blacked out the moment I tried to breathe.

I woke up with a horrible headache, and in a completely unfamiliar place; laying on an absurdly comfortable bed, completely naked, with my arms and legs tightly squeezing a surprisingly muscular pillow. Then I opened my eyes and saw the glowing golden irises gazing back at me, slightly obscured by black hair.

There was something smooth and hard pressing against my navel; and a hairless thigh, was grinding against an incredibly sensitive part of my lower body. An alluring aroma was bombarding my nostrils; while an overwhelming and deafening aura, was completely destroying the pleasant mood.

Ethir quietly asked me “Is this a dream?” while staring into my eyes, and placing his hands on my lower back; sliding them down until I let out a quiet moan and smiled. Then he stopped and sighed as he seemed to look above the side of my face; the only thing behind him was a steel wall, so I was able to easily guess the situation.

Our bodies were under an incredibly warm and fluffy quilt, so I held out a small ounce of hope that she didn’t see anything. However, the moment I turned around to look at the tall, thinly muscled, azure elf; she smirked and nonchalantly told us “I removed your garments; so that the two of you would adapt to the level four mana-zone more quickly. If it would make you more comfortable, I can wait in the other room until you’ve finished fornicating. Although, I can hear, see, and even feel, everything that you’re doing within this… house.” as she walked over to a large black-leather chair and sat down.

There was a desk behind her, with a large, flat, rectangular crystal; which was surrounded by a reflective obsidian frame. A small box was laying underneath of it; and another similar object was to the right, with knobs and buttons on it.

Ethir’s chest was still pressing against my back; his right hand was resting on my hip, while his other arm was being crushed by my ribs. I sighed as I noticed that a certain part of his body wasn’t quite as lively as before; but considering the situation, it wasn’t very surprising.

After climbing out of bed, I felt a warm and sticky fluid dripping down my inner thighs; which Luna was staring at, before returning her gaze to mine. She bluntly stated “You appear to be hemorrhaging from every orifice.” while holding up her right hand towards me.

Luna began using water magic to gather up all of the blood; which had fallen on the floor or soaked into the bed-sheets behind me, into a small globule which floated above her palm. Eventually the bleeding stopped; and she was left with at least a gallon of murky dark-red liquid, which was swirling around as if she were mixing it up.

A purple, snake-like tongue stretched out from her mouth; it was the first time that I had seen her fangs as well. I hadn’t notice until then, that her teeth were very similar to mine. I immediately asked her “Are you a vampire too?” curiously; she just giggled, before rapidly slurping up the fairly large quantity of crimson fluids.

Then I saw that Ethir was standing behind her large chair, examining the strange devices that were covering that desk. Luna licked her lips and nonchalantly told me “Interesting flavor and texture, would have tasted much better if there wasn’t so much mucus, perspiration, urine, and cerumen. Also, you seem to have a very severe case of gonorrhea vampiris.” then she grimaced for a few moments, before smirking.

Obviously I had no idea what she was talking about at the time, or I probably would have started gagging at the thought of what she had just consumed. She calmly continued “Unfortunately, I haven’t been observing the two of you very often; so I’m unsure where either of you might have contracted the illness. It’s a bacterium very similar to a common sexually transmitted disease amongst humans, but much more severe.” as her hair seemed to change to a dark-purple color.

Her incredibly long and slender, blue-scaled, tail unwrapped itself from her waist; I tried to pretend that I didn’t see her stroking its tip with her right hand. After clearing my throat, I anxiously said “Wait, I definitely haven’t had sex in a very long time. More importantly, doesn’t that mean… eww, why did you drink that?” then I dry-heaved a few times: That was the moment, when I started to realize what kind of person Luna was.

Ethir whispered “Hiwel… you started getting sick… after she met Conor.” in a worried voice, while making a clicking sound from behind the chair. I did drink that dark-red skinned woman’s blood, not that long before I began having problems.

While I was thinking about how many times I suffered because of that perverted elf; I heard a quiet feminine moan, then felt a torrent of warm and sticky liquid rush over my face. It smelled and tasted very similar to Michael’s blood, so I wasn’t nearly as disgusted as I should have been.

When I cleared it out of my eyes, I saw a slouching, blue, goat-woman; wrapping her tongue around the tip of her tail… which was leaking copious amounts of black goo. Luna twitched a few times, then let out a relieved sigh; and told me “Sorry, it’s been a while since the last time I used blood magic. That inky discharge should be sufficient enough to cure your bacterial infection.” shamelessly, while making a satisfied expression.

After gagging for a few seconds, I sighed dramatically; then calmly asked her “Anyway, I’m going to pretend like I didn’t hear what you just said. Why did you bring us here?” while fighting the urge to vomit. Surprisingly, my headache was actually dissipating; and I was starting to feel pretty comfortable breathing, in that incredibly mana-dense atmosphere.

The room we were in didn’t have many furnishings. It was basically just a bed, that desk, and the chair that Luna was sitting in. There was no paint on the walls; just a reflective metal, which reminded me more of mithril than steel.

She sat upright, then wrapped her tail around her waist again; while scratching the area around her horns, with her incredibly long and sharp looking fingernails. Ethir walked out from behind the chair and whispered “Terra can’t monitor us here… she’s going to help us… kill Belial.” as he gazed into my eyes.

Luna grinned, then cheerfully revealed “Indeed, this is my domain; my home, and technically on the surface of my true body. It has been a very long time since I had any guests; would you like a tour?” while standing up and flinging the metal door open with a bit of earth magic.

We silently followed her outside of the incredibly cramped room, and what we saw was truly strange. As we walked down the relatively wide hallway; she pointed towards the different rooms, which each seemed to have a purpose that made very little sense to me.

There were technologies beyond my comprehension at the time, and above each entrance was a number which signified the mana density. According to her, the centers of the four rings of Lorthon were equivalent to the first four levels.

When we reached the end of our tour; Luna announced “This is Eden… where I keep my pets, and food.” in a nonchalant manner, as she slid the large double-doors open. Before us was a colossal enclosed space, with giant birds and small dragons flying around near the kilometer high ceiling. When I took that first step outside of the metallic hallway, it felt like my body became several times heavier than usual.

Gigantic trees with all kinds of different fruits hanging off of them, and a myriad of different kinds of animals were scattered about. It was actually the first time I had ever seen a jungle before, so I was quite surprised at the strange environment.

Then I heard a quiet purring, and felt something soft rubbing up against my right shin. I looked down and saw an animal with cuteness beyond my imagination. The creature was called a kitten.

They had ears, tails and eyes; that were very similar to cat-tribe people, but there was simply no comparison in their level of adorability. It was gazing up at me with its red irises, meowing; I couldn’t stop myself from quickly bending over and petting its black fur with my right hand.

However, something strange occurred… my arm was missing; I didn’t even see what had happened. I quickly closed the wound with a bit of water and nature magic, but it was strange that there was no pain.

Luna giggled, then nonchalantly revealed “All of the creatures living in my buffet would be considered celestial beasts; but they’re basically just a step beyond the simple demonic ones, that live in the fourth ring of Lorthon and other similar places.

There are no places on the surface of Terra that have anything above that level of mana-density; so you would normally have to go to a sacred grotto or special labyrinth, to eat these delicious little critters. The humanoid demons; those mutants that the elven ancestors descended from, were a result of exposure to level six mana-density; which was purposefully done by humans a long time ago.

“Well, I did help them out a little bit, but that was a long time ago and not very relevant now; since I exterminated all those irritating creatures already. There are animals beyond that though, I call them the cherubim and seraphim; they’re basically the epitome of magically evolved humanoid, animal-based, biological organisms.

“In fact, this avatar that I’m currently using would be considered one of them. Although, I mostly designed it for satisfying certain… desires; I’ve had many others, but this one has the highest capacity for pleasure and pain.

“That’s the reason all of your senses are being numbed; I’m telepathically linked to the two of you, and every other creature in this garden. If I didn’t do that, both of you would have died the moment you entered this level five mana-density environment.”

While she was giving that mini-speech, I was focusing on regenerating my lost limb. Regrowing an arm wasn’t a particularly easy task, but with such ridiculously high mana concentration, I was able to use creation magic to restore most of the bones.

Ethir had seemed to be enthralled by whatever she was talking about; I however, was worried about losing another limb to the hordes of adorable animals that were scampering about. Their auras seemed to be completely silent. There was a constant, high-pitched, screeching; coming from the cheerful spirit. Eventually, I glared at her and furiously shouted “How does any of this help us kill Belial?!”

Luna whistled sharply; then an incredibly loud roar resounded throughout the whole jungle. It was something eerily familiar. She smirked and gently told me “Raelin Nerorneth, you’ve been training your affinities and steadily increasing your mana-pool for approximately eleven years. Yet, that kitten who was born one week ago, could easily kill you if it wanted to.” then she asked “Do you comprehend my purpose now?”

Suddenly, a small, yellow-furred, squirrel sprinted out of the forest; then it climbed up her body, and sat on her palm. Before I could speak, Ethir whispered “Even a being such as Belial… could easily be slain… given the right circumstances.” nervously; trembling as he stared at the relatively normal-looking creature: That was fidgeting on her blue hand.

My ability to hear mana was being suppressed, but I could understand why he was so terrified of that creature. Luna roughly caressed the furry critter’s head, down to its tail; then nonchalantly explained to us “This is a gigaton squirrel; the weakest animal in this entire habitat, but also the most dangerous. I try not to keep too many of them at a time, as a safety precaution; because if too many of these rodents come in contact with each other, even I would have difficulty preventing the cataclysmic explosion that would occur.” while continuing to pet the adorable, panicky, little monster.

Ethir muttered “It has a mana crystal in its chest… how can something like that even exist?” Then the squirrel began emitting a terrible, high-pitched, scream, as it vibrated violently for a few seconds; before all of its fur, skin, muscles, bones and all of its other organs, seemed to disintegrate under her gentle touch.

Luna smiled and held the small glowing yellow orb between her right index finger and thumb; she giggled, then she cheerfully told us “I’ve tried to taste them many times, but if their auras are disturbed to a certain degree… well, I’ve had many avatars over the eons. There are many ways to gain power; the easiest and quickest method is to borrow it from others.” as she began walking back into the hallway.

We quickly followed after her; I didn’t want to stay in that terrifying place for a moment longer. My arm was completely healed by then, but it was still relatively weak compared to the left.

The long, snake-like, tail whipped around as she walked; then we reached a room with the number twenty-one above the door. There was a strangely alluring scent emanating from the darkness, but she smacked us with her tail to keep us from entering; as she swiftly opened, then closed the large obsidian barrier behind her.

While we were standing there waiting; I suddenly became extremely self-conscious of my completely nude appearance. I muttered “We should probably talk…” quietly, while gazing into Ethir’s unreasonably beautiful golden eyes.

He smiled wryly; then solemnly whispered “I should have told you… about Iris… I’m sor-” but before he could finish speaking; I leaned down a little, wrapped my left hand around the back of his neck, and locked my lips against his.

Maybe it was influenced by the ridiculously low sensitivity, or because he had just told me that he loved me the day before, but I had been wanting to do that again for nearly two years. However, that time, there was no blood involved; I didn’t lose consciousness, it was just an amazing kiss.

His tongue wrestled with mine inside of my mouth for a few seconds, and our bodies were pressed against each other. Then it ended, and we separated for a moment; I felt incredibly calm and he didn’t even blush, it was all surprisingly normal.

I may have been grinning and giggling, but on the inside I was definitely composed: I didn’t even feel the urge to sink my fangs into his neck. Although, if he would have suggested it; I would have been willing to continue where I had left off, after that catastrophe in Lorelei’s guestroom.

A few seconds of awkward silence passed; then I shyly asked him “I think I’m in love with you too… but why haven’t we umm, you know; done anything in all this time?” while looking down towards his waist, and confirming that he was definitely interested.

Ethir muttered “I didn’t want to… rush things… or make you think that… I was only interested in sex.” I looked into his eyes again, then moved forward, embracing him in a tight hug.

His hands were sliding down my back; when I seductively whispered “You’re so cute, but you need to be more assertive.” into his left ear. In a motion that was too quick for me to even notice, he grabbed below my thighs and lifted me off my feet; dropping my waist down slowly, as I wrapped my legs behind his lower back.

My chest was pressed against his face and I could feel an intense pressure throbbing inside of me. It felt great… but there was definitely something missing; I moaned slightly as my hips unconsciously moved forward and back again: a few times.

The numbness lessened and he began thrusting faster; his tongue was caressing my left nipple, as I dug my sharp nails into his shoulder-blades. The scent of his blood increased my arousal tenfold; and I couldn’t help but using the same trick that Luna had used earlier, to bring the stream of crimson liquid to my mouth.

There was so much mana enveloping us, that his wounds were regenerating the moment I removed my claws. Ethir was sucking and biting hard enough, that I should have been in a lot of pain; not to mention the fairly large object, which was definitely causing a lot of damage on its way in and out of my body. Yet, all I could feel was an intense wave of ecstasy washing over my mind.

At some point we both began using wind magic to suspend our bodies in the air; interlocked and constantly moving down the hallway towards that first room. Fortunately, the door was still ajar, and we were able to safely land onto the bed: That was made to comfortably fit a person of Luna’s stature.

With my back against the unnaturally soft mattress, Ethir lifted his naturally red face; which was drenched in my slightly darker blood, and smiled at me. He licked his lips and whispered “I think I understand… the appeal now.” into my right ear, before sucking on my relatively short but incredibly sensitive lobe.

I started laughing, then happily declared “We should have done this a long time ago!” while smiling impishly; sinking my fangs into the nape of his neck, as he quickly copied me. There were so many fluids pouring out of our bodies; that the bed was already soaked, within the first minute of our surprisingly violent intercourse.

It was more passionate and intense than anything I had ever experienced until then. Hours passed as we continued; reaching climax many times, but never slowing down or separating our bodies for more than a few seconds at most.

We changed position quite often; and I was even able to taste a certain flavor of Ethir’s, that I had been curious about. I wasn’t particularly surprised at his dexterity while using his fingers and tongue to ‘massage’ a certain area that required his attention, but I was a little suspicious of where he learned the technique.

Then he began using runic magic to increase my sensitivity beyond anything I could have imagined. At one point I accidentally electrocuted him, but overall there weren’t too many serious injuries sustained.

However, our stamina wasn’t endless; and we were both completely satisfied with our real first time… since the accident in Lorelei’s bath, didn’t really count. It wasn’t until then; that I asked him an extremely important question “Do you know where the bathroom is?” but he obviously didn’t.

Luna had shown us dozens of places within her home, but there was only one place that seemed even slightly appropriate to relieve myself in; it was filled with adorable monsters. Although, the bed was so drenched; that it was actually leaking onto the floor, and most of those fluids were from me anyway; so I was secretly flooding the mattress, while Ethir was searching for a bathroom that I didn’t need anymore.

After I was done; it was pretty easy to gather up the gallons of various liquids into a ball using water magic, then carry that down to the ‘bathroom’ and launch it into the jungle. Once the evidence was erased, I returned to Ethir; who discovered that the back wall of the bedroom was a door, and behind that was the toilet.

We had no idea what our host was doing all that time, or how long it was going to take; so we decided to just go to sleep, in the relatively clean and completely dry bed. I was so happy, that I had completely forgotten about the consequences that sex usually had for me.

That night I had a dream with Iris, but there was something different than all of the others… she was a little girl. Although, she still looked like me; from when I was a child, with the exception of six, red-feathered, wings; which spread from her back and the usual wavy, red hair.

She didn’t teach me any spells; or try to convince me to seduce Ethir. We just spent a pleasant day at the beach together. I didn’t think much about it, I was just enjoying my blissful ignorance; it was pretty obvious from the beginning after all.

Another day passed by, and Luna was still behind that black door; we were starting to worry that something could have happened to her. However, since she was supposedly the Spirit of the Moon; even if her body was destroyed, we assumed she would have been able to just create another one somehow.

We still didn’t know where she stashed our clothing and luggage; so we spent most of the second day snooping around the twenty-something rooms, that we could safely enter. She had already shown us the device that she used to teleport us there, but neglected to explain how it worked.

There was an actual kitchen, which had an amazing box that could keep food in a chilled or frozen state. There was also a myriad of stoves, ovens, counter-tops, sinks; and cabinets filled with hundreds of metal cylinders, that were filled with preserved: meat, vegetables, fruit, fish, dragon and pretty much anything else, that could have been eaten.

Our adventure stopped in a place that was basically an indoor lake; where we played around with water magic, and were nearly eaten by a gigantic octopus. After making love on the metallic beach, we returned to ‘our’ bedroom and went to sleep.

The first thing I noticed when I opened my eyes, was that Ethir had grown a lot taller… and a tail. Then I realized that the person I was cuddling with; had breasts, hooves, horns and the bottom half of their body was covered in fur.

I quickly turned around, and was relieved to find my; I suppose he was my boyfriend back then, was soundly sleeping: Even after the high pitched shriek I made, when I momentarily thought that he had transformed into a Luna.

She was moaning softly and doing something with her tail; it was incredibly awkward, so I just pretended that she wasn’t there and wrapped my body around Ethir’s. Then I heard her mumbling “Mmmn… Michael… tentacles… it hurts… harder… Anael… help…” but it was being drowned out by the loud sloshing noise; and she eventually began whimpering quietly for a few minutes, before she started snoring.

Well, since she knew Iris, I assumed that she was also familiar with my son; but after hearing that, I didn’t really want to know anymore. It seemed like he only attracted the crazy ones… that creepy incident made me notice something pretty important, I couldn’t feel him anymore.

With everything that had been happening, I didn’t even think about it; but the only other person that I could still feel, was the red-goblin that I was clinging to. It wasn’t that strange considering we weren’t even on Earth anymore; but I still felt incredibly anxious, and couldn’t help worrying about everyone.

Although, considering the circumstances; I probably should have been a little more concerned about myself. If my senses weren’t so dulled, I would have felt the drastic changes that were occurring within my body… my abdomen was definitely swelling.


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