Immortal Soul

So yeah, pretty sure Tapas dropped me, so I decided to start posting Immortal Soul on this site… Again lol. Oh well, the contract expired, they went through a lot of different editors and contacts, eventually their policies probably changed along with various other reasons(Worldwide Pandemic) ect. In the end, I think people who already bought chapters can still read those chapters, but they won’t be uploading anything else.

I can’t believe it’s been so long already… I wrote the first 2-3 books of Immortal Soul in 2014, then book 4 in 2015, followed by book 1 of Questing which should have probably been part of Immortal Soul in the first place. I don’t know. Maybe one day when I have time, I’ll merge them together into a single cohesive story, but for now… I’m not even gonna bother editing the old chapters of Immortal Soul and just post them up here.

I’ll post the story in big chapters like I originally did… I’m on volume 7 by the way. But only up to the end of volume 6 is ready to be posted. It’ll take time though, because of laziness lol.


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