IS, V6, Chapter 3: The First Spiritual Summit Part 1

*Third Person Perspective*

During the Conquest of Alfirin, there was a sudden lull. When the human nations in the west were destroyed by the Pink Goblins, a great migration occurred and several hundred thousand humans entered into Lorthon Forest as citizens. Nearly a hundred thousand orcs from the northern Jingoku Badlands had also migrated to Lorthon, with the aid of Raelin and Ethir Nerorneth. Shortly thereafter, another calamity occurred in the eastern desert, forcing tens of thousands of Beast Tribes to flee to Lorthon as well.

Including the unified tribes of Beast Haven, the Wood Elves, Dwarves, Dark Dwarves, Red Goblins, Rat Tribe, centaurs and every semi-beast tribe from the First to Second Ring of Lorthon… The population had swelled dramatically, to nearly five million. There were also nearly a million Wood Elves from Salvation and tens of thousands of ‘Warbeasts’.

The entirety of Lorthon Forest was under the control of the country, Alfirin. While the massive world trees were focused on rejuvenating the devastated southern region. There was also a massive barrier surrounding Earth and Luna, which protected the planet from being influenced any further by Mars and Venus.

However, the tendrils of Heaven and Hell had already infiltrated deep into the ‘mortal’ world. On the surface of the Earth, there were plenty of agents of both factions that were preparing to conquer the planet. The war had only just begun.

Yet in that brief pause, the calm between the storms, there was a meeting taking place. This event is known as the First Supper of Alfirin by some, but the most common name is the First Spiritual Summit.

Michael, the Spirit of Eternal Suffering, had reunited with his family and friends from Lorthon Forest. Some he hadn’t seen in years, while others he had only parted with for mere months. Regardless, it was the first meeting for many of those Spirits.

Spirits were essentially just beings who accomplished great deeds or were so immensely powerful that they could survive in the Fourth Ring of Lorthon without any battle gear or protective equipment. That was the minimum requirement. There were obviously great differences in personal influence and physical strength between the Spirits that Michael had gathered together that day.

Michael himself, was wearing a suit of pitch-black armor he made for himself. Carrying four distinct weapons along with him: A simple, unadorned black spear, with a crystalline head, which was actually a battlestaff seemingly glued or magnetically clinging to his back. A silver combat knife that was nearly two feet long, sheathed in the leather of a celestial lion, attached to the left side of his belt. A black revolver on the other side of his belt, along with a huge katana slung across his back. Each weapon was rather simply designed, but the materials were all gathered from a level-6 Mana Zone: The Garden of Eden.

His body was roughly 2.5 meters tall. Large enough in comparison to Lorelei Fleisher, that she could easily ride on his left pauldron. She was the president and CEO of Lorelei Incorporated, while also owning hundreds of subsidiary companies. So many, that she actually didn’t even know about most of them. She was originally in the form of a small white-furred Rat Tribe girl, with the odd mutation of a serpentine tongue and blue snake-like eyes. However, it was later discovered that she was a Cherubim, similar to Michael, when Uriel performed some ‘treatments’. Eventually, she lost a lot of her Rat Tribe features, and became closer to a small Lizard Tribe in appearance.

On Michael’s other pauldron was a young girl, who was his biological daughter: Lucy. She had four fluffy white wings extending from her back, with two others along her arms like a normal Harpy. She had blue eyes and blonde hair. Lucy was only a few years old, yet her body was already nearing adolescence. An even faster speed of maturity than her father, likely due to her mother’s influence.

General Conor Daeron, a former half-elf adventurer that Michael had once empowered with his blood, was also attending the meeting in the very heart of that mysterious restaurant: Lunar Blessings, Angren Branch. He was three meters tall, but among giant monsters and demonic beasts, he usually appeared small. Still, the group he was gathered with that day wasn’t overwhelmingly large.

Raelin and Ethir Nerorneth, technically Michael’s adoptive mother and father, were also there. One wore a crimson dress, while the other, was in the garb of an assassin. The two of them brought along their two children, Iris and Raijin. The first was wearing a simple white dress, while the second was naked, and a small serpentine dragon.

Aside from them, Ailyn Ironheart was wearing her black suit of skull-faced armor. Uriel the Spirit of Death, was a dryad and a renowned nudist. While Michael Cinagra, the Spirit of Pornogrophy and Writing, was also relatively naked. His exoskeleton was in the shape of silver knight armor, so it wasn’t that odd. His companion, Silvia the Observer, found it difficult to wear clothing as well, since she was a horse.

The Angels of Luna were a party of five, very famous and powerful Adventurers. Coffee, the Kodiak Tribe warrior, at that time wasn’t quite at the level of a Spirit. However, his powers of Water Manipulation were already quite impressive. 

Demil, the Tiger Tribe sniper, who typically shaved her entire body and wore a bikini instead of protective armor. Although she was certainly tall and strong, she never quite cut it in her Pride, due to her disinterest in ‘archaic’ weapons. The moment she first laid her hands on a rifle, was when she finally realized her true calling. Due to her massive size and comparative strength to a human or other smaller creatures, she was able to use that to her advantage and wield massive firearms. Sniper rifles and shotguns that would rip a human in half, just with the recoil. Of course, she wasn’t the only one who utilized similar weapons, or she wouldn’t have anywhere to buy them.

Rachael was Uriel’s disciple and possibly one of the only centaurs who bothered to wear clothing on their lower body. It wasn’t for vanity either, but because she didn’t want to be shot or stabbed in the lower, deer-half. She specialized in Nature Magic, which was essentially the control of pestilence and disease. Mending and disinfecting the wounds of allies, while causing enemies to fester and perish. Obviously that also included control over plants and animals if necessary.

Finally, the only one left was Alexis. A Squirrel Tribe Ninja Dominatrix, who specialized in Wind Manipulation and assassination, using katanas, whips, throwing knives and even rusty spoons if the situation called for it. She was a racist and sadistic gambling addict.

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