IS, V6, Chapter 3: The First Spiritual Summit Part 2

*Third Person Perspective*

Aside from Luna-76, Haniel, Angela and Supreme Commander Beatrix Day, there was a girl named Muissel Day. This teenager was an extremely famous celebrity at the time. A Wood Elf who started her own talk show, using her adoptive mother’s influence and President Lorelei’s direct financial support. Oh, and there was the fifth member of the Angels of Luna, Geb. He wasn’t very well known at the time, in fact, he wasn’t known at all… By anyone but his other party members. However, he did eventually become a Spirit.

After everyone gathered together outside the small and unassuming restaurant, a waiter immediately came out to greet them. She had the naked upper body of a blue-skinned elf, while from the waist down, was a three meter long and relatively thick, serpentine tail. It had a white stripe down the center, with the majority of scales being purple, the same color as the woman’s irises and long, curly hair. She didn’t bother covering up her rather large breasts, because they were in Angren: Second only to Beast Haven in nudism practices. 

“I am humbled by the Goddess… “ She bowed gracefully, greeting them. Then she asked, “What does your Divinity desire?” To be more specific, she totally ignored the entire crowd and only truly cared about the tiny silver golem in their midst.

“We need to use your basement room. The one that’s protected by a level-7 Mana Barrier.” Luna-76 bluntly demanded, “Hurry the fuck up and lead the way.”

“As you wish, my Goddess.” The woman bowed once more, before leading the noisy group into the building. The Mana-Density was on the scale of the Forest of Corruption on the first floor, but when they walked down some stairs, it became more pleasant. They passed through some strange archways that seemed to be expelling a mysterious gas. Those fumes had no scent, only a light-blue hue and slightly impeded their sight. Eventually, the group reached a massive circular golden door. On it was a huge zig-zag crack down the middle, which slowly opened up, with multiple cylindrical silver beams barring their path. Each of them was relatively thick, but the cracks in between were actually covered by a pitch-black mana-barrier. It instantly vanished the moment the waitress whispered, “Seven, ninety nine, one, five, aurora, sixty two.”

The inside of the room was incredibly vast. At least the size of a human auditorium. There weren’t any stages or fancy decorations. Only silver walls, floor and ceiling. ‘Mike’, Michael Cinagra, immediately asked “Uh, where the fuck do we sit? Hell, is there even gonna be a table? Even if I can’t eat, I at least wanna sit down.”

Without answering the question, that waitress casually shut the door and locked the group inside. Luna-76 snickered, explaining “It’s a little expensive mana-wise, but all the furniture in here is fully customizable. The food is teleported here directly from the kitchen, but anything that could spy on us through that moment, wouldn’t be stopped by a level-7 Mana Barrier anyway.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a massive table appeared at the center of the room. It was literally materialized with pure mana. Made from ‘simple’ mithril, which was essentially enchanted iron. It was actually more efficient to fabricate than normal metals, since it could be easily broken down into mana again afterwards.

The table was similar to the cubic room, a seemingly perfect square. However, it was elevated nearly six feet from the ground. Thus, the chairs that were fabricated needed to allow each person to sit down comfortably and still reach the table. Similar to the table, the chairs were also very aesthetically simple and made from mithril.

“Wow, fancy…” Michael sighed, complaining “Wouldn’t it be way easier to just have a bunch of different types of furniture sitting around in storage, then teleport things when necessary? Not only are these chairs uncomfortable and awkward, they must have taken a ton of mana to create.”

He was the first to sit down, at the southern end of the table. His chair seemed relatively normal in comparison to his height. On the other hand, Mike and Silvia weren’t even given chairs. They were forced to stand over on the northern side, since they were deemed as well, robots by the automated system. Silvia was a giant horse, so it didn’t particularly bother her either way. She could easily reach anything that was on the table with her mouth. Michael on the other hand, had to awkwardly lean over, though he couldn’t eat in the first place, but he was still angry.

“If you attempt to ride me, I will impale you without hesitation.” Silvia’s words prevented the mechanical man from mounting her, but then something odd happened. His two legs split into four, lowering his upper body closer to the table and allowing him to ‘sit’ comfortably.

After that, everyone ordered their dishes and beverages. As they were in the middle of their feast, Michael suddenly stopped eating his celestial mashed potatoes and cleared his throat. Then he announced, “I didn’t call everyone here just to eat. But to talk about our future.”

“Raising our cubs to be strong warriors!” Amber roared, raising her mug of unicorn blood up high. She then continued devouring a gargantuan rabbit pot pie, without using her hands.

Michael sighed dramatically, as Raelin asked “Are you two really having children already? But you’re so young…”

“I’m not talking about that.” He sighed again, explaining “Although some of you probably don’t give a fuck, Alfirin is the nation that we created. We’ve been fighting all this time, working so hard to just create some modicum of peace on this continent. A sanctuary and a home base of sorts.’

Beatrix added in, “Our borders have been somewhat secured. However, we need to expand our military dramatically. Even if we don’t expand, our current territory will take years to truly fortify and develop.”

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