IS, V6, Chapter 3: The First Spiritual Summit Part 3

*Third Person Perspective*

“Hyahahaha~!” Lorelei stopped eating some lunar chocolate covered celestial crickets, just to say “Don’t worry, I can have a ton of babies for you Mikey! Especially now that I can lay eggs!”

Amber didn’t even seem to notice or care about what her ‘rival’ said, because she was too busy shoving her face into buckets of raw meat. It was a special dish called ‘Mystery Meat’ and she was the only one there, aside from Michael, who would actually eat something like that.

Oddly enough, the other Tiger Tribe woman, Demil, was using a knife and fork to very politely cut a steak. She also drank a glass of clear fruit wine, instead of rainbow colored blood. Coffee didn’t use utensils at all, and instead, manipulated the water within his food in order to bring it directly to his mouth.

“So uh, when’s the orgy gonna start?” The patchwork Squirrel-Rat Tribe dominatrix had already finished eating and was just alternating between some golden, silver and black alcoholic beverages. She took her leather jacket off and revealed the horrible scars underneath. Still, she did have someone’s furry breasts.

Rachael immediately complained, “Alex, can you please stop embarrassing me? I swear, if you get us thrown out of here, I will break up with you.”

“Alright, calm the fuck down.” Michael sighed once again, “Just let me finish talking, okay? First of all, the barrier preventing overpowered assholes from invading Earth will only last for about… Ten or twenty years. They might find methods to get around it before it actually shuts off though, or they could break through forcefully, though that’s very unlikely. That’s something for the far-off future. Our immediate problems are plentiful enough as it is, so I won’t even get into astronomical shitstorms in this meeting. No, this is mainly about the stuff that needs to get done in the near future. Things we can do immediately or within the year. Mostly though, we’re going to prevent future problems from arising.”

He continued after a deep breath, “First of all, taxes.” He immediately lost the attention of pretty much everyone except for Lorelei and Muissel. However, he still kept talking: “We aren’t in debt. In fact, we’re absurdly rich. In order to stay that way, we need to minimize our ‘actual’ taxes as much as possible. Obviously, since Lorelei Incorporated is the backbone of our economy, half the shit people buy, sell or trade goes into our hands. It might be a terrible situation if some super corrupt corporation had total control over a government, but for us, it’s great. There’s no board of directors, so Lori has complete control over Alfirin’s wealth and as long as she doesn’t give that up, no one can take it from her forcefully.”

Lorelei gave a thumbs up, “Exactly! I’m literally the richest person in the whole country. I technically own everything and practically every person in the country works for me. There are so many subsidiary companies that I can’t keep track anymore though. I need some of those computers that Lyn is always talkin about, or we’re gonna have big problems soon.”

Ailyn suddenly stopped ‘playing’ with the exposed inner workings of Mike’s head the moment she heard the word ‘computer’. Then she immediately said, “I’ve already started working on making computers a weeks ago, but I was just missing something. They were too big and clunky. Way too slow to be useful. But now… Now I can really get to work! After of few weeks, I should be able to make a ‘real’ computer. The kind I’ve been dreaming about lately…”

Silvia telepathically whispered, “I can assist you with your endeavors. My knowledge of technology vastly exceeds what you could ever imagine.”

“As long as it’s technology, I can imagine it!” Ailyn retorted, before taking a shot of Lunar Vodka and swallowing some purple pills. They were actually hyper condensed ‘meals’, that would slowly be digested by her body over the course of several days. She had already taken off her armor and was only wearing a thin white tank-top, with yellow panties. The two colors contrasted dramatically against her grey skin, but she was still technically wearing clothing. Almost half the people dining were completely naked.

Beatrix was wearing a black jacket and loose jean-like pants. Combined with her naturally pitch-black fur and eyes, she fit right in sitting next to Ethir. Still, even though the two of them were normally very quiet and vocally reserved, the current situation wasn’t one where they could remain silent.

Ethir was the first to bring up, “I’ve been… Working on something lately. Attempting to find a method to… To create high-level magical items, while using normal materials. Our enemies… They have a massive advantage, over us. Their environment is filled… With so much mana, they take it for granted. Still… Certain materials require, very specific circumstances to exist naturally. This is our advantage. Imagine… Turning Mithril into Lunar Silver, simply by using runic engravings. But it’s not easy at all.”

Michael snickered, suggesting “Why not ask the Pixies and Yuri Mice for help? Everything’s about perspective. It’s difficult for us to carve tiny engravings into a material because well, we’re big and they’re small. But if you have some miniature creatures doing it, things change. Actually, this ties into your problem too Ailyn. You don’t need fancy robots or super mages to create computers. Just use quantity to create quantity. Right now, there aren’t that many Pixies and Yuri Mice to be honest. But that’s only because they were nearly exterminated by the three kingdoms or Salvation. Now that they’re free to propagate to their limits, things will get more complicated. Normally, they would probably become a dangerous element that could spread diseases from overpopulation, not to mention that they’d be totally lazy and useless without any sort of goal to work towards. However, we have Yuri, the master of pestilence to well, prevent shit like that from happening. And now, we also have something for them to ‘work’ towards. It’s possible for them to have jobs and live their lives, even on the micro scale compared to the rest of us.”

Haniel immediately complained, “What’s that supposed to mean? What’s wrong with being tiny?”

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