IS, V6, Chapter 3: The First Spiritual Summit Part 4

*Third Person Perspective*

“We need more ordinance.” Beatrix was the next to voice her opinions, “I’ve noticed this problem a lot lately. Manpower can be replaced by firearms. Artillery can even fight back against beings on the scale of Morneth and Maeleth. The problem we face is whether we have enough ammunition to outlast them. We need more of everything. The new boost to our numbers is great, but… Will they actually join our military? Not just as Mercs or Adventurers, but actual soldiers. I’ve been wanting to separate the military into an Army, Navy and Air Force for a while now, but we simply don’t have enough people to make that happen. We need to start some sort of wide-scale recruitment trend… Conscription is a terrible idea though.”

“Trixie, everything comes down to money and status in the end!” Lorelei was slightly drunk, as she ate a bunch of squirming silver worms. She explained, “People fight for what they believe in, so long as it gives them enough benefits! Need to make them understand… How much danger they’re in, what they can get… Benefits…” She seemed to be intoxicated from alcohol, but it was actually because of the excessive mana her body was absorbing.

“For small problems, Adventurers and Mercenaries are great. Even better than an army, a lot cheaper too.” Conor had taken off all his armor and was merely wearing a blue t-shirt and some beige pants. He had already finished eating by then, so he was ready to participate in the meeting seriously. After looking over at Coffee and his group, he continued “However… There’s a big problem when it comes to large scale situations. It’s much more difficult for them to organize and they basically have no formal training in tactics or warfare. They’re free and they make a lot of money. That’s why the job appeals to people so much more than being a soldier, having to risk your life and obey orders, it’s much more dangerous and you really have no choice other than fighting on the front lines, if that’s what you’re commanded to do… Most people don’t want that shit. I definitely would have never been interested in being in the Army if I had to start out as a basic grunt.”

“Well there’s the solution.” Michael snickered, breaking open the ‘soft’ shell of a celestial crab and beginning to devour its silvery meat. Eventually, he suggested “Why not allow seasoned Adventurers and Mercenaries to become Officers in your military branches? I mean, ‘our’ military branches. Now that I’m way~ stronger than back then, I can use my blood to make much more powerful marks. We can use that as an incentive to get people interested. Aside from the obvious other advantages, we can provide them free schooling and shit like that. Generally, make other people pay a lot of money for the benefits that soldiers can get much more cheaply.”

Uriel stopped using her tentacles to ‘absorb’ some mysterious green goop for a moment, then said “I can help you create civilian blood seals, which may provide various benefits such as enhancing the immune system, increased regeneration during emergencies, telomere regeneration, cancer eradication, radioresistance, improved blood clotting and short distance telepathy.”

“I get what you’re saying. To improve upon our almost nonexistent police department, we can trick people with ‘civilian’ marks.” Lorelei giggled, “Unfortunately, if we give it to everyone immediately, no one will appreciate the gift. We can make a really cheap and shitty version first though! Maybe one with only one, really basic option like a few extra years to live. Then we go on from there, selling some for a high price, but limiting most of the better ones to the military. The higher your rank, the better your mark. Among other benefits, it should help Trixie recruit more soldiers.”

“How ‘bout a shitty slogan?” The tiny vampiric baby, Iris, suddenly asked. She was sitting on the table, in front of her mother. The two of them were sharing a giant goblet of golden blood, drinking it through plastic straws. Iris stopped for a moment in order to think, before eventually suggesting “Join Alfirin Defense Force today, or we’ll take your kids away!”

“That’s fucking terrible, pft, hahah~!” The black dragon floating next to her discharged some arcs of electricity, before saying “Michael’s fight is always right?”

Raelin chuckled, scolding “You two, you’re only a few months old and your mouths are already so dirty!”

“We can come up with slogans later, but what we really need to do is establish a new calendar. One that starts when the nation was established. Or at least on that year and we can make it a national holiday. Hell, we need a bunch of holidays!” Michael sighed, “There are so many things to do… We really should have started writing down notes.”

“That is unnecessary.” Silvia explained, “I have recorded the audio and video of this entire meeting, from multiple angles.”

“Good, because this is pretty important.” Michael looked around the table, glancing at everyone, before eventually turning to Lorelei. Then he announced, “We need to decide on how this government will actually work. Although we could potentially lead them forever, I’m guessing that everyone here has better shit to do with their time. I personally, would never want to be a president or emperor again. It’s good enough that we can manipulate the current leadership for millennia in the future, but we do need to establish some form of government that doesn’t require us to do much of anything. Empires and kingdoms are inherently flawed, as are pure democracies and most republics, theocracies… Honestly, I hate politics. But since I’m going to do this, I’ll do it right. Our current government basically doesn’t exist. There’s no bureaucracy, which is kind of nice, but that means we have a ton of things that need to be done by us higher ups in order for the country to function at all.”

“Constitutional Republics kinda work.” Mike suggested, “I mean, America had its problems, but they had the right idea for the most part. We need to draft some sort of document, a constitution and maybe even a declaration, to be all fancy. Oh, and your seven laws bullshit ain’t enough. I know, I tried that before. Didn’t turn out terribly, but it also took a thousand years for things to get where we need them to be in a few decades.”

Raelin asked, “What’s a constitutional republic? I don’t know what either of those words mean.”

Beatrix sighed, murmuring “I suppose a military dictatorship would be out of the question.”

“There are literally hundreds of forms of government that I know of, but most of them are absolute garbage.” Raijin giggled, wondering “At the very least, you managed to stamp out slavery before establishing your nation. You’re on the right track.”

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