IS, V6, Chapter 3: The First Spiritual Summit Part 5

*Third Person Perspective*

The Constitution of Alfirin, started with “We the Spirits” in large letters. The original was written on an incredibly durable white cloth napkin, with ink made directly from the blood of everyone present that day… Who had blood.

“We the Spirits of Alfirin, in order to create a nation that doesn’t fall apart in a few years, have decided to create this constitution.”

That’s essentially all Ethir wrote down, before he ran out of space on the napkin. However, Michael Cinagra decided “Why not just fuckin engrave this stupid table and take it with us? Well, the door might not be big enough, but we can always cut it up into smaller pieces.”

Fortunately, it turned out that they could just have mithril tablets fabricated directly. Rather than needing to create it themselves. Thus, they began writing. Well, Amber, Coffee and a few others were still eating. Haniel and Angela were having sex in a bowl of pink liquid. Lorelei and Alexis had passed and were sleeping on the table. So the amount of people actually involved in drafting the constitution was whittled down to only Michael, Mike, Silvia, Beatrix, Muissel, Iris, Raijin, Ethir, Raelin, Rachael, Demil, Uriel, Ailyn and Luna-76.

“Dude, what if we enchanted a bunch of pure mithril cards in order to create reusable spells? At the very least, we could start a trading card game.” Mike suddenly suggested, after realizing how engraving the mithril and filling in the space with magical blood, could actually exhibit interesting effects.

Michael sighed, “Alright every, focus. This is fucking important. We don’t need to make to too complicated. Simple shit, a prologue or preface, then a few chapters or articles. Let’s keep each thing limited down to the length of a page or five hundred words.”

“I’m not entirely certain what it is you desire to achieve from this unnecessary form of data transference.” Uriel ripped open her chest, before reaching around inside the empty chamber of her ‘wooden’ abdomen. Eventually she dropped a book onto the table. It had a mossy green surface and when she opened it up, dozens of thin tendrils shot out from where the pages should have been. She explained, “This is a device that I created long ago. You can simply connect the plugs directly into your flesh, preferably an already opened orifice, and you will be able to directly transfer data from your nervous system, directly into the storage device. The red tendrils are meant for uploading data, while the blue ones are for downloading.”

“Oh, so it’s like a computer… Except really fucking gross.” Ailyn complained, asking “Who the hell would want to stick those damn tentacles inside their bodies anyway?!”

The bark on Uriel’s head, that was normally relatively smooth and faceless, abruptly changed. It actually transformed into the shape of a relatively effeminate woman, similar to a Wood Elf. She ‘smirked’ at the angry Dark Dwarf and whispered, “There’s no reason to be embarrassed Azrael, it is normal for humanoid lifeforms to enjoy sexual pleasure. I don’t know why you feel the need to hide our relationship, everyone already suspects that we’re lovers.”

“Yuri!” Ailyn screamed, almost crying as she growled “You promised not to tell anyone about us…”

“Ain’t nothin wrong with some good ole fashioned lesbian tentacle porn.” Mike snickered, asking “Wait, do you have any videos of that? I might not be able to jerk off right now, but a robotic man can dream ya know?”

“Now that you guys are talking about gay sex, I think we should really make sure that there are no problems that occur later on with homosexuality in the future.” Michael sighed, explaining “What I mean by that, is we need to make it exceedingly clear that so long as it’s consensual, we don’t give a fuck whether it’s a goddamn bisexual orgy. Statutory rape is a bit more complicated, since every race ages and develops differently, but we should cover that in a different article. As far as bestiality is concerned… That’s gonna be a tough one too, maybe even more difficult. Racism is a problem, but so long as it doesn’t cross the line, it’s not something the government should worry about. Races should have equal rights, but they definitely aren’t equal in every way.”

He took a breath, “Here’s an example: A Tiger Tribe and a Yuri Mouse both want to become vanguard soldiers, fighting with melee weapons and shotguns or whatever. The Yuri Mice are literally like an inch tall and aren’t particularly strong for their size, so they’re inherently incapable of performing that same job. If I hear about some Yuri Mouse suing Trixie because she wouldn’t let them fill the same role as a Tiger Tribe, I will literally exile them from Lorthon Forest. Though I think Trixie might execute them long before that, but you get the point.”

The ‘skinner’ tiger girl, Demil, suddenly said “That’s all great for the outer ring Tribes, but what about Beast Haven? You have to keep in mind, every Tribe had their own separate social structures. Tiger Tribes, we have Prides… And in our Prides, all the girls would be fucking a few of the strongest guys. This includes their own fathers, while mothers wouldn’t mind screwing their sons too. I personally, was considered ugly and weak, so I was ‘bullied’ into not being able to have sex with my father. Honestly, I can’t believe I was actually upset about that back then. Well, then my Pride got wiped out for the most part. That leads to another facet of our ‘culture’, all those men who get tossed out of the tribe for being too weak. They form their own groups or hunt alone, usually getting killed early. However, it’s common for them to gang up and find women to breed with… If they can beat the girl in a one on one duel, they get to fuck her, though they usually just take turns fighting until one of the guys finally wins.”

“Happened to me.” Amber stopped eating to smirk and brag, “I killed many stupid weaklings when I was alone. Was fun. Then found Mi Ka El, he strongest man. Good for breeding. Our Pride will be the best.”

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