IS, V6, Chapter 3: The First Spiritual Summit Part 6

*Third Person Perspective*

“Yeah, I know.” Michael sighed, grumbling “How the hell can we ‘educate’ so many different cultures and force them to conform to our ways? It’s not just learned behavior all the time though, some of those Tribes are born with genetic information from their ancestors. Even in a civilized environment, Tiger Tribe men and women seem to only understand force when it comes to sex. They also have major anger problems. My mark won’t work properly if they don’t even understand what rape is or why it’s wrong.”

“There’s also the murder problem.” Demil continued, “I only witnessed this once, but it still haunts me today. There was a Pride near ours, which I spied on one time. I witnessed a duel between two powerful Lions, not Tigers, but we had similar customs. After the outside male won, he murdered all the children of the other guy. Those women… Some of them tried to stop it, but were held back by the others. Probably jealous bitches, who were happy to see their rivals suffer. Or maybe some just didn’t want their sisters, mothers or daughters to die as well.”

Beatrix smashed her fist onto the mithril table, actually putting a dent in it. Then she took a deep breath, calming herself down, before suggesting “Perhaps I need to take a trip to Beast Haven? Conduct some large scale trials?”

“Please don’t.” Raelin was actually wiping her tears away, as she told everyone “I’ll deal with this problem. Ethir and I, we need to start teaching again. We were actually planning to open up another academy for magic, here in Angren… But you made me remember that there are other, more important things that people should learn first. Reading, writing, mathematics, languages and ethics. There aren’t any schools in Angren, partially because it’s not a place for children. In Ael Tol, there are so many kids. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do anything except take care of my children, but I’ve noticed… My children don’t need me to teach them. They’re already like little adults. But there are so many kids out there that don’t even have parents, plus all those Orcs we brought over from the north.”

“We brought over a ton of people from the desert.” Coffee almost choked on some fish bones, as he said “We couldn’t save everyone, but we did form a pretty big group. We escaped from the Avatar of Beelzebub with the people willing to come, Luna helped us ‘vett’ people. So at least we know that they aren’t serial murderers, slavers or rapists. Aside from that though, it isn’t impossible for them to become evil or be hiding their true nature. There’s the cultural thing too, but a lot of them were slaves or abused in various ways so… Hopefully they’re empathetic. They’re going to need a lot of help adjusting, since many of them are used to the desert lifestyle.”

Rachael interjected, “They’re probably carrying a lot of pathogens that don’t exist in Lorthon. While they’re at serious risk of infection as well… Wow, we really should’ve quarantined them or something, right?”

“They’ll be fine.” Luna-76 snickered, “As long as they don’t enter a level-3 or higher mana-zone then they shouldn’t contract anything that can kill them quickly. Even if they get sick, you and Yuri can go treat their symptoms and/or cure the illnesses.”

Michael sighed, “Okay, whatever, but there’s one more thing I need to make exceedingly clear in this constitution. Or maybe this isn’t the right place to put it? Did we make a Bill of Rights yet?”

“Nope, at least I don’t think so?” Mike chuckled, attempting to drink some iced tea, but the glass was just smashed onto his helmet.

“Well this concerns something that I know will be controversial: Self-Defense.” Michael frowned, picking up a mithril tablet and using the claw on his right index finger to start carving. However, he still spoke the words he was writing down.

“Everyone has the right to defend themselves. No matter the situation, or who the perpetrator is… And self-defense is never murder, regardless of how excessive it may seem to others. Even if someone merely issues a verbal threat to your safety, you have the right to defend yourself physically. Do not threaten to rape or murder people, it is a crime, but only if the threat is genuine and in regards to reality: Video games, weird erotic roleplay and even board games do not count. If your self-defense harms innocent bystanders, then you will still be charged with the related crimes, unless it was orchestrated by your attacker… In regards to sports, sparring and violent games, only resort to extreme measures if the situation calls for it or there may be various contractual and legal consequences.”

He went on and on for about two hours just in regards to Self-Defense. It took even longer to draft out a legal document in regards to ‘What is Rape?’ and ‘Overt versus Covert Slavery’. There were several bathrooms in that basement, so the group of people didn’t have to worry about defecating or urinating on themselves… For the most part, but accidents did happen. Especially to the extremely intoxicated or those who were suffering from various illnesses, contracted from the food they ate. After all, Muissel and many others, had never been exposed to Lunar viruses, bacteria, molds, microorganisms, parasites and prions. If not for Rachael and Uriel, then Muissel, Demil, Ailyn and Alexis would have died several times over. 

Mike kept writing for days on end, without the need to sleep, eat or even take a break. If not for Uriel’s tentacle treatments to the sick women, Mike likely would have finished writing much sooner… However, everyone has their weaknesses.

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