IS, V6, Chapter 3: The First Spiritual Summit Part 7

*Third Person Perspective*

“Roah~! Me~, Ka, El~! Grah~!”

Approximately three days into the Spiritual Summit, Amber went into labor. She was screaming and roaring in agony, but when Michael offered “Why don’t you let me take away your pain?”

She growled, “I am not weak! I won’t let this… Stupid cub defeat me!” 

“Amber, it’s not a fucking competition. It’s childbirth.” Michael snickered, as he placed his palm onto the left side of her swollen abdomen. She was laying on her right side and actually licking her own genitals, like a normal cat would. However, he couldn’t help but praise, “I’m actually pretty impressed. I never thought you were so flexible.”

“If you would like, I can deliver some potent sedatives and swiftly deliver the infant.” Uriel suggested, with good intentions.

However, the fiery purple tigress lifted her head and roared “No! Keep your noodles away from me, Death God!”

“I think you mean tentacles, but whatever.” Michael sighed, pushing the giant pink Dryad away from them. The ‘couple’ were in the corner of the room, where Amber felt was the safest place. Compared to her usual recklessness, she was actually being quite cautious. If anyone tried to come near her, she would force them away with her flaming breath.

Michael was wearing a t-shirt and some jeans, before they were incinerated. The only ‘person’ who was still near the angry woman, aside from her ‘mate’, was Mike. The silver robot was totally unaffected by the heat and only complained, “I’m trying to record this historic event, so will you please calm the fuck down with the goddamn flames?!”

“Leave the poor girl alone!” Raelin yelled and tried to pull the metal man away with Earth Manipulation, or even Wind magic, but it was just a minor annoyance to him.

A certain silver unicorn had to wrap its tail around Mike’s torso and forcefully pull him away. However, once they were ten meters or so away, Silvia whispered into his mind: “This is a much better vantage point for observation.”

“This brings back bad memories…” The deer centaur, Rachael was on the verge of crying.

Raelin asked, “Did you have a child before? But you’re so young… And you like girls.”

“It’s not that strange.” Rachael sighed, explaining “Most Centaur herds lived really, umm, simply. When that time of the year came round, we went into heat and didn’t really care who or ‘what’ we had sex with. My cousin Stevie mounted me that time and nature ran its course… But my son, he died when he was only a few weeks old. It was something so stupid, a simple case of Malaria! Just a mosquito bite and some parasites! That’s why I was so happy to be able to learn Nature Magic and medicine from Master Uriel. So that something like that, being so damn helpless, would never happen again!”

“Shut the fuck up!” Amber roared, causing a huge fiery purple wall to appear, separating her and Michael from everyone else. Violet lightning was arcing across the floor and ceiling, forcing everyone to move even farther away. Almost half of the room was the domain of the tigress.

Michael sighed as he sat down with his legs crossed, next to the groaning and moaning woman. Then he finally utilized their telepathic connection, taking on most of the pain she was suffering. He breathed in and out rhythmically, before telling her “Suffering is a part of life. No matter how powerful you become… You’ll still have to feel anguish and agony at some point. But it doesn’t mean that you have to go through it alone. Your Pride kicked you out because they were ignorant jackasses, so why the hell would you want to emulate them all of the sudden? Just because you’re having kids of your own, shouldn’t force you to start being an idiot. And don’t forget, these are my children too. I’ll take care of them, raise them, protect the little bastards until they’re old enough to live on their own. That’s my responsibility as a father, and my reward.”

He looked into those glowing eyes and watched as they slowly went from purple to blue, while her fur changed to its normal crystal clear. That wall of fire vanished and so did all the lightning. Amber nuzzled her head against his chest, before laying it in his lap and murmuring “You are a good Mate.”

As he ran his fingers through the short fur on her neck, he noticed that three little kittens were already crawling around on the ground. Compared to the size of the tigress, they were hard to even notice. However, their faint cries and the horrible stench of the afterbirth brought him out of his reverie.

“Two males and a female. A good litter.” Amber growled, as she curled her body up and started licking the pink slime off of her children. Once they were somewhat cleaned up, she purred “I only have two teats. The females must fight for survival.”

“No, they definitely will not!” Michael grumbled, picking up both girls into his arms and allowed their tiny kitten-like moths to suck on his nipples. He casually explained, “I might not be Yuri, but even I can create some breast milk for my kids. Even if I couldn’t, there are at least a thousand fucking options aside from a death match.”

Those cubs had humanoid bodies, but since they were less than a foot long and covered in fur, it was hard to differentiate them from young tigers. The scaly black alligator tail was wagging back and forth across the ground behind Michael, as he watched that ‘boy’ drinking from his mother’s left breast.

Meanwhile, Uriel walked over and used the ‘roots’ coming from her feet to absorb the placenta that was still radiating a massive amount of heat and glowing with a purple radiance. She murmured “Intriguing… I should get back to my lab and run some experiments. This meeting has been very successful. Three offspring have been created and a plethora of data has been gathered. Farewell.”

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