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BCJ, Chapter 132: Resonance

“Fucking A, can you not jerk your head around so much?!” When I complained out loud, I noticed that she suddenly stopped moving and crouched down. It seemed like she was trying to hear something, but then sighed and shook her head, before continuing onwards.

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BCJ, Chapter 128: Sword Fight

“I’ll be honest with you Ana. Aside from maybe spears, most melee weapons aren’t very useful for hunting.” Chameleon sighed as she brought me to the armory/closet, “Swords and most other common weapons were created for humans to kill other humans. Hmm, as you can see from the paintings, the old ‘Ana’ used to wield all sorts of weapons against various creatures on the island. But that was more for her own enjoyment than any sort of efficiency. She liked to read fantasy novels and watch movies all the time when she was growing up, just like most people…”

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BCJ, Chapter 127: Impregnation

I looked at her like she was an idiot for a few seconds, before snickering and shaking my head: “It ain’t a fucking Heart Devil or Qi Deviation! For shit’s sake, we literally spent a single day practicing and barely even did anything! That kinda stuff only happens when characters are like, breaking into another Realm or whatever! And like you said, it’s from fictional webnovels and a lot of it is not based off of real practices but like, other cultivation novels pft-hahahaha~!”

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BCJ, Chapter 126: Mortality

*Author’s Note*

I’ve been ‘gone’ for a few months. By that, I mean, I was here reading and writing and the time just suddenly disappeared lmao. Now it’s March and I haven’t updated anything or even edited a single chapter since December. Oh well. I’m currently writing Chapter 1004 of BCJ. As for reading… Umm, I’ve read a lot of stories lately, mostly end up stopping prematurely though. Only a few were read to the very end or at least until I got caught up. For example, Paladins of Asgard(Marvel Fanfic 600+ chapters, completed), Shadow Trails of Azeroth(WoW Fanfic, 1000+ chapters, really fucking good and ongoing.), Twin Cities: Hero Witness System(LoL Lore/Arcane Fanfic, actually good. Tried reading other Arcane or LoL fanfics, but the older LoL ones aren’t ‘updated’ to the new lore and the new ones based on Arcane are usually pretty dumb. Mainly because, as we all know, Chinese authors seem to hate lesbians for some reason? Oh well, this one is pretty good. Vi and Caitlyn get together pretty naturally. Uh, the MC is Powder and Vi’s ‘brother’, in the same sense that Milo and the others are their brothers lol.)

Okay, enough about that. The point is that I’m gonna try to get back to editing and posting a few chapters a day or at least a big batch every week. Like I said, I’m on chapter 1000+ now, so if I don’t start editing and posting shit like crazy, it’ll never get edited and posted all the way.


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BCJ Chapter 125: Gods and Devils

That dream was so vivid that I still remember it clearly even a few days later. If I had to guess, I’d say that it was similar to a Private Audio Chatroom where a bunch of hardcore gamer buddies were talking to each other and I just accidentally entered by clicking the wrong button. It was a little awkward, but at the same time, since they were literally talking about me, I couldn’t just pretend like I didn’t hear anything.

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BCJ, Chapter 124: New Power

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, et cetera!

So yeah, I’m bad at posting regularly. However, I’ve been editing semi-regularly, so I managed to pump out these 5 chapters for Christmas/Xmas/Whatever holiday you celebrate in December lol. I’m currently writing chapter 939 of this story btw. When I look back at the dozens of unedited volumes, it physically pains me, but then I’m like “Meh, I’ll just write a few more chapters tonight and edit something tomorrow…”

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