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IS, V5, Chapter 3: Lust Part 5 and 6

*Ariel’s Perspective*

Yes, I was reborn that night. Not just physically, but also mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Bariel was my old name. One that I never really appreciated anyway. Ariel however… Though they were so similar, Ariel always had a much stronger appeal to me, ever since I first heard Asmodeus call me that.

“Shit… I’m so damn horny now.”

Once I quenched my thirst, ate some berries and played with my weird back-tentacles a bit, I felt a terrifying urge overwhelm me. It was much stronger than any arousal I had ever felt before then. I needed an outlet… Or two.

I had obviously played with the two of them many times before, but this was different. Rather than sex, it was more like eating a meal. I started with the boy. Although he was terrified by my appearance at first, he suddenly calmed down and then stared at me ravenously. As I sat on top of his waist, he thrust inside of me on his own initiative. Then the girl woke up and was dazed, then showed a similar appearance. She immediately approached my back and allowed my tentacles to penetrate all three of her holes at the same time. Although they appeared huge at first, they were pretty slimy and could condense small enough to avoid hurting the brat.

It was the first time I ever truly felt ‘powerful’. Even killing my enemies never felt so good. There was plenty of pleasure on my end, especially since those tentacles were absurdly sensitive. They even ejaculated when I had orgasms, but there was also a sense of fulfillment. I didn’t quite understand until later.

After I finished with the two of them, they started transforming. Very slowly. It wasn’t like my excruciatingly painful evolution, but a slow and gradual change. We stayed in those woods for a long time. I had gained the ability to change other people’s perception of my appearance. At least it worked on the goblins and my daughter.

I could either be a beautiful woman or a terrifying beast, but my true appearance was somewhere in between. I could also look like a sexy man or a hideous demon. So long as the target was weak minded enough to succumb to my illusions, then they would believe I was whomever or whatever I wanted them to think I was.

Anyway, I would play with those two goblins every night, while I would sleep for most of the day. Angelica and I built some makeshift tree houses for us to stay in… The first few fell apart, hence why we needed to make so many.

“Mama…” I heard that voice late at night, two weeks after those goblins started changing. It was the girl, Mary. Both of them had small horns growing out of their heads, while their ears became longer and more pointed. Their skin turned pink and their irises were bright red. They weren’t Green Goblins anymore at that point. They could even speak, though they were less intelligent than I was as a baby.

The most important thing was that I could actually influence their actions by thinking about it. Turning them into useful minions. It was then that I realized what Asmodeus wanted me to do with my newfound power… Rule.


After another two weeks, Mary and Tommy stopped getting smarter. No, I didn’t name them. That was my daughter’s doing. Their intelligence got to the point where they could follow complex orders and somewhat talk but, they were still too stupid to be independent from me. Their horns were asymmetrical and random. Mary had a ram horn on the left side of her head, while the right forehead had a small bull horn, which was pointing straight upwards. Tommy just had a bunch of little horns coming out of his scalp, all of them were blunted and relatively safe compared to Mary’s.

“Mommy, your hair is so pretty… Can I braid it?” Angelica was sitting to my left and playing with my hair, as I was using a charcoal pencil to continue drawing a map of the woods that I started weeks before then. I had a bunch of vellum, or parchment made from calfskin, which I was planning to use to make maps or even to sell them for money wherever I was going to end up. While I might not have been a great cartographer, it was always a hobby of mine, back in Black Mithril. I would keep and update maps of the city.

Anyway, the point is that after a month of wandering around and mapping out everything within a few hours of ‘my’ walking distance… I still didn’t find anything interesting. Just lots of trees, some big boulders here and there to use as landmarks, along with a few animal dens. There were small black bears, but when they saw us, they would run away instead of fight. The boars were a bit feistier, yet that only made them easier to hunt.

“Sure Angel.” I snickered and the girl started using twine, beads and even shells to braid my hair into weird shapes. Although it wasn’t the same as my tentacles, I noticed that ‘hair’ was actually really sensitive. I had never really thought about it before I had hair of my own, but it was a pleasant sensation to have someone comb or run their fingers through my hair. Not sexual, just calming.

Angelica giggled and kissed my cheek, whispering “Mommy, I love you.” Then she looked at the map I had finished drawing and asked “Mommy, what’s the point in drawing our surroundings? It’s all just trees and rocks…”

I smiled at her and explained “It might be trees and rocks, but they’re all different. If you have this map, you can know exactly where you are in this forest… Or at least when you’re within the range of the map. Because I included some defining features of every single tree, to an extent. I wanted to finish this map before your birthday and give it to you as a present…”

Unfortunately, our bonding time was cut short by a piercing scream in the distance. Followed by another, and another. Along with yelling and roaring, I knew that it was finally time to find out how powerful I had really become…


“Angel, stay here. Mary and Tommy, protect your sister. Don’t let anyone hurt her… I’ll be back soon.” After I said that, I jumped from the door of the treehouse. It was a three-meter fall, but I didn’t even sprain an ankle.

“Mommy, no! Don’t leave me!” I could hear my daughter crying as I left, but sometimes you can’t be there to protect your kids yourself. Also, I didn’t want her to see what I was going to do…

The screams and shouts were coming from deep within the forest. Deeper than I had ever gone before then. But they were getting closer, so I knew that I had to go out and stop them before they reached our ‘base’.

“Don’t let em get away! Kill em all! And burn da bodies!” A masculine voice echoed in the distance. Followed by more shrill screams. I could hear babies crying too.

I was running at a steady pace toward that direction, but I wasn’t even slightly out of breath. Instead, it felt like my body was filled with energy. My body was being filled with Mana from that bright-red star in the dark, night sky. Those tentacles on my back wiggled anxiously, before getting hard and growing much longer.

“Cap’n! Look over there!” As I got close enough to see them, they also saw me. There were hundreds of knights wearing iron armor, all riding large steeds. They were corralling thousands of terrified Green Goblins. Mostly women and children. When I smelled their fear, it intoxicated me, but I avoided them and suddenly found myself a hundred meters from where I had previously been standing.

My purple tendrils wrapped around a knight, while I was hovering a meter above and behind him. He shouted “What?! Agh~!” Before being ripped to shreds, along with his armor. I was amazed at how much power those tentacles actually had, though I could barely even control them consciously.

Then I was flung over to an area with a bunch of dismounted knights. The tentacles became hard and sharp, like blades, as my body was spun around in circles. Some of them were decapitated, while others managed to parry with their greatswords or block with their metal shields.

“Demon! Kill the demon! Ignore those sniveling goblins and kill that bitch!” Their leader barked out some orders, but his men didn’t follow them properly… Because my true power had finally kicked in. 

His right-hand man plunged a spear through the back of his neck, before being cut down by a few other men who shouted “Traitor!” And then they slaughtered each other.

As I continued using my tentacles to massacre the frenzied and confused knights, I could hear Alicia giggling in the back of my mind. The blood and gore actually made me horny. Not just that, but also the act of dominating those huge human men with what could be considered my ‘genitals’. When they were really hard, my tentacles were less sensitive. It was still kinky though.

“Come! Attend your queen!” I grinned at the terrified Green Goblins, then whispered “No… Your Goddess.”


After several hours, most of the knights had already died. Yet there were a handful of them who managed to survive… And became my pets. The Green Goblins worshipped me. I spent that night reveling in a feast of flesh. That means sex. I had sex with so many Green Goblin women and even a few human men.

But once the high was over, I had to get down to business. I ordered the goblins to gather up all the human corpses that were still relatively fresh and cook them over a bunch of bonfires I created. I was stuffed after ‘eating’ all night, but those goblins were all starving. Especially the children and babies.

Chopping up and eating a couple hundred humans didn’t seem to perturb them at all. In fact, it was probably the way things use to be, back before humanity invented… No, never mind, they didn’t invent anything. It was the Dwarves that gave metallurgy to the humans. At least according to the records of Black Mithril.

According to Joseph, humanity had nearly exterminated all other sentient races within the Western Plains of Alfirin. The ones who survived were kept as toys or simply evaded capture by hiding in various regions… Like that forest for example.

Those few thousand goblins were the last of their kind. The ones who were left in the cities had already been killed off, due to King Minas’ edict. But the thing about goblins, is that we reproduce very, very quickly. With enough food and water, a thousand of us can turn into ten-thousand within a year.

But what about my ‘new’ breed of goblin? The pink ones, with horns and enough intelligence to use weapons and other tools properly? Well, when I brought my new minions back to our base near the water, I made a startling discovery: Mary laid hundreds of eggs when I was gone. Yeah, hundreds.

Although Angelica was obviously worried about me, she was all tuckered out from helping to ‘deliver’ the eggs all night. It was good though, because I didn’t want her to see the goblins munching on roasted human limbs. Anyway, that sudden burst of pink eggs wasn’t normal. Or she would’ve done it sooner. The reason was obviously due to that stream of mana, delivered from Asmodeus.

IS, V5, Chapter 3: Lust Part 4

*Bariel’s Perspective*

Although I said we went to the southwest, it eventually became completely south. Obviously I had no idea which direction it was at the time though. Not like I had a map or compass. I didn’t even know what a compass was back then.

The fortunate thing was that there really weren’t any people along the way. It was all forests beyond the shore. There might have been bandits or hunters living in there, but we never encountered anyone.

Those Green Goblins kept dying though. Well, they got sick and I killed them. Same thing. The point is that we were only left with a male and female, who both seemed pretty healthy. The four of us needed to forage for nuts and berries in the forest, or catch some small shellfish along the beach. With my Fire Magic, things became a lot easier. Even if my Mana was always low, I could at least conjure a spark or two. Just enough to start a campfire.

“Ariel, we need to talk.” On the seventh night, I was visited by Alicia again. She appeared in her usual female form, but she looked… Worn out. Which was strange, considering that she was supposed to be a nearly omnipotent Demon Lord.

“What happened to you?” I cautiously asked, noticing my surroundings seemed like some kind of cavern. There was magma bubbling up out of the ground nearby and some was even dripping from the ceiling.

“That’s a long story…” She sighed, murmuring “Let’s make a deal. No sketchy stuff. Just a normal deal, okay?” The naked woman had bruises all over her body, her left eye was missing, along with most of her right arm. There were also huge gashes, as if she was cut with the claws of some beast.

“I’m listening.” Although I was obviously afraid that she would fuck me over again, it was also true that my situation wasn’t great. Joseph was already a lost cause, but my daughter was still relying on me to take care of her… Something that I really didn’t have the ability to do while I was supposed to be executed according to the laws of Minas Kingdom. I didn’t even have enough mana to throw a fireball.

“After you were being a dick and kept refusing me, I decided to look for some other, more reasonable people to become my minions. Not minions, I meant servants. Erm, followers? Anyway, so I picked this human prostitute woman first, but she couldn’t handle that much mana and exploded. The second one was an Orc man, but he had some stupid vow of chastity and died from not having sex. Then there was a dragon, who got killed by another dragon and the backlash of that last one did ‘this’ to my spiritual body. Which is why I need you to accept my power!” Alicia’s blue eyes turned pink, as huge bat-like black wings erupted from her back. Then two gazelle horns emerged from her forehead, but as she was trying to complete the rest of her transformation, she coughed up blood and fell to the metaphysical ground.

I smiled wryly, then told her “I’ll help you under one condition. No, two conditions. First, nothing bad can happen to Angelica. Second, you’ll tell me what my actual goal is! Why do you want me to become your emissary?”

“I’m not ‘God’. I can’t protect that brat from any danger or keep her from her destiny, whatever that may be. The best I can do is say that your transformation shouldn’t make you go crazy and kill her or anything like that. You’ve already withstood two awakenings already, this next third one will be the final one. After you embrace it, you’ll have true power. Of course, you’ll receive my mark and I’ll get partial credit for everything you do, hehehe~… And that’s really what I need from you. It’s time for the Millennial Culling. Every thousand years, after we let the people of Terra fuck around and devolve into obscenity, Luna puts out hits on most of them. I just need you to act as my agent and you know, wipe out most of humanity in Western Alfirin. What you do after that is your business and not my problem, but as long as you get me lots of points, I’ll make it worth your while.”

“So what you’re saying is…” I snickered, asking “You’re going to give me enough power to annihilate the Seven Kingdoms of Humanity?”

“Umm, yeah, pretty much. Not like it’ll be that hard anyway. It’s best to avoid the minions of those other assholes, I mean ‘Demon Lords’. And Michael, no, just stay away from Lorthon Forest completely. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to avoid those bastards for a few years at least.” Alicia gave me one last piece of advice, before the dream vanished and I woke up.

Then the nightmare began. I was in horrible agony as the Mana came down from the bright red star in the sky, falling directly onto my body and coursing through my veins. I was only a few meters from where Alicia and those goblins were sleeping, but somehow they didn’t wake up from my screams.

My height increased until I was over half a meter tall, or five feet. Then six purple tendrils erupted from my back, while for the first time in my life, hair actually grew out of my scalp. It was long, black and course, but before I could even examine it carefully, I noticed black runes popping up all over my skin. They weren’t just tattoos, but seemed like tiny worms wiggling around underneath my skin. Sometimes they would become more defined or even protrude, while other times they would recede and vanish.

I crawled over to the water nearby in order to see my reflection, or obviously I wouldn’t be able to notice the tentacles. Then my irises began glowing with a golden luster. Similar to my son… It made me smile, thinking about him. Thus I was able to notice that my cheeks were torn open. I opened my mouth and my tongue was pink, but also longer than my arm.

Fortunately I hadn’t worn any clothes before going to sleep, or they all would have been destroyed. Of course, they were totally useless to me anyway. I couldn’t wear them with my newfound body size.

“Ai, ain his Ari-auh~…” I tried to speak, but it was difficult. So I tried again, “My name is… Ariel.”

IS, V5, Chapter 3: Lust Part 2

*Bariel’s Perspective*

Everything continued on as usual for a few years. And then everything came crashing down around me, once again. It started with the ancient gate being destroyed. Then there was a terrifying dragon, that annihilated most of our military. The Matriarchs, myself included, escaped Black Mithril first, along with our Royal Guards. Then all the children came up and finally, most of the adults. Continue reading

IS, V5, Chapter 3: Lust Part 1

*Author’s Note*

I kinda-sorta took a break from posting because I’ve been writing like crazy lately lol. Like, I’m on chapter 235 of SDC atm… Yeah, I’ve written like 150 chapters or so since June. I also binge read a story called Super Detective in the Fictional World, like 250 chapters translated and then up to chapter 2000 or so MTL lmao. Before that was a few others, which I read translated and then switched to MTL. Like Mini Worlds of Endless Fun, Transformed into the DC World, a few Marvel related fanfics(Chinese of course) so yeah… Oh and I also watched random stuff, like Umbrella Academy Season 2, a few seasons of Agents of Shield… By the way, check out a new show called “Raised By Wolves” lol. It’s super dark and kinda disturbing, but then again, it’s about post-apocalyptic androids raising human children on an alien planet so… What do you expect?

Anyway, onto the story lol.

Continue reading

IS, V5, Chapter 2: Pride Part 7

After the demoralizing bombardment of Wood Elf parts, Amber and I would begin the slaughter. I went for the central square, where all the churches and cathedrals were kept, while she would usually just fuck up one of the walls. It wouldn’t take long before the soldiers and many citizens would attempt to flee from every exit. Continue reading

IS, V5, Chapter 2: Pride Part 6

Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable night… For me. Obviously it was a nightmare for the residents of umm, I honestly forgot what that place was called before then. We renamed it Citadel City, because of all the castles and fortresses inside. It was originally a bordertown, dangerously close to Agar. Since that place got wrecked a long time before I showed up, we didn’t need to worry much about defenses. Continue reading