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BCJ, Chapter 87: Purple

“What the fuck?!” I screamed in the cold, dark room the moment I tried to move. Even with Ana’s crazy eyesight, I still couldn’t see anything, because there was no light source at all. It was so quiet in that creepy fucking room that I could only hear my breathing and my heart beating in my ears.

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BCJ, Chapter 86b: Unnecessary Flags

“And you’re sure these are visions from your power and not just dreams? Because I’ve had plenty of much stranger and more confusing dreams.” I snickered and continued, “Like I used to have dreams where I was a woman, giving birth or… Well, I guess that one actually makes a lot more sense now that I think about it? Okay, there was another dream where I woke up on some primitive planet and was immortal or something. The dream felt like it lasted thousands of years. Some nightmares where the planet I’m on suddenly loses gravity and I ‘fall’ into space… Or the planet explodes and I’m flying off into space on a chunk of it. A lot of stuff with spaceships and shit. But like, I spent most of my life binge watching random TV Shows, Anime, Movies, binge reading Manga and more recently I spent most of my time reading crazy translated Chinese, Japanese and Korean webnovels while writing weird stories of my own.”

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Chapters 86a and 86b: FML

Okay, so the reason why I have to name these two chapters 86a and 86b is because I’m currently on chapter 832… And I kinda-sorta accidentally made two chapters named 86! Instead of going through and renaming like 750 chapters or smashing the two chapters into a single giant one, I decided to just go with A and B.

Could’ve also done Part 1 and Part 2, but meh, so in case you were wondering, that’s why. Of course, it’s more likely that no one really cares lol. Still, it really scared me for a moment before I realized that it was actually pretty easy to fix lmao. I can imagine my stupid ass actually going through and renaming over 700 chapters…

BCJ, Chapter 82: Perversion

Even though I could barely see her from so far away, somehow our six eyes met at that instant and it felt like I was suddenly looking through binoculars for a moment. My first thought was ‘Holy fuck, this woman is a goddamn giant.’ She was really beautiful, from my perspective at least. Seemed to be of Indian, Pakistani or Bengladeshi descent.

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BCJ, Chapter 81: Going Outside Again

Gemini giggled and then asked, “Why not? My power is really strong, but it’s so cumbersome. Honestly, when you took control of my body I actually felt a sense of relief. There was no headache or pain, just pure pleasure… And fear. But once I realized what was happening, the fear vanished. Putting aside whether we could become immortal, I would like to meet you in person. To see what would happen when our four minds connected… Would we be able to speak telepathically like Cicada? Or would one of us completely overpower the other?”

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