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IS, V5, Chapter 2: Pride Part 7

After the demoralizing bombardment of Wood Elf parts, Amber and I would begin the slaughter. I went for the central square, where all the churches and cathedrals were kept, while she would usually just fuck up one of the walls. It wouldn’t take long before the soldiers and many citizens would attempt to flee from every exit. Continue reading

IS, V5, Chapter 2: Pride Part 6

Overall, it was a pretty enjoyable night… For me. Obviously it was a nightmare for the residents of umm, I honestly forgot what that place was called before then. We renamed it Citadel City, because of all the castles and fortresses inside. It was originally a bordertown, dangerously close to Agar. Since that place got wrecked a long time before I showed up, we didn’t need to worry much about defenses. Continue reading

IS, V5, Chapter 2: Pride Part 4

It took me a few minutes, but after explaining the benefits, then showing them how good I was at disassembling and cooking Wyverns, the flock of magical beasts agreed to ‘buy’ some properties. Many of them had collected ‘treasures’ from all over Lorthon, which included some shredded armor, broken weapons and random gemstones… Most of which were relatively useless to me personally, but I suggested that they should offer them as payment in order to entice people to come to their territories. Continue reading

IS, V5, Chapter 1: Envy Part 12

A few days later, I took a trip over to Beast Haven. Although it was expensive, there were Wyverns who would ferry people from Angren Tower to Ael Tol. The offer was only limited to Rat Tribe, Red Goblins, Dark Dwarves and other tiny races. Some people had pet birds and other flying creatures that were big enough to carry them. Although there were lots of Wind Mages who would wear gliding suits or use actual gliders to travel places as well. Continue reading

IS, V5, Chapter 1: Envy Part 11

“This is what you saw? I… I have to go… I’ll take this with me and make some copies. You should probably hire some mercenaries to go explore the tunnels underneath Black Mithril, Angren and White Mithril as soon as possible. I love you Lori. Make sure to drop by Ael Tol in a few days. I should be finished with your suit by then.” Continue reading