CC Prologue 4: The Nemesis Killer

It was early morning and many of the local police officers were just getting into work. This small station in Queen Anne’s County Maryland was usually fairly laidback, since there usually wasn’t much crime. Centreville Police Department was only a small two-story building in the suburbs, but lately, they were excessively crowded.

Many news stations were camped outside the building and trying to get interviews with the detectives who were currently working on “The Ginger Arsonist” case. Although, it was changed to the “Nemesis Killer” after the latest quadruple homicide.

Before that, Iris had only targeted individuals and slowly tortured them to death, before lighting them on fire. The most important thing was that she would kidnap those people from a different city each time. First was Baltimore, then Ocean City, after that was Annapolis. Finally, she went to Washington DC to find Gerald Gatsby. The other three were in downtown Baltimore.

Thus, the jurisdiction for the case was up for debate. In the end, different departments had sent detectives from each city to help out in Centerville.

Within the station, a pale-skinned man in his thirties was sitting at his desk. The nameplate on his desk was ‘Detective Jason Jade’. He had brown hair, a light but maintained beard and blue eyes. As he watched his partner sit down across from him, he asked “Julia, have you seen the video?”

The dark-skinned woman grimaced, “Ugh, I wish I could unsee it!” Her light-brown eyes were glaring at the computer screen in front of her, which had tons of crime scene photos from the farm she had just gotten back from. On top of her desk was a nameplate, which read ‘Detective Julia Cain’.

Jason snickered, “Well, I can’t say that those four assholes didn’t deserve what they got… But we can’t have this psychotic vigilante serial killer running around, burning barns down to get her revenge.”

Then Julia frowned and complained “It’s only a matter of time before innocent people start dying.” She blew back the long curly lock of hair that was rubbing against her right cheek and started typing up a report.

However, before she had time to write anything important down, her partener told her “Exactly, but there is some good news! She used the owner of the barn’s wifi to upload the video.”

“How is that good news?” She took a sip of her coffee and was slightly irritated.

The moment Jason said “She got sloppy and logged into the account from a different location this morning. A small farm belonging to… Holy shit!” She got up and ran over to stand behind his chair.

Julia shouted “Lucille Healy! Goddamn it, I should have known!” Which caused everyone else who was in the office to turn their attention towards the two of them.

Her partner muttered “She must be carrying on her daughter’s work…”

“It’s been months since Iris Angelica Healy died seeking revenge for her sister’s death… Why would Lucielle start killing random people all of the sudden?” The two of them came from Baltimore and they had worked on a similar case a while back, but all of the murders stayed within the city limits back then.

Jason yelled “Who the hell knows? We need to hurry up and get over there before she realizes her mistake! It might already be too late!”

Thus, the two of them reported the situation to their superiors, then went to the farm with half a dozen other officers.


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