CC Prologue 5: The Goddess of Retribution

Julia and Jason had both expected to be too late. It just seemed far too easy for the serial killer to make such a careless mistake. However, when they arrived, Lucille was unconscious in her bed. They tried to wake her up gently, but eventually had to call an ambulance.

While they were searching the rest of the house, they found a laptop with a note typed out onto the screen. “What the hell?” It only took a moment for the two of them to read it and understand what happened.

“By the time you finish reading, my work will already be done. I really enjoyed playing with you kids, it was quite a lot of fun. My time on Earth has been short and sweet, but now I must return. If you hurry back to your station, you can watch it burn. The sinners are coming back to hell with me, their souls will open the gate. But as I leave this world again, I’m releasing all of my hate. Joshua Browning, Bartholomew Jacobs and Timothy George, I sentence you three to death. You’ve each escaped your crimes, far too many times, and now you have to pay. You’ll wish to die with each and every breath. No matter how you try, your souls will be devoured, regardless of what you say. The Devil doesn’t care, God isn’t fair and I am not their slave. Call me Nemesis, the Goddess of Retribution.”

They scrolled down a bit and saw a second message on the next page.

“Okay, enough with this rhyming poetic bullshit. I’ve gotta go torture and burn some assholes to death. I’ll see you guys again someday, but for now… Hmmm~, let’s just say that all hell is about to break loose and you kiddos should be careful. This isn’t a threat, but a sincere warning. When the Gates of Hell open up in three days, it’s gonna get messy.”

Only a few seconds after that, they received an emergency message from their captain. Jason yelled “Goddamn it!” Julia just sat down on the bed and didn’t have the energy to even say anything.

“Get up! We need to go back to the station!” However, no matter how much he kept urging her, his partner continued sit there and reread the two poem and warning in silence.

Eventually, she muttered “I know this is insane, but this second message… Don’t you remember back before Iris went on her rampage? When she was in the station with us almost every day, trying to help us find her sister… She was just an innocent teenage girl.”

Jason frowned, “Yeah, until we found Alicia… Raped, tortured and burned to death. Then Iris turned into a totally different person.”

“The last thing she said to us was ‘Enough of this detective bullshit! I’ve gotta go torture and burn some assholes to death! I’ll see you guys again someday… Hopefully you’ll be better at your fucking jobs by then!’ Jay, Iris is dead… right? We both saw her corpse and went to her funeral. There’s no way that she did this, but I just have this horrible feeling in my gut. Like this is only just the beginning.”


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