CC Chapter 3, Part 1: Basic Status

Iris was wearing nothing but orange panties and a loose white t-shirt, as she sat down on the edge of her metal bed frame. Although she only used her Compulsion ability for a few moments, it still drained her whole mana-pool.

“Let’s see what this fucking thing actually does…” With a smirk on her lips, she placed the mysterious bronze coin onto the back of her right hand. In a flash of blinding light, it vanished. Then a screen popped up in front of her face.

[+1 Exp. Level has increased from 0 to 1. Please allocate your new stat point.]

“What the hell? Is this shit supposed to be like a videogame?”

[Basic Status

Stat Point: 1
Health: 10/10
Mana: 1/1
Stamina: 10/10]

Although she had won many fights in the past, she was never rewarded with experience. Thus, she remained level-zero, even after ranking up. Instead of immediately increasing her lacking manapool, she went through and tried to figure out what the three stats actually meant.

[Health: Lifeblood, Source Blood, Life Essence, Blood Essence. This is what keeps your body functioning. When your HP gauge is above 90%, your body can function normally. Between 50% and 90% means that you’re suffering from a severe illness or injury, so your HP is being consumed in order to heal you faster. As you drop below 50%, it is impossible to recover naturally anymore. You will become weaker and sicker, until you reach 10%. At that point, your body may enter a coma in order to prevent your imminent demise. When you reach 0%, you are dead.]

“That must be what happened to me back on Earth… It’s probably what Azazel uses to trick people into working for him. He never restores their Health back to full, only just enough to keep them alive.”

[Mana: Magical Power, Magical Essence, Internal Power, Chi, Qi. This is what allows you to cast spells, activate magical devices, use Powers and transcend what you used to be. When your MP gauge is above 90%, you should feel sated and full. You may even feel the urge to relieve the pressure by releasing the Mana in various ways. Between 50% and 90%, your body will feel normal and at ease. You may also have the urge to absorb mana from your surroundings or consume mana-rich foods, but there won’t be any harmful effects on your body and mind. However, once you drop below 50%, then you’ll unconsciously eat, drink or inhale mana very quickly and you may also feel a deep, throbbing migraine for a long time afterwards. If you reach 10%, your body will become weak and you will experience a lot of pain. Finally, once you drop to 0%, your Health and Stamina will be consumed in order to refill your Manapool.]

“You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me… No wonder I felt so shitty after the fight!”

[Stamina: Energy, Endurance, Strength, Drive. This is what allows your body to move. When SP is above 90%, you should feel the urge to exercise, fight, fornicate, play, perform, act or any other sort of task that requires mental or physical effort to accomplish. Between 50% and 90%, your body will feel normal and at ease. You may become hungry or thirsty more often, but overall, you will still be able to function properly. However, once you drop below 50%, then you’ll feel woozy or exhausted. Even if you eat or drink, it won’t be instantaneous. You may need to take a short nap in order to restore yourself to peak condition. If you reach 10%, your body will become weak and you may get a headache from staying awake too long. A long and deep sleep is the best medicine at this point. Finally, once you drop to 0%, you will lose consciousness whether you want to or not. There may also be some small damage to your Health as well.]


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