CC Chapter 2, Part 7: Easy Victory

Steve was continuously slamming his face against the floor, as Iris glared down at the back of his head. Once he finally lost consciousness, she gently pressed the heel of her sneaker against the back of his neck. With a sudden stomp, the huge bulky body started spasming uncontrollably.

Eventually, the number ‘1’ started glowing through the glove on her left hand and the announcer yelled “Umm~, okay then folks, I guess the winner is Anael~! It’s been awhile since we had a pusher, but there’s no rule that says you can’t make your opponents commit suicide!”

The twenty demons in the audience burst into laughter as Iris slowly walked down from the stage. Before she could reach the door she came from, Joseph walked up behind her and asked “Are you really satisfied with such an easy victory? What happened to your fiery vigor from before?”

Iris snickered, murmuring “I’m just playing it safe for now… Sooner or later, the flames of my wrath will incinerate this entire world.”

The four-armed ogre cackled, “Good! I’ll be waiting, Newbie! Ahahaha~!”

She left through the gladiator entrance and walked down the hallway to the reception desk. However, after briefly scanning the current and upcoming matches, she decided to leave. It wasn’t that Iris didn’t have confidence in winning, she just didn’t want to repeat her past mistakes.

When she was about to leave, the goblin behind the counter yelled “Hey Dumbass! You forgot your motherfucking experience points, goddamn it!”

“Umm, what do you mean?” However, instead of answering her question, the irritated little green man tossed a small bronze coin to her and then started writing something on a notepad. Iris asked “Excuse me, uh what do I do with this thing?” But the goblin totally ignored her, so she decided to just leave.

As she entered the pavilion, a soft and masculine voice whispered “It’s an experience point… Also known as a mana-token. If you place it onto your Identification Rune, you can directly absorb it.”

A fairly short man, entirely covered by a pitch-black cloak, was standing next to her. His face was also covered by a mask, but it was obsidian instead of white. Iris stared at him for a second, then murmured “I feel like we’ve met somewhere before…”

His golden eyes definitely seemed inhuman at first glance, but there were plenty of people who had minor to major physical changes due to their Powers. He muttered “I passed you earlier… Told you to use the gladiator entrance. Before then, we’ve never met…” After pausing for a moment, he continued “My name is Ethan, but most people just call me… Thief.”

“I’m Anael… Thanks for the-” Iris stopped talking mid-sentence, because that man wasn’t there anymore. She grumbled “Fucking A! They should call him Ghost instead…”


19 thoughts on “CC Chapter 2, Part 7: Easy Victory

  1. I dont understand the “there’s no rule that says you can’t make your opponents commit suicide”. Isnt she killed him by “gently pressed the heel of her sneaker against the back of his neck. With a sudden stomp” ?
    Thats not a suicide.

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