CC Chapter 2, Part 6: First Fight

Once the man’s corpse was removed from the small circular stage, an announcement came through the intercom in the waiting room. “Iris Angelica Healy, please enter the Fighting Pits now. Your match is about to start.”

The main difference from the Fighting Pits and the Arena, aside from the audience, was the equipment. It was against the rules to bring weapons or armor to the Fighting Pits. However, gladiators still have an incredibly unfair advantage against the slaves.

When Iris opened the door, there was a short hallway, before she reached another door. As she entered inside, she immediately noticed that Joseph was sitting in one of the chairs around the ring.

The stage was only elevated a foot off of the sandy floor and it was made out of a solid block of smooth crimson stone. It was originally white marble, but had been dyed in so much blood over the years that it permanently turned red.

A few seconds after she stood up on one side of the ring, a huge, extremely muscular man was dragged into the room through some slowly opening giant double-doors. The walls looked like the inside of a cavern, while the ceiling had enormous glowing quartz crystals.

“Get the fuck off of me! Goddamn it! I’ll fucking kill you all! Grah~!” No matter how much he screamed and fought against those ogres, it was obvious that the human had no ability to actually resist. He was nearly seven feet tall, with long, scraggly black hair and pale-white skin. His eyes were light-blue and he had an unkempt beard. Aside from that, there were scars all over his chest, face, back, neck, legs and arms. Most importantly, the number on his left hand was zero.

“In this match, we have Anael in her debut as a gladiator… Against some guy named Steve! He looks kinda strong though, so maybe he won’t die instantly? Let’s find out! Both contestants have zero Souls, so they’re betting their own souls for this match!” As the announcer was introducing the two people, the demons threw the man into the ring and made sure that he didn’t try to leave.

Iris sighed dramatically as she took a few steps toward her enormous opponent. Their physical statures were so radically different that it would have been an incredibly difficult fight for her in the past… However, now it wasn’t even close to fair.

Steve glared at the masked woman and said “Do you know what the fuck is going on? Listen, I don’t want to hurt you… But if it’s you or me, I’m gonna pick me!” Then he lunged forward and tried to grab her with both of his extremely beefy arms, but she seemed to vanish from his sight.

Suddenly, chains burst up out of the ground and entangled his entire body, forcing him down onto his hands and knees. He screamed “No~, no~!” However, his head was smashed into the ground with enough force to completely crush his nose. Using all of his strength, he managed to push away from the bloody stone floor, but his forehead was slammed down even harder than before.


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