CC Chapter 3, Part 2: Level One

Even after learning more about the three stats, Iris still chose to increase her Manapool. There was a moment of silence in the room, as she stopped breathing and clenched her fists tightly. Then she screamed “Motherfucker~!”

The tattoo on her right hand began swirling around and releasing a deep crimson light. Then the veins all over her arms, neck, chest, legs and face began glowing red. She bit down on her lower lip and blood started leaking down her chin.

Those green irises turned orange and she felt as if her body was going to burst into flames. For someone who had been burned to death several times, it was a rather familiar sensation.

Finally, her taut muscles slowly loosened and she let out a long sigh of relief. It took a few minutes, but her veins, skin and eyes did eventually return to their normal color.

“It wouldn’t be Hell, if it wasn’t such a pain in the ass…”

[Player Information

Name: Iris Angelica Healy
Alias: Anael
Level: 1
Experience: 0/10
Age: 19
Race: Human
Realm: Mortal
Rank: G
Class: Unknown
Specialization: None
Profession: Gladiator
Souls: 1]

[Basic Status

Health: 10/10
Mana: 2/2
Stamina: 10/10]


Compulsion 1: You are able to warp the minds of creatures that are weaker than you. Requires you to sacrifice Health and Stamina if you lack the Mana needed for upkeep. Costs 1 MP per hour.]

[Current Home Address: G319]

[Official Record
General Kill-Death Ratio: 1
Kills: 1
-Unranked: 1
Deaths: 0
Wins: 1
-Fighting Pits: 1
-Arena: 0
Losses: 0
-Fighting Pits: 0
-Arena: 0
Strongest Opponent Defeated: Unranked
Highest Win-Streak: 1]

Iris was covered in sweat, so she decided to take a shower. However, leveling up made her feel totally refreshed, awake and filled with energy. After pacing around naked in her bedroom for a few minutes, she grumbled “So boring!”

The irritated woman had planned to take it slow and not attract too much attention. She was going to go back to her room and sleep off the mana-deprivation, but she didn’t even have a mattress.

In the end, Iris decided to get dressed, put on her mask and head over to the Fighting Pits again. It hadn’t been long since she was last there and that angry goblin was still scribbling something down onto a piece of paper, as he shouted “Oi, fuck off! If you have questions about shit, ask someone else!”

“You stupid fuckin midget! Do you know who I am?!” A teenage girl was furiously screaming at the rude little man. She had long curly blonde hair and wore a bright-pink dress, which barely even covered her buttocks and massive breasts. “I’m an emissary of Princess Ariel! Rah~! Answer me you shitty goblin! Tell Manager Goreman that my master wishes to speak with him this instant!”

“Goddamn it!” The goblin slammed jumped over the desk and kneed the beautiful girl in the mouth. Blood and teeth sprayed all over Iris’ jacket and she quickly took a few steps backwards. As the little green man was viciously plunging a metal pen into the woman’s face, neck and chest, Iris casually picked her next opponent.


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