CC Chapter 3, Part 3: The Second Fight

“Returning to the ring after well, only a few hours, is Anael! Her last match ended in a rather lackluster manner, when her opponent smashed his own head into the ground and died. Hopefully, this fight will be a little more interesting!”

Iris glared at her opponent, who was a frail-looking old man. Although he was in his seventies, he had already won a few matches before. Considering the state of his body, she knew that there was only one way for someone like that to win a fight.

“Looks like Simon the Kiddie-Killer has run out of luck this time, huh?” He previously had three battles against children, then lost those Souls when he was up against a few adults. Surviving as a slave in the Rageborn Arena was very difficult and mostly about luck.

That old man had wrinkly pale skin, a long scraggly white beard and a few short strands of grey hair hanging down from his mole-covered scalp. Regardless of his weak outward appearance, his dark-blue eyes were cold and ruthless.

“The two of you can start fighting now… Okay, hurry up and start the match, we don’t have all day!” Even though the announcer was egging them on, Iris and Simon were just staring each other down. She was trying to decide whether it was worth it to use her Power and he was waiting for her to make the first move.

Eventually, he yelled “Even if I’m old and decrepit, I can still kill a little whore like you!” Trying to goad the woman into attacking.

However, Iris only slowly walked towards him. As she approached, the difference between their stature became much more pronounced. Although five and a half feet was a rather ‘normal’ height for a human woman, it was still relatively small. That elderly man was hunched over, but he was at least six inches taller than she was.

After she was a few feet away, Iris asked “Would you rather I beat you to death, or will you kneel down and let me end it quickly?”

“Hah~! Do you really think I’m scared of you, Bitch? I’ve already died so many times now… But I refuse to be killed by a woman!” The old man lunged forward and swung down his left fist. However, Iris didn’t bother dodging at all. She simply reached up with her right hand, grabbed his bony wrist and sidestepped. Then she swiftly walked behind him, kicked in his left knee and forced his arm against his back.

Simon struggled to stand up, but his body was far too weak. In fact, when his kneecap hit the stone, it immediately cracked. As he screamed in agony, Iris sighed and murmured “Playing it safe is so fucking boring…”

The masked woman slammed the elderly man into the ground, then proceeded to stomp down onto his left shoulder blade. The bones were tough, but after a few heel kicks, both of his arms became totally incapacitated. He was completely at her mercy and begging for his life… but there was no way that she could possibly spare him.

The only sort of mercy that Iris was capable of showing to her prey, was to stomp down onto his skull. It took a few tries, but eventually, Simon’s head was cracked open and his brains were splattered all over her sneakers.

“And the winner is Anael~! Congratulations on your umm~, ‘difficult’ victory…”


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