CC Chapter 1, Part 1: Hellfire Transportation

“Welcome to Hellfire Transportation, please choose a demonic destination!”

When Iris regained consciousness, the first thing she heard was the incredibly cheerful voice of an adorable pink kitten. All of the horrible burns and scars that covered the woman’s body before, had miraculously disappeared. Even her missing breast was perfectly intact. However, she was laying naked in the hull of an ancient creaking boat.

All around her were terrified people, who seemingly had no idea what was going on. Suddenly, there was a deafening scream and a pale-skinned woman in rags sprinted up from a lower deck. After reaching the middle of the room, she collapsed. A huge black-furred wolf quickly appeared and started chomping onto the woman’s abdomen. It ripped out her entrails and a horrible stench wafted throughout the hull, making many of the shocked and confused people gag. One young girl even vomited out some stomach acid.

“This illusion of damnation and torment is brought to you by Ferryman Corp. Taking people to random-ass places since forever ago! Would you like to be tortured now? It’s totally free! If you’d prefer, we can torture someone else and let you watch instead?”

That cute little pink kitten in front of Iris was enthusiastically talking to her, but everyone else could only hear soft meows. There were all sorts of awful screams and shouting coming from all over the creaking ship.

Iris asked “Are all of these people illusions?”

The cat immediately purred “No, of course not! We’re traveling through the Chaotic Void right now. If we were really inside of a run down boat like this, it would have disintegrated instantly. Anyway, you’re the one who paid for this trip. All the others are just along for the ride. You can eat some of them if you want.”

“Yeah, I ain’t really much of a cannibal, so I’ll pass. What’s all this about choosing my destination though?” The last time Iris came aboard the Hellfire Ferry, she had no idea what was happening. Even after she arrived, it took her a long time to understand what was going on.

The kitten giggled and holographic screen appeared between the two of them. “There are six galaxies within this universe that have been completely conquered by Chaotica’s Legion. It might seem like a lot, but it really isn’t that impressive. There are over a trillion galaxies in total, most of which are contested.”

Iris tilted her head, wondering “Contested between who? I’ve heard about the Goddess of Chaos, but no one seemed to know much about the others…”

“Well, there’s a lot of Deities out there… You look pretty noobish, so I’ll give you the rundown on how reality works. Otherwise you probably won’t understand what I’m talking about. Okay, so first of all, there’s the Mortal Realm of power. Like you, right now, would be considered as nothing more than a Rank-G Mortal. Here, I’ll bring up your status screen. Boop~!”

[Player Information

Name: Iris Angelica Healy
Alias: Anael
Level: 0
Experience: 0/1
Age: 19
Race: Human
Realm: Mortal
Rank: G
Class: Unknown
Specialization: None
Profession: Unemployed
Souls: 0]

[Basic Status

Health: 10/10
Mana: 1/1
Stamina: 10/10]


Compulsion 1: You are able to warp the minds of creatures that are weaker than you. Requires you to sacrifice Health and Stamina if you lack the Mana needed for upkeep. Costs 1 MP per hour.]


17 thoughts on “CC Chapter 1, Part 1: Hellfire Transportation

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  2. Pretty good starting power. She just has to go to one of the weakest planets or whatever and make a horde of mind-slaves… oh wait…

    Her power seems kinda iffy. Like, if she uses it to the fullest extent possible, every other character from all of your stories will show up to destroy her.

    Or is convincing people that they want to listen to you okay.

    Assuming that she will eventually be able to get stronger at her ability ( or even if it won’t just as a thought question) does replacing someones mind with an artificial mind that only obeys you count as slavery? On one hand they have to do what you say, but on the other you “killed” them and are merely using their body.

    Or will her power never reach the level where slavery becomes an issue? Being more like Jedi mind tricks or illusions?

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      • Sorry, the only question I legitimately wanted answered was the one about your opinion on replacing minds. The rest was just speculation that I expected to be either ignored or laughed at.

        I’m fine with not knowing if its a topic that will be answered in the story, but it just popped into my head while writing the rest of my questions.

        Its a deep, ethical question ( that hopefully will never need to be answered in real life [ that would be scary as fuck]) is replacing someones mind an execution and a chance for a new individual to live, or a terrifying form of slavery? Or both? or neither?

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      • Well, in the context of my stories, it’s something that happens often… Essentially, the soul is the most important part. If the soul is removed, then it’s just a husk, a robot of sorts. It might think that it’s still the same person, it might even feel the same way and know the same things… But without a soul, the mind that gets left behind is closer to an artificial intelligence? If you kill the person and remove the soul, then resurrect the body, then it could be considered slavery to control them… Or it could be considered as nothing more than a meat-puppet lol. I mean, it’s all a matter of perspective. In the context of the story, there are plenty of creatures that are soulless. There are also creatures that have more than 1 soul. It’s kinda like if you’re playing a MMO, there are Players(The ones with souls) and NPCs(The ones without souls.) There are also random objects that don’t have souls and lifeless objects that do have souls… There are souls that just wander around and watch things happen, and souls that are just hibernating, waiting to find a body to reincarnate with.

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      • Well, I’ve already answered most of these kinds of questions a thousand times over, and I’ve already explained things dozens of times in each of my stories lol. Also, I need to be careful not to give spoilers :P.


      • Michael and Arcana get into some pretty deep conversations about the nature of souls and the mysteries of reality lol. HCOP isn’t all tentacles and genocide, ya know? rofl

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      • Im sorry Mike, but I’ll be honest here. Its easier to remember those tentacles and genocide (and crazy sex, oh yeah) on HCOP then all those “serious” talk between Michael and Arcana while they are playing chess on top of mountain Tai watching sunset. Lol

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      • A lot of people thinks not much we can do (including me, Lol) while some people do a lot of things that much more compared to all those lot people combined.

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      • Basically lol. There’s a lot that a single person can accomplish, but the majority of the population doesn’t believe that anything will ever change rofl. When shit does change, everyone freaks out though lol.


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