CC Chapter 1, Part 2: Deities

“Wow, you’re weaker than I thought! Anyway, you’re a Rank-G Mortal. These other losers are Unranked Mortals. There’s a pretty huge difference in every Rank. Once you reach Rank-A, it’s possible to shed your Mortal body and become Immortal. But~, there are pros and cons to everything. For example, I’m a Rank-S Mortal. Then there’s ‘SS’, ‘SSS’, ‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘Z’ and finally ‘O’. The Immortal Realm is exactly the same as the Mortal one. To put things in perspective, Rank-S Mortals and Rank-G Immortals are basically at the same level of power. That’s also how strong you need to be if you want to rule over an unranked solar system. Like, the standards aren’t that high, ‘cause there’s barely any benefit. You might end up starving to death very slowly over the millennia.”

With how much the pink kitten liked to talk, it was as if she didn’t even slightly care about horrible screams of agony that were resounding behind her. That woman who had her entrails devoured by the wolf, had woken up and was still alive somehow. The dog just casually picked another target to start ‘playing’ with.

Iris tried to ignore what was happening as well and asked “How can ‘Immortals’ starve to death? Shouldn’t they be… Well, fucking immortal?”

The kitten shrugged its tiny shoulders and casually explained “Nah~, they’re only immortal in the sense that they don’t age. Unfortunately, they also can’t grow or reproduce sexually either. What they eat is mana. There’s barely any mana at all on unranked planets. Which is why Souls are so important. Even weaklings like you can ‘collect’ Souls: Those tiny wisps of mana and information. But stealing the mana from them isn’t quite as easy as you would think. It takes a long time and you can never really completely remove all the mana. There’s always a lot that sticks to the information like cum in cat fur. It’s super annoying… Now, there are a bunch of different kinds of Deities. Nine to be exact.”

The moment that she stopped talking, a list appeared on the holographic screen.

[The Nine Deity Realms

1: Worldly Deity
2: Celestial Deity
3: End Deity
4: Over Deity
5: Ancient Deity
6: Elemental Deity
7: Primal Deity
8: Ethereal Deity
9: Eternal Deity]

The adorable pink cat said “Basically, Chaotica is an Eternal Deity. If you want to find out her exact ‘Rank’ or level within the Rank… Heh~, good luck! You’ll have to become a Worldly Deity at the very least. All I know is that she’s powerful enough to totally control six galaxies, and she doesn’t even live in this universe! I’ve heard that she spends most of her time in Arcana. So~, you’ve got six galaxies to choose from… Where did you go last time?”

Iris frowned, “It was an arena… They called it Chaotica’s Coliseum.”


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