CC Chapter 1, Part 3: Chaotica’s Coliseum

The illusory screen suddenly showed a solar system that had a purple star and seven different planets.

“This is the Asura System, also known as Chaotica’s Coliseum. Most people just call it ‘Hell’ though, because it’s a replica of Chaotica’s home over in Arcana. Did you want to go back there? It’s a pretty popular vacation destination. I have a villa on the second moon of Asura-5, also known as Gluttony. They have some of the best buffets in the Milky Way Galaxy. Anyway, which planet did you want to go to?”

Iris asked “Which one has an arena? I fought as a gladiator in an arena… It was full of people like me. People who died while seeking vengeance or who wanted to get revenge, but failed. We could bet with our souls on the line… Well, after a while though, those of us who were left, had collected enough souls to buy ‘powers’. Ah, and every extra fucking soul we had, was like an extra life.”

However, the kitten just let out a long sigh and patiently explained “In order from Asura-1 to Asura-7, the names of the planets are Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. However, the whole solar system is referred to Chaotica’s Coliseum mainly because of how common arenas are. From what you told me, you probably went to a small fighting pit somewhere within the underworld of Asura-6. There’s loads of gambling throughout Greed, but they use all kinds of currencies. Lust has arenas too, but there’s less killing and more fucking. Pride is mostly about warfare and battlegrounds. Sloth… Well, if you like drugs and meditation, then that’s where you should go. Envy is filled with a bunch of whiny bitches, you definitely don’t want to go there. Well, unless you really like relationship drama?”

The naked ginger woman cracked her neck and stood up off the ground for the first time. Many of the other people who had been around her, fled to the upper or lower decks. Thus, it was a lot less crowded and she was able to move around a bit.

After glancing around at the blood, gore and mutilated bodies, she wondered “Alright, then can I pick this Wrath place? Are you just going to drop me somewhere on the planet or will you take me to the actual arena area?”

That adorable cat giggled, “Of course! Even if you wanted me to take you to the surface, I wouldn’t! You only paid enough for a quick trip to an unranked zone! Besides, you ain’t alone, remember? All these pathetic morons are coming with you. I can’t in good conscience just drop them somewhere they can’t survive, right? Hehehehe~… By the way, are you going to eat that or just keep staring at it? ‘Cause I’m starving!”

Without waiting for Iris to answer her, the pink kitten started slowly devouring the face of an incapacitated but fully conscious little boy. He was screaming in agony and terror, but that only made the demonic beast even more voracious. After licking the bloody wounds for a few seconds, the monster turned around and announced “Ah, right, almost forgot to play the intro! Boom~!”

A horrible and chaotic voice tore through Iris’ mind, ‘causing her to fall to her knees and nearly lose consciousness.

“Oh, umm, hello everybody… M-My name is, Chaotica? Uh, like, welcome to my Coliseum, I guess… Either fight or fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh, have sex. Grah~! This is the pa-pa-paradise where you can fulfill your darkest fa-fa-fantasies, motherfucking cunt whore bitch twat ragh~! Ca-calm down, calm down~, everything’s fine~, ha~, hahahahaha~! Meow~, now play nice kiddies, hehehehehe, hyahahaha~! Or don’t! Nyah~, this is the training ground and heart of my demonic empire! Make sure to get nice and strong and tasty and sexy and lazy and-and-and-and~…” There was probably more to the message than that, but Iris passed out halfway through.


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