CC Chapter 1, Part 4: Arrival

“Wake up! We’re here!” Iris opened her eyes and immediately noticed the pink kitten sitting on her face. She quickly got up off the grimy wooden floor and groaned in discomfort. Then the cat purred and meowed, but her mind translated it into actual words.

“I’ve got a good feeling about you Kid! My name’s Captain Laura Jacobs… I’ll come by sometime and place some bets on you, assuming that you’re still around by then. Hahaha~!”

At that moment, everyone within the ship was teleported into a huge pool of steaming blood. Regardless of how broken or tattered their bodies had become, their wounds swiftly healed and those who weren’t hurt, felt reinvigorated.

There was a chunk of brain matter and some bone chips that came together, eventually growing into the body of a young Hispanic woman. As long as there was a single chunk of meat left, it would still be able to regenerate into its original form within that slimy red goop.

A huge, three-meter tall, four-armed, dark-skinned man was standing at the shallow end of the pool. He had big elephant-like tusks coming out of the sides of his mouth, while his three eyes were bright-red. He was wearing a loincloth, but nothing else.

Iris swam to the side of the pool and got out before anyone else even knew what was going on. It wasn’t her first time, so she wasn’t surprised when the ogre roared “Alright! Listen up you maggots! From now on, the lot of you are in the entertainment industry! And by that, I mean you’ll fight, die and fight again in order to get paid! If you lose and don’t die, then you can either pay with a soul to stay here or your on the next boat outta here! We ain’t like those pussies on Lust! We’re vengeance and rage demons! We don’t fuck! We fight, we kill, we die and we like torture! So unless you’re really good at bondage or happen to be a psychotherapist, then don’t even try to beg for us to let you stay!”

Meanwhile, dozens of similarly beefy men started wading into the nasty goo. They were quickly gathering up the people who were already fully healed and dragging them out of the pool. There were over a thousand humans, ranging from ten year old children to ninety year old elders. However, nearly all of them were teenagers, young adults and middle-aged men and women.

A tall man in his twenties was covering his genitals with his hands, as he timidly asked “Then, are we allowed to go back home? Do we really need to fight?”

The largest ogre immediately snarled and punched the man in the chest, shattering his sternum and causing him to fly a few meters into the air. After smashing into the stone floor, his head was cracked open and blood gushed from his various orifices.

However, contrary to his unnecessarily violent reaction, the demon calmly replied “That’s a good question. The trip from here to Earth costs ten souls. In other words, you’re all debt slaves at this moment. If you want to leave, then fine, all you need to do is earn back those ten souls you owe us. After that, I really don’t give a damn what you do! Now, somebody throw that asshat back into the pool!”


18 thoughts on “CC Chapter 1, Part 4: Arrival

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  2. OK, Mike, seriously, reading your stuff is like playing mmorpg with mandatory forced character change and reset to lv1 every once in a while. For example I’m 30 lvl human mage in a guild with friends, we’re doing epic raid AND SUDDENLY I’m 1 lvl orc warrior naked on a different continent and faction. But it’s still the same game. And you know how quests up to 60 are all the same grind. So eventually, after say 5 switches like this, it becomes boring to grind the same low lvl stuff again. Even if I fanaticaly love the game, It just don’t want me to play it…
    So yeah, that’s how I feel about your writings.

    Sincerely, Read-it-all-dude.


      • What I’m saing is – you dont give me endgame content!!! Not one of the characters is at max lvl. I want to see max lvl Michael some time in my life. But you keep switching. Arght that irritate the hell out of me, I’ll go kill someone now.

        Sincerely, Same-dude.


      • You’ve been spoiled lol. It takes time to write, edit and post stuff. I’m not translating completed novels ffs. Have you ever seen a ‘normal’ author that writes an entire series in a few months? No, it takes years rofl. It’s only been a little over 2 years since I started writing Immortal Soul. Anyway, there will be endgame content eventually… In all my stories lol.


  3. Do they consider her a slave right now too, even though she pad for the trip, or is she free? I guess it doesn’t matter since it seems like she wants to fight in the arena anyway.

    Thanks for the chapters.

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    • It definitely does make a huge difference lol. But yeah, if it was really that terrible she wouldn’t have come back… Or maybe she would, because she’s fucking crazy rofl. Also, no, she isn’t a slave anymore.

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