CC Chapter 1, Part 5: The Manager

“Hmph, so you’re the little newbie that hired the ferry, huh! Alright, come with me!” After hearing that overbearing command, Iris sighed and followed after the four-armed ogre. They were walking through the tunnels of an enormous and ancient volcanic cavern, which actually had rivers of magma flowing on the sides.

He explained “You won’t have to stay in the slave pens with the rest of those maggots, but I can’t say that your accommodations will be much better. If you want something halfway decent, then you’ll need to earn it. You’re a Rank-G, but just barely.” The huge man turned around suddenly and his eyes glowed brightly for a moment. Then he snickered, “It looks like you’ve already bought a Power… That’s pretty rare. Well, it’s also pretty fucking strange for humans to actually come back to Hell! Hahahaha~!”

Iris sneered, grumbling “I went home, but this Power isn’t good enough… At least not like this. I’m way too weak. I had to settle things with my mother. Now, I’m free. I’ll go back home again eventually, but not as a weakling! I need to become so strong that no one will ever be able to hurt someone I love again!”

The giant chuckled, using one of his massive hands to smack the relatively small woman’s back. It wasn’t meant to be a violent gesture, yet because of his ridiculous strength, she was sent flying a dozen meters forward and nearly fell into a river of magma.

Although she was furious, Iris just clenched her teeth and slowly stood up. Fortunately, she wasn’t injured aside from some scraps on her knees and a huge welt on her back.

“Good Newbie! I admire your spirit! Hahahaha~! Now stop fooling around and follow me!”

The two of them walked for at least a mile, before they reached a large open pavilion. This was a familiar scene to Iris, since there were a lot of arenas on Wrath with a very similar layout.

Above the tunnel they just came from was a large neon red sign: “Blood Pool”. Hundreds of people were constantly moving around, headed to and from various tunnels. However, there were also a bunch of picnic tables and benches set up around the pavilion, where people would socialize.

There were a total of ten tunnels, each with a big glowing sign above the entrance. Aside from the Blood Pool, there was also the Armory, General Store, Cafeteria, Slave Pens, Gladiator Housing, Main Arena, Fighting Pits, Gym and the stairway to the second floor.

“This way Newbie!” Iris followed the ogre into the tunnel that was on the opposite side from where they had just come from.

It was closer to the hallway of a castle, than a cavern. The whole place was dimly illuminated by light bulbs, though many of them were busted or burnt out. After a few meters, there was a reception desk.

A small woman was sitting behind the counter. She had dark-green skin, a bald head and long, curved ears. Although her breasts were practically nonexistent, she was still wearing a bikini top that covered her nipples. She also had a black leather skirt.

As she lazily gazed up at Iris with her bright-blue eyes, the ogre growled “Daisy, this is the Newbie… Only a Rank-G. Oh yeah, what’s your name? I’m Joseph Goreman… I’m the manager of the Rageborn Arena. So basically, I’m your boss!”


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