CC Chapter 1, Part 6: Home

“My full name is Iris Angelica Healy, but I also go by Anael sometimes…”

After she introduced herself, the ogre asked “Anael as in the angel of love, passion and sex or Anal, as in you like to get fucked in the ass?”

Iris sighed dramatically and complained “That’s why I changed my name in the first place… People kept calling me Anal all the time and making shitty jokes. Most of my friends just call me Iris.”

Daisy picked up a silver pen off of her desk and slowly said “Alright honey, give me your right hand. This might sting a bit, so don’t be surprised…” As the little goblin girl began drawing a swirly symbol on the back of Iris’ hand, all the veins throughout the naked woman’s entire body began glowing bright-red. Six fiery wings erupted from her back, her hair burst into crimson flames and her irises turned from green to orange.

Joseph chucked, “Seems like you’ve got a pretty damn high affinity to Fire!” Once the scarlet galaxy tattoo was completed, all the illusory flames vanished.

The goblin was obviously too lazy to explain, so the ogre said “If you channel your mana into this Rune, then you can open your status screen. In there, it tells you everything you need to know about yourself. The Rune will also act as your identification. With it, you can access your room and get the basics for life without having to pay any Souls. You can also purchase Rank-G items and Powers… It’s basically what differentiates you from the unranked maggots over there.”

As he pointed out towards the pavilion, there was a group of about a thousand terrified and confused naked people being herded like cattle by the four-armed demons. Iris wondered “Where’s my room? Also, when can I go buy some clothes?” Even the slaves were given free rag-like clothing to wear.

Daisy yawned loudly, then went back to playing video games on her tablet. The huge ogre glowered at her, but she didn’t even notice. Finally, he grumbled “This is why I hate fucking Sloth demons! Anyway, do you know how to channel your mana already? Just activate your Rune and think about your room.”

Iris smirked, “Well, I’ve had this Power for a while now, so I assume it’s similar…” Once she focused on the Rune, an illusory line appeared and guided her down the hallway. Eventually, she reached a solid stone door, “G319” was carved near the top.

As she placed her right hand on the stone slab, it suddenly slid off to her left. Joseph muttered “As you can see, it’s a piece of shit, but it’s ‘your’ piece of shit now.”

The naked woman looked around suspiciously, then turned and asked “I can have this whole place to myself? I don’t need to share it with anyone?”

At that moment, room G320 suddenly opened. A short and bald middle-aged man wearing a chainmail t-shirt came out first. He was also wearing a long and thick Scottish kilt, while there was a claymore sheathed on his back. His squinted brown eyes slowly scanned Iris’ entire naked body and he licked the blood off of his lips in a vulgar manner. Then he turned around and yelled “Hurry up, you worthless cunt!”

“Yes, yes master…” A faint voice sounded and a small girl hurriedly scrambled out of the room. Her pale white skin was covered with bruises and aside from a bloody loincloth to cover her groin, she wasn’t wearing anything else. Both of her nipples were pierced with golden rings and there were six fish-hooks in her back, near her shoulder blades. They were connected to ropes, which were pulling a small empty wheelbarrow.

After the two of them left towards the pavilion, Iris growled “What the fuck was that?!”


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