CC Chapter 3, Part 5: Seafood

“If the food is this good here, then Gluttony must be pretty damn amazing…” Iris was muttering to herself as she stuffed her face with all sorts of delicacies from Earth. Steamed lobsters, crabs, shrimp, crawfish, mussels, clams, oysters, conchs, scallops and basically any other type of shellfish that she could think of were gathered in front of her on a platter that was literally made out of silver.

The price of such a fancy seafood buffet? It was free, under the condition that she ‘performed’ at least once. Inactive gladiators needed to pay in Souls if they wanted to eat in most of the nicer restaurants. There were also restrictions placed depending on a person’s Rank. Some things were extremely expensive regardless of whether you were active or not.

As Iris glanced around the restaurant, she noticed that there was a huge difference between the way people were dressed, their hair styles, tattoos and accessories. It wasn’t as obvious when she was a slave, but when people had the freedom to dress and look however they wanted to, everything seemed a lot more ‘chaotic’.

Earth was a big place. There were innumerable cultures and subcultures. The truth was that most of the people who ended up in Rageborn Arena, didn’t even speak or understand English. In fact, there were even humans from other planets mixed in as well.

A group of three men in business suits were sitting at the table in front of her, speaking in Japanese. There were several African women to her left, who were all wearing colorful dresses. Then there was a few men and women at a table to her right, who looked like they were doing steampunk cosplay.

Some people wore masks, others had helmets, there were even plenty of nudists. It was a situation where very few gladiators were able to stick out. However, even with that being the case, Iris decided that it was best to avoid drawing attention to herself. Her main reason was playing out at that moment, right outside of the restaurant.

“Master, help! No! Get off of me! Master, please! No, stop!” A beautiful young girl with light-brown skin was being held down onto the ground by a short and chubby man. Her breasts were being clawed at by those sausage-like fingers, which were covered in blood. As for her ‘owner’, he was a tall and skinny old man. However, he was laying on the ground with his intestines hanging out and he was rapidly bleeding to death.

“Motherfucker! This is Wrath, not Lust, you fatass piece of shit!” An eight-foot tall woman wearing a full suit of steel platemail, used a massive mace to send the crazed molester flying. He actually landed on the table of those three Japanese men in front of Iris, totally ruining their expensive sushi platter.

Thus, once the three of them used their knives and katanas to butcher the man, they turned their rage towards that massive woman. However, instead of simply attacking her right then and there, they challenged her to a match in the Arena. Even though it would be three versus one, she still accepted.

As for the crying slave, she had to bring her master’s corpse to the Blood Pool in order to bring him back to life. On the other hand, the manager of the restaurant walked over to the dead man on the table.

The woman had crimson skin, a bald head and huge spikes coming out of her spine, but aside from that, she looked human. She wore a thin white dress that was extremely revealing. As her bony left hand arrived in the air above that mutilated corpse, dozens of barely visible orbs of light were sucked into her palm. Then the number on the back of her hand went from ‘2305’ to ‘2389’ in a few seconds.

After that, she turned to a waiter and ordered “Send him back to the pool for a cheap regen… Tell them to throw him on the next ferry to Earth.”


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