CC Chapter 3, Part 6: The Law

There weren’t that many rules in the Rageborn Arena. However, it was frowned upon to fight and kill each other outside of matches. It was understandable in the Gym, where people were allowed to spar. The Cafeteria on the other hand, was supposed to be a relatively safe zone.

The only real law though, was that the gladiators shouldn’t annoy or bother the staff. It didn’t matter if they were only a janitor cleaning one of the public restrooms, or a busty barmaid who was serving drinks. If you disrespected or insulted one of the rage demons, then you were most likely going to die.

No, death wasn’t even the worst punishment. The biggest problem was that after you died, they would typically steal all of your Souls, then send you to be somewhat resurrected. After you were half-alive, they would ship you off to Earth or a similarly unranked planet. Depending on the circumstances, they might not even bring the person back to life.

Although the staff couldn’t indiscriminately kill gladiators, but “They glared at me.” was a legitimate reason to eviscerate someone.


After finishing her meal, Iris decided to go home. She had four experience points that she needed to absorb and she didn’t know exactly what would happen.

“Well that was anticlimactic…” When she placed the first coin on the back of her right hand, it disappeared and the tattoo glowed brightly for a moment. Then a holographic message popped up in front of her face.

[+1 Exp.]

That was the only thing that happened. It wasn’t painful. She didn’t catch on fire. Even her Manapool was totally unaffected. Iris proceeded to absorb the other three and there was no real change within her body.

“I guess it’s not a gradual process… I’ll probably feel like I’m gonna explode again, once I reach level two.”

Then she went to the bathroom for the first time in her ‘new’ body. Once she went back into the living room, Iris paced around for a few minutes and complained “Fucking A! What the hell am I supposed to do?! Ugh, it’s so damn boring!”

If she had patience, then she probably wouldn’t have died in the first place.


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