CC Chapter 3, Part 7: The Sifian

“Kragh~! Ragh~! Raor~! Grrr~! Aou~! Raou~!” As Iris walked inside the Arena entrance, she could hear the deafening roars of an enormous beast reverberating through the halls. Compared to the Fighting Pits, the Arena was far more important. In fact, it was the main reason that the facility could even make a profit.

The Fighting Pits were only meant to train the slaves into gladiators. Once they became strong enough, then they were expected to start frequenting the Arena. However, people typically wouldn’t try to willingly step onto the Arena unless they at least had some kind of weapon or a decent Power.

There was a massive open lobby, where hundreds of people and beasts were either sitting down, standing together in groups or walking around. Kiosks were spread out that sold everything from food to ammunition. The walls and ceiling were like a massive movie projection and at the center of the room was a hologram of a gigantic polar bear.

“You, will, not, break me~! Ragh~!” That huge beast spoke in a deep and raspy inhuman voice, before letting out another deafening roar. He was at least five meters tall and covered in so much blood that his fur was totally red. All around him was a sandy arena, filled with over a hundred people. Most of them were only slaves who weren’t even given weapons or armor, but there at least ten Rank-G gladiators.

Even though they were fighting against such a powerful creature, the men and women weren’t allowed to use any technology beyond spears, longbows, swords and platemail. There were no limitations placed on Powers though, so there were a few people who could release arcs of electricity from their hands or throw balls of superheated plasma at the Sifian prisoner.

The enormous bear growled and swung its paws, blocking the magical attacks as if they were nothing. It leaped forward and crushed two of the gladiators to death with ease, even though they were wearing heavy steel armor.

Some of the slaves were hit by arrows and spears from the people who were basically using them as meat-shields. However, no matter what, the Sifian went out of his way to avoid hurting those terrified and pathetically weak humans.

“Cowards~! Is this, the best, you can do~?! Grah~?!” If it wasn’t for that critical weakness, then there’s no way that those gladiators would have even stood a chance. There were a few huge men who had little girls and boys tied to their kite shields and in their other hands, they used long pikes. The bear struggled to avoid being stabbed, while also trying not to hurt the children.

As Iris was watching that, she heard a man nearby grumbling “They’ve been doing this shit all fucking day and they still haven’t been able to kill that damn Kitsune! I was supposed to have a match twenty minutes ago!”

Another one chimed in, “Tell me about it! It’s because of that stupid cunt Ariel… Those assholes from Pride are always so snobby and full of themselves!”

“I heard that she brought the Sifian here as part of a wager with Manager Goreman…” A small woman suddenly joined the conversation.

The first man murmured “Supposedly… She got her hands on the Kitsune Drive of that stupid bear. Old Joe wants to take a crack at it. Ariel wants to keep the Sifian as a pet. This little Arena show is just the first stage of their plan to corrupt the poor bastard.”


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