CC Chapter 4, Part 1: Arena Lobby

“Alright! That’s enough for now! You bastards can pick up your payment at the front desks! As for the slaves who survived… You’ve earned your freedom now. Become gladiators or go back to your homeworld, I don’t give a flying fuck either way.”

Joseph Goreman hopped down from the VIP seating and landed in front of the gigantic bear. Even as a three-meter tall, four armed ogre, he was still tiny in comparison. However, when the furious Sifian swung its paw in deviance, Joseph casually blocked it with his upper-right hand.

Then he growled “Enough! It’s time for you to go back into your cage!” The ground at the center of the coliseum opened up and the massive bear was easily tossed into the pit without being able to offer any sort of resistance. After that, four metal triangles locked into place and were swiftly covered up by the blood-soaked orange sands.

The audience was booing and yelling in discontent, but the gladiators and especially the slaves were all either cheering or letting out sighs of relief. Of course, there were little children who were crying as well.

“Finally! I’ve been waiting three hours already!” An irritated woman screamed from across the lobby.

“Bitch please, I’ve been here all day!” She was immediately retorted by an angry man who wasn’t far away.

Iris sighed and started walking around, looking for a particular kiosk that she was vaguely familiar with. Meanwhile, the huge gates at the northern end of the lobby opened up and eighty former slaves were corralled through. They were technically free, but they still had to go to back to the Slave Pens and make their decision regarding whether they wanted to leave or become gladiators.

After that was a long line of mangled or crushed corpses, some of which were carried in buckets, others were laying on wagons. The amount of gladiators who survived was only nine, out of an original two-hundred. However, even if they died, most of them had enough Souls stored up to pay for a full recovery. As for the slaves, many of them also had Souls saved up as well, but the ones who didn’t… Well, they were unlucky.

“Woah~, dude… You like, totally got a really sweet Power bro!” When Iris finally found the kiosk she was searching for, a tall dark-skinned man in ragged clothing was already there.

He asked “Are you sure? It doesn’t sound that great though…”

The orange-scaled lizard-man behind the counter said “Nah man~, like, so… Everybody has a specialty, ya know? And that specialty, well, like, you might not even realize it until you actually try it out for the first time. Immune System Boost might seem a little mundane, but its something everybody has to get eventually in order to survive man… Like, you’ve already got a head-start!”


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