CC Chapter 4, Part 2: The Nine Elements

“No way~… Dude~, you’re really lucky. Compulsion is a super-expensive and really rare Power bro. Most people can’t even learn it in the first place, ya know?” That was the first thing the lizardman said after Iris walked up to the counter.

She gazed into his bright-yellow serpentine eyes and asked “Can I see the list of available Powers for a Rank-G gladiator?”

“Sure Dude, no problem~…” The moment after the lizardman stopped speaking, a screen appeared in front of Iris’ face that only she could see. Then he told her “You should go home and look through everything carefully~ man~… Like~, there’s way too many choices to make a decision here. You should like, totally meditate and seek enlightenment on your path bro~.”

Iris snickered and nodded her head, muttering “Thanks… I’ll go do that.”

As she was leaving, she saw a group of twenty slaves lining up at the kiosk. They were about to get their first Power. After surviving ten matches, everyone had a chance to buy a single ability. However, their options are extremely limited.

There was a bucket filled with tiny slimy worms and the slaves were able to pick three at random. A number was written on each one and that was how many Souls it required to purchase. The price was actually drastically lower than the normal cost of the spell, or else, slaves obviously wouldn’t be able to afford them.

They could only choose one of the three. When it was Iris’ chance, she had to pick between either three, five or fifteen. She went with the highest number and received the ‘Compulsion’ Power.

When someone gains their first Power, they become Rank-G.


“Holy mother of fuck… How can there be this much shit?” When Iris went back to her room, she started skimming through the list of Powers. However, she quickly realized that it was simply far too long in its entirety. It started off rather simple.

[Please choose an Element.

  • Arcane: Also known as neutral mana, the Arcane Element focuses on manipulating space, time, Souls and minds.
  • Light: Often called Solar Mana or Yang Qi, the Element of Light is most commonly used for its healing properties. However, it is also an incredibly dangerous weapon.
  • Darkness: Yin Qi, Lunar Mana, Death Qi, there are many names for the Darkness Element. It is often used to facilitate stealth, reanimate corpses or poison the living.
  • Chaos: By far the most badass Element that exists.
  • Nature: A lame Element, meant for losers.
  • Fire: This Element deals with everything from explosions to conflagration, even lightning.
  • Water: It isn’t just pure water. The Water Element covers all sorts of liquids, including mercury.
  • Earth: Magnetism, gravity, rocks, minerals, dirt, what’s not to like?
  • Wind: Also known as the Air Element, it’s pretty important. It can be used to fly, breathe, asphyxiate people you don’t like…]


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