CC Chapter 4, Part 3: Firepower

First she checked out Arcane, since that was at the top of the list.

[Please choose a type of Arcane Power.

  1. Attunement: Makes it easier for your body to absorb and manipulate mana.
  2. Mental: Abilities related to mind control, illusion or resisting mental attacks.
  3. Soul: Abilities related to the manipulation of souls and the protection of your own soul.
  4. Spacial: Techniques regarding space, obviously.
  5. Temporal: It’s about time. Get it?]

“Who the fuck wrote these descriptions?” Half of them were serious, while others were either sarcastic or just ridiculous.

[Mental Powers

  • Compulsion: You are able to warp the minds of creatures that are weaker than you. Costs 150 Souls for level 1. Level 2 requires Rank-F.
  • Meditation: You can enter into a state of intense meditation, which greatly alters your perception of time. It drastically reduces your basic needs and speeds up recovery of Mana, Health and Stamina. Can replace eating and sleeping to a certain degree. Costs 100 Souls for level 1. Level 2 requires Rank-F.
  • Illusory Shield: Fortifies your mind and protects you from mental attacks. Costs 100 Souls for level 1. Level 2 requires Rank-F.]

There were a total of over a hundred Attunement, Mental, Soul, Spacial and Temporal Powers. However, she lost interest after a few minutes of combing through them. It wasn’t that none of the Powers caught her attention. In fact, practically every single one of them could make a normal person into a superhuman.

[Powers available per Rank

Unranked: 0
G: 3
F: 5
E: 10
D: 20
C: 30
B: 40
A: 50
S: 100]

That little rule but a depressing damper on her formerly excited mood. It was good in a way, since it meant that other people would be under the same restriction. Unfortunately, it was still incredibly difficult to choose two abilities out of the thousands that were available.

She didn’t even bother looking through the other Elements and went straight to Fire. Iris was reclining in a bathtub filled with steamy water as she murmured “There’s just something so… ‘Pure’ about burning scumbags to death. It would be even better if the flames were magical, right? Hahahaha~!”

[Please choose a type of Fire Power.

  1. Offensive
  2. Defensive
  3. Supportive
  4. Passive]

After spending nearly an hour carefully reading through them, she narrowed down her choices to twelve. She got out of the bathtub, dried herself off and went over to her bedroom wearing a white bathrobe. On the top of her cabinet was a notepad and some pencils. Since she didn’t know exactly how the ‘Rune’ worked, she was afraid that her bookmarks wouldn’t save properly. Thus, she wrote down a list of the Powers and their descriptions.

  1. Firebolt: Create and launch a small ball of superheated plasma. Can travel long distances and very quickly. Costs 100 Souls for level 1.
  2. Fireball: Create an orb of slowly burning napalm that can be telekinetically controlled to a certain degree. Can be thrown short to medium distances and travels slowly. Costs 50 Souls for level 1.
  3. Firebreath: You can create napalm within your mouth and spew it as a stream of sticky, flammable liquid at your enemies. Once the liquid is pyrokinetically ignited, you can telekinetically control it to a certain degree. Costs 50 Souls for level 1.
  4. Fire Nova: Release a large wave of burning oxygen in 360 degrees. Travels a short distance very quickly and only lasts for a few moments. Costs 70 Souls for level 1.
  5. Flameshield: Create a small circular shield out of superheated plasma, to block physical and magical attacks. Costs 90 Souls for level 1.
  6. Flame Wall: Create a small wall of burning gas. Costs 50 Souls for level 1.
  7. Fiery Armor: Your skin releases flammable gases, which are ignited pyrokinetically. Costs 50 Souls for level 1.
  8. Fiery Regeneration: You can use your fury and rage to rapidly regenerate Mana, Health and Stamina for a short period of time. Costs 100 Souls for level 1.
  9. Fiery Wings: Using telekinesis, you can form wings out of helium. The oxygen from the air around them is used to create a constantly burning coat of fire. This ability isn’t very useful until much later on. Costs 30 Souls for level 1.
  10. Fiery Will: You can use your fury and rage to protect your mind from illusory attacks. Costs 100 Souls for level 1.
  11. Fire Resistance: Extreme heat has a much weaker effect on your body. Costs 50 Souls for level 1.
  12. Temperature Regulation: Able to maintain a comfortable internal and external body heat at all times. Costs 30 Souls for level 1.


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