Chapter 47: Topeka

“Mike? Hey Mike, where’d ya go?!” An anxious goat-girl had opened the guest-room door, only to find that there was nobody inside. The wind was blowing violently in through the window, but when she walked over to close it, she couldn’t see Michael anywhere outside. However, the dark and ominous storm-clouds in the distance were clearly visible, in the bright-red sky. Continue reading

Chapter 34: One of Those Days

“Honestly though, is the world really ‘ending’? From what I can see, while a few billion people and countless animals have died, it’s not like there aren’t new ones being born. In fact, according to this random blog I just found, it seems like there are all kinds of new ecosystems and biomes being created. Lots of the humans that were infected have gone crazy, but there are still plenty of them that just got weird and totally useless superpowers. Like this pornstar… who grew a second penis.” Michael was staring at ‘his’ smart-phone and obnoxiously talking to himself, when the door suddenly opened. The moment that he saw that ‘person’, he yelled “Oh my god!” Continue reading