TDD V2 Prologue 5: Legacies

*Beatrix’s Perspective*

What is this place? It’s warm and familiar… A golden prison.

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TDD V2 Prologue 3: Beatrix

Author’s Note

This is probably redundant, but in order to prevent confusion, I’ve decided to directly tell you whose perspective the chapter part is being told from at the beginning of that part. Back when I wrote “Immortal Soul” I remember that no matter how obvious it was, there would always be people asking “Whose PoV is this from?!” Even if within the first few paragraphs the person literally identified themselves in a ‘natural’ way… So I’ve decided to just tell you all directly. It’s not as ‘professional’ in my opinion, but whatever, it’s a webnovel atm lol.

Also, if you’re wondering why I will probably never write from Azra or Yuri’s perspective… It’s because it would probably take a lot of research. I remember back when I wrote “The Inventor” a chapter from Ailyn’s perspective in “Immortal Soul”, I spent a lot of hours just trying to figure out how things worked and how to explain everything properly. It’s just way too much effort to get into the mindset of either of them and write from their perspectives. They’re supposed to be ‘geniuses’ to a certain extent and their minds mostly revolve around their obsessions. It would probably be a lot like writing a wikipedia page :P.

Anyway, there’s still 3 more parts to post.

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Chapter 52: Recruitment

“Maria, look out!” Blademaster fell down right behind the little girl and used his left arm to protect her from a tiger’s paw-swipe. Blood gushed out of his lacerated forearm, as he screamed in pain. At the same time, a loud roar came from ‘Hammer-Guy’ as his furry right leg was chomped down upon by a six-hundred pound, orange and white tabby-cat. Continue reading

Chapter 47: Topeka

“Mike? Hey Mike, where’d ya go?!” An anxious goat-girl had opened the guest-room door, only to find that there was nobody inside. The wind was blowing violently in through the window, but when she walked over to close it, she couldn’t see Michael anywhere outside. However, the dark and ominous storm-clouds in the distance were clearly visible, in the bright-red sky. Continue reading