PS V1, Chapter 27: Accidents Happen, Often

However, instead of panicking or freaking out, Alicia actually began moaning. Then her irises started glowing bright-red, while she immediately unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her fairly large breasts.

“Uh, ummm…” Matt was sitting across the relatively small wooden table, near the bullet holes, while the rapidly undressing woman was right next to the refrigerator. The two of them were only about two meters apart, so he was able to see everything very easily under the fluorescent kitchen lights.

Alicia pulled down her sweatpants and underwear in one swift motion, which caused the horny Ethereal Phallus to get excited. It ignored her mouth, then headed straight past the furry orange bush and directly inside of the pretty pink death-trap. Within moments, the penile ghost was devoured completely.

The beautiful woman let out a satisfied sigh and then her irises returned to their usual blue hue. Then she looked down and blushed, swiftly pulling up her pants and underwear, before buttoning up her blouse.

“I’m so sorry… I, I don’t usually act this way. Wow, this is super embarrassing…” Her cheeks and chest had turned red from embarrassment, but Matt was just as bad or worse.

“No, umm, no, it’s fine. I didn’t realize that… I didn’t know what would happen if I handed you the card. I’ll make sure to be careful from now on… I’m really sorry you had to um, go through that…”

Alicia suddenly noticed that the juices from her groin actually started burning a hole through the wooden chair she was sitting on, not to mention the underwear and sweatpants. She cleared her throat and then asked “Can you get me some new underwear and pants? I’m sorry… I ruined these…”

“Uh, yeah, no problem. I’ll be right back.” He hurriedly left the room and headed upstairs, while Alicia struggled to use some water to neutralize the acidity of her vaginal secretions. It didn’t burn her own skin, but the wood was actually starting to smoke, as if it could catch on fire at any moment.

“Ow… Ugh…” After she cleaned up the mess to a certain extent, Alicia started to feel like something was wrong with her body. There was a painful burning sensation in her groin, then she fell onto the recently bleached floor and curled up in agony. She opened her eyes wide and all the veins were bulging out, while her irises turned from blue to red again. Two tiny horns burst out of the flesh on her forehead, causing blood to drip down her face. Small bat-like crimson wings erupted from behind her shoulder blades, ripping her blouse apart. Then a long and slimy serpentine tail began growing from her coccyx, ripping open her already damaged sweat pants and panties.

“No… No! Why is this happening again?!” Alicia started crying, as she stood up and looked at her claw-like fingernails. There was a surge of incredible power that shot throughout her whole body, but she wasn’t happy at all.

Matthew came downstairs in time to see the spectacular transformation from a human into a demon. Of course, he also received a notification from the System.

[Good job. You have discovered one of the hidden features of the Cards of Fate. Although it is only a temporary effect, some of your Creatures will have the ability to become empowered after consuming or interacting with other Creatures that you Summon. Of course, similar effects can also be obtained by simply having them interact with the Creatures within various games. For example, Michael Cinagra is incredibly virile and can reproduce very easily. If you allow him to mate with humans, orcs or miscellaneous animals, it is possible to create powerful new Creatures that you can capture via the Joker cards.]

“Stay back!” Alicia shouted, then hurriedly backed away from Matthew. She bumped into a wooden chair and tripped over it.

Seeing her fall to the ground, Matt ran forwards and reached down. He told her “It’s okay… You’re gonna be fine.”

“No, you don’t understand!” Alicia’s face contorted and she revealed her fang-like canines. Then those wings on her back started growing larger, “Please stay away! I won’t be able to control myself soon!”

Matt sighed, then shook his head and said “I’m sorry for putting you through this… I’m gonna Unsummon you now. Don’t worry though… When I Summon you again later, you’ll be back to ‘normal’. Thank you for helping me clean and keeping me company.”

She struggled to smile at him, whispering “Next time… I hope you can let me see my sister, or Azra. It was nice meeting you though… Matthew.”

A moment after she finished speaking, her entire body vanished into thin air. Then he sighed and complained “I should’ve just gotten rid of that stupid fucking dick somehow!”

[That is inadvisable. Putting aside the fact that you cannot directly remove cards from your collection, you have now discovered that the Ethereal Phallus has a strong affinity with Alicia Healy. It is an excellent method to allow her to quickly recover from injuries or temporarily awaken her true powers.]

“Yeah, yeah, I get it. I really do, but it just pisses me off.” Matt frowned, then started cleaning up their empty plates and drinks. Then he picked up the ruined clothing that Alicia had been wearing before she disappeared, throwing it into a trash bag. He took a few extra bags into the living room and began grabbing up the various ruined items. Pieces of furniture that were broken, books that had been shredded by either bullets or hands. There were some bookshelves that had fallen over, a sofa that had been ripped up for no apparent reason, along with plenty of scattered nicknacks that had fallen off the walls.

“Did they bring a goddamn dog in here or something?” There were bite marks on some of the books and judging by all the damage, humans typically wouldn’t go through the trouble. It seemed as if they had left the back door open and allowed alley cats to come inside. He sniffed around and noticed that some of the closets in his mother’s room actually did have cat urine sprayed in them.

Although it was tedious and boring, Matthew avoided playing around with the cards anymore and simply focused on cleaning the house. The amount of miscellaneous items that were simply thrown away was astounding. Things like filling in the bullet holes and repainting the walls would have to be set aside for another day. However, he was at least able to remove the patch of blood-soaked carpet from the living room.

Overall, it took him five hours of work and an hour of rest. Although he never Summoned anything in that time, he did keep removing cards from his hand every hour. The cards he ended up getting were typically useless on Earth. At least from his perspective. The one that replaced the Ethereal Phallus was Simple Semi-Automatic Pistol. Although his chances of needing it were low, he still kept it just in case. Instead, he got rid of Azrael’s Silver Keep.

Since the countdown only starts once he actually draws the new card, he wasn’t able to draw a card every hour… He also didn’t feel like it. There were just too many cards in his deck and the chances of him getting anything important were very low. Hence his lack of enthusiasm.

At least, that was until he finally finished cleaning the house and took a shower. His clothes had been washed and dried by then as well, while the sun was rising behind the houses across the alley. It was 7:46 AM and he was extremely exhausted.

“Water Qi Crystals… I’ve wanted to Summon some of these things for a while now.” Matt was laying down on one of the two Lucky Hospital Beds in the basement, while listening to the heater rumbling in the distance. He was only wearing boxers and tucked in under the covers, which was his most comfortable state.

“Hmmm, maybe I should take a nap first, while I wait for my Mana to recharge a bit.”


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