TDoE, V3, Chapter 13: Orders

Author’s Note: So yeah… I’ve been posting unedited chapters of Solo Dual Cultivation lately, but this time I randomly decided to edit and post a chapter of TDoE. I feel like… I don’t even remember that long ago. Was it 2 years when I wrote this chapter? I have no clue. There are so many stories that I’ve written over the past few years, and so many that I need to get back to writing… Yet I’m kinda tethered down with Immortal Soul. So every time I start writing something else, sooner or later, I gotta stop what I’m doing and get back to ‘work’ lmao.

Of course, rather than being a total asshole and rushing to finish Immortal Soul or any of my stories, I just try to be a minor asshole, by going on hiatus. If I really had two bodies like in SDC, I might be able to write faster and more often, but oh well. Then again, I’d probably just be fucking myself all day, every day, and spend even less time writing than I currently do rofl.

In other news, my Thyroid problem is hopefully under control now. I took some blood tests in June, and they came back saying I was totally normal. So the medicine worked. I just got a second check-up blood test last week, but the results haven’t come back yet. Hopefully the doctor will lower my dosage or something, and I can eventually get off the meds?

Anyway, I’ll stop rambling and let you all get to reading… Ugh, I really don’t wanna go through and add a bunch of ‘next chapter’ links or whatever.


The safest place on the entire ship was definitely the Captain’s Quarters. Honestly, that was the first time I actually entered the room, so I was a little surprised by what it looked like on the inside.

All of the walls, the floor and ceiling were ironwood, reinforced with magically enhanced steel. There were crimson runes engraved into the metal, which created a sort of ‘restrictive’ effect. Not only was it effective on people and Beasts, even Spirits were constricted by that oppressive force.

A Legend would have trouble breaking into that chamber. Yeah, it was fucking overpowered. However, things were always that way, even on Earth. The power of humanity and other animals was always dwarfed by what machines could achieve. Magical technology was the same concept.

Even if the Titanic Fury was destroyed, that single cabin would be fine. It could sink to the bottom of the ocean and simply wait there until some deep-sea Beasts came by to recover it. Not only that, but there was actually an extradimensional bedroom at the back, where Captain Li kept her elusive harem. Obviously the downside of that kind of situation is that you can’t bring ED storage devices inside, but her office was where most of her shit was kept anyway.

Other than myself, there were only ten people gathered in front of her huge desk. Liara, Johan, Granny Arin and Vice-Captain Jing were the ones I knew personally, while the others I vaguely recognized.

Captain Li Ni was in charge of our subordinate ship, the Sting Ray. Unlike most Adepts, he looked like a short and scrawny teenage boy from my point of view. Of course, he was still a foot taller than me, but I was actually more muscular than him by a long shot. He had frameless glasses, long black hair pulled back into a ponytail and really dark skin. Rather than a Martial Artist, he was a Fire-Mage and the Li Sect were known for their flame-related magical techniques anyway.

Although the Navy had superior ranks while at sea, there were several pretty important Army personnel who came along for that mission. One of them was Colonel Matthias; a three-meter tall, extremely beefy giant, who had dark-brown skin and was from the same island as Liara. He used a trident and wore reflective azure platemail. While I didn’t really talk to him at all, I did record a few videos of him… I guess the best way to put it would be ‘breaking in’ a few of the young recruits. Both the girls and guys. Well, there were no regulations against fraternization between military men and women within the Southern Islands.

As for the others, they were basically just like Johan, Granny Arin and Liara. Not overpowered peak-level Adepts, but still pretty strong and they had seniority. They were veterans of many battles, so they were obviously included into the strategy meeting.

Captain LI had a serious expression on her slightly aged face, as she explained the mission details. “We can’t enter Silver Moon Bay… Those bastards have had plenty of time to set up tons of defensive formations and the channel is too narrow. The Titanic Fury simply can’t fit inside. The plan is to send the Stingray around the back of the island, along with a small army of elites, while we guard the only real exit. Raphael is bringing two more High-Priests, along with a few hundred Lunar Crusaders… They should be getting here later today or early tomorrow morning. When they arrive, they won’t be able to meet up with us. Their mission is to sneak into the School at the top of the mountain and kill the three Experts. Meanwhile, we will start bombarding the island… Whether they want to or not, they’ll have to eventually send out a few ships to confront us. The Titanic Fury will mostly be a distraction though.”

I was wearing a generic blue robe, my Lunar Pendant was around my neck, I had my ‘money’ pouch on my left hip, along with an ammo-bag for the forty-four magnum revolver on my right side. It wasn’t like I was expecting to need to shoot someone, but you never know.

“Captain Hua Li, I understand why you called for Lieutenant Liara, Lieutenant-Commander Johan O’Brien and Commander Arin… But why is this weird one-eyed kid here?” Captain Li Ni obviously hadn’t had any interactions with me before then and apparently, didn’t even know who I was, so it wasn’t that surprising that he thought it was strange for me to be there.

Before she could respond, I frowned, asking “Wait a second, he’s right! Why am I here? Shit… Please don’t tell me I’ve got some kinda ‘special mission’… Can’t I just stay here and snipe people from the ship? Oh goddamn it! So that’s why those two are here! Ugh, are you sure this is a good idea? I mean, I’m just a squishy DPS…”

As I was complaining, Captain Li grinned and started laughing hysterically. Then she began explaining her unnecessarily dangerous orders. “Don’t be such a pussy! Didn’t you already kill Grand Elder Zhang Wei last week? This time your targets will only be Adepts… Granny Arin will make sure that you, Liara and Johan are able to make it to the Silver Sword School safely. You four, ah, well, I guess you should bring along your handmaiden too. The chances of this plan failing are pretty low…”


“Fuck!” I couldn’t help but curse angrily after I returned to my room. Yeah, sure, I probably could have refused… But that bitch, she obviously wasn’t going to take no for an answer. It didn’t matter if I was Hua Jiang’s personal disciple or how valuable I was, because Captain Li didn’t seem to know or maybe she just didn’t care. Well, assuming that there weren’t any screw-ups, our job really wasn’t that bad.

Mei was back to her usual form and sitting cross-legged on the floor, struggling to stabilize her condition. If she didn’t take one of her vitamins and meditate for a while, she wouldn’t be able to keep her Dantian from shrinking and expelling the newly acquired Qi.

Eventually, she opened her brown eyes and grumbled “This is so annoying! It used to be so easy to maintain my level before… but now it takes so much effort.” As she gazed up at me, she asked “Aw~, what’s wrong Honey? Is Captain Li forcing us to stay on the ship? Don’t worry Levi, I’m sure she’ll let us participate more during the next mission…”

“What? No… She wants me, Gangbang-Girl, Granny Slut and Ginger-Douche to sneak onto the island. You’re coming too… We’re supposed to go through the jungle and somehow make it all the way up to there!” I pointed out the closest side-window, towards a huge mountain range. The Silver Sword School was located on a huge plateau near the peak of the smallest one, but the closest mountain was slightly taller. It had no flat surfaces and was super-steep. Most importantly, it was supposedly their ‘training ground’ and totally inhabited by relatively weak Beasts.

“We don’t really need to worry about fighting people, but the animals are going to be a problem… Rank-D Silver-Beaked Eagles live near the top. Unfortunately, that’s also where we have to go in order to snipe the fuckers across the valley.”

However, instead of being upset that we were faced with such a dangerous mission, she giggled and hugged me tightly. As I was suffocating in her cleavage, she whispered “Poor baby~, don’t be scared… Mama Mei will protect you from those scary eagles~.”

“Levi, don’t w-w-worry! I’ll zap any m-mean birdies that t-try to eat us!” With Xiaotong, I could never really tell if she was nervous, cold or just stuttering.

I let out a long sigh, before smiling up at Mei. Then I placed both my hands on her surprisingly soft asscheeks and squeezed tightly.

“We only have a day left… We’re going to be sneaking onto the mountain tomorrow night. So~, we should probably keep from actually having sex… Although, you have been neglecting your cum collection duties, heh~.”

Mei shook her head, whining “No~, let’s just do it a little bit, okay? As long as we don’t go too far, I won’t transform. Don’t you want to make me feel good?”

Yep, both of us were hardcore sex-addicts. Even though we both knew that it was a bad idea… Even though we both knew that we were hurting each other… Regardless of all the negative side-effects, we couldn’t keep from indulging in that blissful euphoria.

By the way, shark-girl wasn’t the only one who was showing physical changes. Although my ‘age’ and ‘level’ didn’t increase, the size of my genitals did. I wasn’t sure if it was magic or something else, but my dick had grown an inch longer and gotten a lot thicker. It was still pretty small, however that was after only a week of fucking. My balls were also swollen and constantly ached. I was afraid that I had twisted them at first, but if that was the case, it would have been a lot more painful.

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  1. Hello, finally i found this site again after several years ago i finished reading the first HCOP.
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    And it is a bit sad to me when there are rarely comments in newer chapter, i think you deserve more reader unless i am not on the site where you mainly post new chapter.
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    • Hey, yeah… I used to have hundreds of thousands of views per month and hundreds of comments per day… But well, that’s just how popularity goes lol. Sometimes it’s more than you can handle, and other times there’s nothing left lmao. Either way, I’m mainly focusing on writing Immortal Soul on Tapas now days, since it’s my only story that ‘makes money’? Of course, there’s still a ton of shit that I just haven’t gotten around to editing/posting over the years. Like for TDoE, there’s at least 20-30 chapters that are just sitting in folders on Google Drive lmao. And I’ll randomly start writing a new story sometimes, then never actually edit or post anything, since there’s barely anything to it. SDC is something I write every now and then, it has like 56 chapters total, and I only posted around 20-ish.

      Aside from that, every time I get sick or injured, I end up losing my motivation to write lmao. Like right now, my left foot is hurt and I’ve been too stressed out to really think about anything else. I mean, if there’s something seriously wrong, it’ll cost me a lot of money, hence the priorities being more towards healing rather than writing.

      Aside from that, the site should be super easy to find. If you type in Mike777ac, I’m the only one lol.


      • I mostly stoped reading here and commenting because of IRL things, but I still come by from time to time, and sure as fuck still love your writing mike, just keep it up man, you surely have some fans that always come back as well

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      • Yeah, I keep writing, I just get writer’s block when I have physical injuries or illnesses ect. Also when I’m on a reading binge… Or when I ‘have’ to write something lmao. Basically, I get writer’s block a lot rofl.


      • When I’m writing a completely new story, I can pump out 20 chapters in a few days. But for stories that already have dozens or hundreds of chapters, it becomes gradually more difficult. I figure once Immortal Soul is finished, I’ll be able to focus on ‘completing’ my other stories too lol.


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