Immortal Soul, Volume 6, Chapter 6, Parts 28 and 29(Uncensored)

So yeah, the Tapas people let me post the uncensored versions of these Parts on my site, since they had to censor them due to whatever. Apparently Apple doesn’t allow people to talk about penises and vaginas, but fortunately, WordPress does lol.

Part 28

*3rd Person Perspective*

Although Beatrix wasn’t in Gator Brook, it’s hard to say that the city was ‘defenseless’. There was a common saying in the Third Ring: “There are no civilians in Beast Haven.” Essentially, everyone had either trained until reaching Level-3 or been born in the hellish jungle prior to Michael’s arrival.

However, it wasn’t completely true. After all, there were plenty of children that were too weak to fight. Most of the population was concentrated in the twin cities, Gator Brook and Ael Tol, but there were plenty of small villages that were slowly cropping up.

Yet, when the bubble finally burst and the atmospheric Mana density started to rise, the wiser and weaker villagers chose to immediately abandon their homes. They flooded into Gator Brook, Ael Tol and even Angren, through various modes of transportation, including teleportation-trees. Ael Tol had a massive pyramid barrier that could feed off the excess Mana in the atmosphere and cover the entire island in a dome-like shield. Angren was connected to the underground cities and the absurdly large tunnels that connected them together.

Unfortunately, Gator Brook was the exception. The city was fairly new and although there were tunnels leading down into the Earth, they weren’t nearly complete. The various bunkers around the town could only hold a hundred thousand people at most, and there were over a million in the city and surrounding areas.


As Tommy was almost finished eating his absurdly large meal, that’s when the ground started to shake and the tiny Pixie in front of him started to panic. The blue-skinned little girl fluttered her wings and screamed, “Get out of my head! Stop, shut up! No, no no! Ew, you nasty bitch, go back to Hell where you belong!”

Telestia coughed out a mouthful of black liquid and then fell helplessly onto the table, groaning in agony. Tommy stared at her blankly, then looked around at the other patrons of the restaurant. Some of the Pixie waitresses started growing extra wings or had horns erupting from their heads, others grew slender tails, with eerie black needle-like stingers emerging from the tips. Even then, the majority still managed to maintain their sanity.

However, the ones who lost their minds had either burst into flames, exploded into bloody fluorescent mist, or started attacking the nearest customers. Others, started moaning in pain, then pleasure, as they coiled their bodies together. Fusing into a single, conjoined Pixie Demon, which had the combined insanity of both the unlucky little girls.

“What’s happening?” Tommy frowned as an enormous Tiger Tribe man, twice his height, roared and charged towards him for no apparent reason. Then he got up and rolled across the floor, out of the way.

“The Goddess! The Morning Star! She calls to me!” Purple flames erupted from the tiger’s eyes, as a tiny pair of deformed hairless arms erupted from his abdomen. Crimson blood splashed all over the little boy’s face, but he remained surprisingly calm.

He let out a sigh and watched as the horrifying ‘monster’ used all four hands to tear apart its chest and rip out its own heart. The still-beating organ burst into flames as the man fell to his knees and breathed his last breath.

“It’s happening again…” Tommy grumbled, but didn’t leave right away. Instead, he walked over and gently picked up the crying blue Pixie on his table, then headed outside into the chaotic streets. He gazed up into the brightly lit sky and stared in wonder, at the stream of light that seemed to be coming from the unreasonably large ‘Moon’ in the sky.

However, the next moment, he saw something else. A familiar, beautiful woman, floating high in the sky. She had pink skin, like him, long black hair, golden irises and six enormous tentacles wiggling around behind her back. Yet there was something deeply and inherently wrong about the sinister smirk on her bright-blue lips… Well, that, and she was at least five hundred meters tall.

Once he shook his head and snapped out of the illusion, Tommy gaped in horror as he stared directly at the ‘face’ of the monstrous creature that was hovering above Gator Brook. It was essentially a mass of slimy pink tentacles, but at the very center was an enormous vertical orifice. Inside the quivering and slobbering ‘maw’ of the creature were countless glowing red eyes, while the engorged ‘bump’ at the top of the gooey hole was an androgenous smirking face. It had a shiny bald head, with dozens of relatively tiny horns, some of which were jutting out of its mouth like the long tusks of an orc. Although the features were soft and feminine for the most part, some were quite masculine.

As if it was a ‘tail’, there was a colossal dangling uncircumcised penis twitching and whipping around behind the ‘back’ of the strange monster. For that matter, all those tentacles had countless ‘orifices’ all over them, similar to the suckers of octopi. Some looked like beaks, others were humanoid mouths, the genitals of humans and other mammals, even some cloacas.

“Gaze upon me Mortals and worship the God of Lust! Bow down and submit to my majesty! For I have come, hehehe~, and so will all of you!” It sounded like millions of masculine and feminine voices blended together into a mind-rending cacophony of seduction… At least to those with weaker willpower.

People were fighting and dying everywhere around Tommy. He had no idea where to go or what to do, since bullets were whizzing around all over the place. Some people were firing artillery, rockets, and even just machine guns at the Devil in the sky. However, aside from crippling a few of those tentacles, no significant damage was done to the beast.

“Alicia, honey, I’ve got to say, I’m not really feeling your new look. I don’t wanna sound like a bigot or anything, but I think there should be a limit to the number of dicks and pussies attached to one body…”


Part 29

*3rd Person Perspective*

As that deafening deep and masculine voice echoed throughout the city, nearly everyone snapped out of the illusion instantly. Even those who were violently masturbating or murdering each other had regained their clarity and stopped what they were doing at once.

Tommy looked up at the bright night sky and saw a man in shining armor, riding on the back of a silver unicorn as they gently rose up into the air.

“More importantly, I see a fuckton of penises, vaginas and even a wide variety of mouths but… Where the hell are all the assholes?! Oh god, are the mouths buttholes?! Do you just constantly taste shit all day everyday?! Why would you do this to yourself?! Ah, nevermind, I guess you’re one of those scat-fetish weirdos huh? For that matter, you’re probably such a masochist that you’re getting turned on by this, right? I mean, since you’re all dicks and pussies, being turned on is probably the entirety of your existence now…”

Finally the massive monster in the sky screamed like a little girl, “Shut up Dad! You’re embarrassing me in front of the Mortals! Wait, how are you even still alive?! Where have you been?! It’s been like, millions of years!”

“Wow, you really are my daughter.” Mecha-Mike chuckled and complained, “Flashing your dicks and pussies to a million strangers is fine, but talking to your father in front of them is embarrassing? Anyway, I know this is just one of your Avatars, so stop making trouble and go home. I’ll meet you on Hell soon enough.”

“Ugh~, fine~! But Mom is gonna be super pissed when you show up!” And just like that, the ball of tentacles and genitals collapsed in on itself and vanished into a beam of pink light, that shot off into the sky.

“Phew~…” Mike let out a sigh, “That brat was always a pacifist, but when the fuck did she turn into a Demon Lord or whatever? Well, I guess living for so long… It’d be more surprising if she managed to maintain her sanity at all. Maybe she spent most of that time sleeping like us though?”

Sylvia neighed in irritation and then the two of them teleported away. If they really did fight the giant monster in the sky, the collateral damage would’ve been catastrophic, and they also had plenty of other problems to help solve anyway. Gator Brook was simply ‘on the way’ to the Eye of Lorthon. Not Salvation, but the gigantic Planetary Anchor below it.

On the other hand, while most of the population had recovered their senses, there were still tens of thousands of crazy demons rampaging around the town. With the rise in Mana Density, mutation of macro-organisms was usually fairly slow and insubstantial. Unfortunately, microorganisms were much different. With Asmodeus gone, people stopped going insane and transforming spontaneously, but various diseases were growing out of control.

Tommy suddenly coughed out a glob of purple blood onto the ground, which bubbled a bit, before calming down and forming a glowing silver nucleus in the center. After that he vomited out a dozen or so more, while kneeling on the sidewalk helplessly. Trying to shield the little Pixie in his hands from harm.

The little slimes didn’t try to attack him or anyone else and just slithered off into the nearest gutter. He felt weak and helpless for a moment, but then Tommy lifted his head and smelled a refreshing minty aroma wafting through the air. As he looked around, he noticed that a lot of the people stopped fighting, shooting and exploding, as if awakened by the strange scent.

All the trees planted along the sidewalk had suddenly sprouted beautiful pink and purple flowers, even though they weren’t even the same kind of plant for the most part. That smell seemed to carry with it a mysterious message: “Calm down… Find the nearest hospital and take shelter. Stop fighting. Find shelter. Relax… Find the nearest hospital and treat your wounds. Cease your conflicts.”

Many people regained consciousness instantaneously, just like the tiny Pixie in Tommy’s hands. She seemed to be in a trance as she slowly floated above his palms and started flying off towards a distant, enormous building, which had tons of massive trees growing out of the roof. Although the pink-skinned boy didn’t really understand what was happening, he decided to chase after the little girl.

He jaywalked across the street, passed by a burning carriage and some charred minotaur corpses, then was almost run over by a massive rhinoceros-centaur woman. The top half of her body was that of a brown-skinned ogre, while the waist down was that of a grey-skinned rhino. She was carrying dozens of sick and wounded on her back, though most of them were from smaller Races, such as Rat Tribe and Fox Tribe.

When he finally made it to the street that the hospital was on, a beautiful naked harpy swooped down and pulled him up into the sky. The sharp talons on her feet were digging into his shoulders, but before he could cry out in pain, the alleyway where he was walking through had suddenly exploded into yellow flames.

“Rawr~!” A deafening roar rang out from that spot, as the two houses nearest to the alleyway were blasted apart. There was a naked and hairless, mutated four-armed Tiger-Tribe woman, fighting against a similarly large green-skinned orcish woman. She only had a small loincloth covering her groin, while her muscular breasts were totally exposed. The three meter long curved blade in her hands was slashed against the monster’s snout, but very little damage was actually done.

Their battle attracted the attention of a small squad of heavily armed and armored Dark Dwarf soldiers. Each of them had machine guns, shotguns or assault rifles. So when they noticed the enemy, they all opened fire on the raging bestial woman. Only a few seconds were needed for her to be completely disabled, with a few of her arms actually getting torn asunder.

However, she was surprisingly still alive. Instead of killing her directly, the orcish woman simply beat her into unconsciousness and then dragged what was left of that woman over to the emergency room… In fact, even people who were ripped to shreds or missing the majority of their bodies were still taken to the nearest hospitals when possible. Even if they couldn’t survive, at least their organs might be able to save someone’s life.

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