SDC V1, Chapter 17: Self-Satisfaction

Although that mysterious flashback-vision-dream thing indicated that my female body might be sterile, I decided not to take that chance. Even so, I opened my fly, then shoved my dick and balls directly inside of Ana’s wide-open fly. Making it so that my super-hard penis would slide inside that slippery space between my thighs, pussy and ass. We were both wearing boxers, so I probably could have just moved the fabric to the side a bit, but whatever.

Since the most sensitive part of most dicks is that sweet spot at the bottom of the head, it wasn’t like I could cum from just rubbing the top and sides like that. However, with my clit directly touching that fleshy and pulsating meat-stick, I had plenty of stimulation.

“Fucking A, I just wanna have sex…” Ana grumbled, squeezing my asscheeks harder than before. Her vaginal juices were pouring over my dry penis, as I thrust in and out of that little crevice a few times. It wasn’t enough to sate either of my desires.

“I’m probably gonna regret this.” I made Ana sit down on the edge of the metal chair, facing backwards towards the white wall. While I sat down on the office chair, and scooted right over to her, so that the bottom of my chair was actually resting on top of the top of hers… It made it so that she could move backwards, reach back and shove my engorged penis inside of her vagina. Of course, I had to pull her boxers down a bit first, which made the band press up underneath my balls.

“Oh my God… This feels even better than I expected.” As a guy, I had the amazing view of Ana’s perfect anus, plus the usual feelings of pleasure. However, as a girl, it felt like my brain wasn’t working properly. Aside from the pressure of having something filling me up for the first time, there was also the absurdly sensitive ‘G-Spot’ that was being rubbed against, along with the mild pain of accidentally hitting my own cervix.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as what my ex made it out to be like though. Then again, I probably wasn’t nearly as sensitive as she was either. The metal chair creaked, while the office chair squeaked even louder. My instincts told me to thrust harder or move my ass up and down, both bodies wanting to compete against each other in order to satisfy ‘Me’.

“Shame I don’t have a decent webcam or I could make some porn…” Yet I was still talking to myself and thinking about other random shit. In fact, while sex was even more amazing than I remembered it being, ultimately, it didn’t require much focus for either of my bodies.

The sound of the tiny fan in the space heater was loud enough to cover up any soft moans or quiet grunts I was making. There was a sense of relaxing tranquility going through my mind.

I pressed my right thumb into Ana’s quivering pink assshole, as I also used my other hand to rub her clit. Just vaginal stimulation wasn’t enough for me at that point. If I could, I would have used a vibrator on my clit, a dildo for my pussy and just used my dick for the last hole. Alas, I had to make due with what I had.

“Fuck!” It happened so suddenly that I almost wasn’t fast enough to react. After pulling my dick out of her, Ana reached out to her left and grabbed a single tissue out of the box that was sitting on a medium-sized guitar amp. I pulled my thumb out of her ass, grabbed the tissue that she handed me and came directly onto it without spilling any on her underwear or t-shirt.

Sure, it would have felt much more pleasant if I had just given myself a creampie, but I still had no idea whether my new body could get preggers. Fortunately I still had the presence of mind to pull-out. Anyway, while my dick was still hard, ‘Michael’ had stopped being horny at that moment. Which made things a bit simpler.

I moved my chair back, afraid it might break if I put any more pressure on it. Then switched to Ana and stood up, feeling like my legs had fallen asleep. There were red marks on my thighs, where I had been sitting awkwardly on that metal chair. Michael put down the cum-tissue down on the little table, next to the sticky plate. As he was going upstairs to piss again, I sat on the office chair and started looking up some porn. Yep, it was time for a good ole fashioned porn binge.

“Hmm, I might have a problem.” I contemplated, as I watched a fifty-person massive orgy video as I rubbed my clit and fingered myself. It was starting to hurt a little. Specifically the clit area, since in my very first day with that body, I had already used and abused it as much as my normal male version.

Fortunately, it didn’t take long for me to cum. I leaned back in the chair, feeling like my insides were squirming around. It was a sensation I had felt many times that day, yet it was still a little unfamiliar. In that moment of orgasm, my mind finally switched back to ‘normal’. At the very least, I wasn’t horny anymore.

Then I just felt sore. Inside and out, even my ass was itchy and kinda pained.

“I really need to stop…” As I came back down stairs, I muttered to myself. There were plenty of things that I needed to do that day. For example, I promised my readers that I was going to edit and post at least a few chapters that day.

When I sat down on the metal chair, I groaned because my left thigh got wet. It was sticky and slimy, either jizz or vaginal juice, but still gross either way. I had to wipe my leg off with a tissue, then hand that to Ana, so that she could put it over on the other side of that little end-table.


[Waveholder: You should play Gun God Online with me.]

While I was in the middle of editing, a message popped up on my screen. It was from Stream, one of my many game apps… Each of them had their own separate instant-messaging features, but Stream was the only one friends talked to me on around that time. And by friends, I mean like two people.

I replied back, [Mike777ac: You’re the one who told me to fucking post chapters and now you’re trying to distract me? lol]

[Waveholder: I just finished building my fucking space station… You don’t have to do much, just help me fight off some space pirates.]

It started out as a simple first-person shooter, where you could build houses and weapons. However, after a few years, people already had Moon bases and were starting to colonize Mars. There weren’t that many people on the servers, maybe a thousand at most on the bigger ones. Space Pirates were usually NPCs, just like generic bandits.

[Mike777ac: Okay fine, but only for a few minutes. I got shit to do.]

Thus, I started the game up and edited a while chapter while I was waiting to log on. When I finally entered the game, I was basically teleported over to the space station. Where I quickly ‘equipped’ the nearest space suit, grabbed what was essentially a railgun the size of a normal rifle, then went into the airlock and floated ‘outside’ once the doors opened. I walked on the side of the huge station and hit my ‘mic’ button, complaining “Where the fuck are those pirates anyway? I don’t see shit.”

Then I realized a major problem, [Waveholder: Lmfao, did your voice get higher?]

Yep, I forgot that I was using Ana to play the game. Well, it didn’t seem to matter that much since my little stick mic was a piece of trash. Literally, it was a little black stand that was on the right corner of my desk, with a skinny tube sticking out and a tiny little microphone on the end facing me. I needed to practically shove it in my mouth in order to be heard clearly. Because of that, I rarely spoke, so it wasn’t strange that he just thought I had a higher voice than usual.

[Mike777ac: My mic always makes my voice even higher than usual, I’ll just type if you’re gonna be a dick.]

He immediately replied, [Waveholder: No, no, it’s fine, just keep talking lol. The pirates are spawning from that little asteroid base over there… I just pinged it on the map.]

While playing that stupid game with my friend as Ana, I decided to stop being so lazy and start working out a bit more seriously. At the very least, until I had another computer and screen, I wouldn’t be able play games while writing or editing.


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